Yesterday I received a comment on the site, with a link to what might possibly be Tottenham’s new shirt for next season.

According to ‘Pete’, the following image was found in a US Puma vendor catalog, by his friend who works in a sports shop in Ohio.

Obviously this could be a red herring, but I’d be quite happy for this to be our new shirt. It’s got a real retro feel to it and above all, doesn’t feature any silly yellow streaks.

Now we just have to secure a sponsor that doesn’t want to slap their logo in bright red, onto the middle of the shirt.

UPDATE – 30th April: It does appear that this is our new kit. Another picture has been leaked of the players wearing the kit for a photo-shoot at White Hart Lane.



  1. No, it’s not the new kit as any dedicated Spurs fan will know, our Puma and Mansion deals run out at the end of this season and we are looking to get new sponsors and manufacturers in, especially with the Stadium in mind.

  2. To be fair the yanks got it right last year when someone saw the current monstrosity at a trade show in the states. I agree with Dan, it looks like a Spurs top should look. Let’s hope our boys are wearing it in Europe next season, because the way things are going we will be lucky to finish in the top 6 let alone top 4. COYS!

  3. Just to re confirm , i work in the sports trade and get to see the shirts in the November and this Kit was on show at a very big trade show on the Puma stand.I think it’s a great kit , back to the old school.

  4. It seems to me that we’re still under contract with Puma for another season, though of course there’s always the possibility that the agreement could be ended, if we agree a deal with another firm (hopefully Adidas, if so).

    If there’s a chance that Puma are going to be making our kit next season, then they will have surely have the designs ready a few months in advance, even if there is a danger that they might lose the contract.

    Although having said that, our current kit looks like something you might scrawl on the back of a fag packet at the last minute.

  5. Im hoping the article Digi-Spurs has linked to is correct. Our last decent kit was the adidas one worn by klinsman and Co! You could eat a pie at half time in it without worrying about it clinging around your beer belly!

  6. well for the past few years puma have used the afcon to show case its ideas for coming seasons e.g. last seasons spurs kit was similar to what Ghana wore at the afcon prior to that….. so i was expecting something similar again this time though this is close to what the gk’s had in the afcon but i approve i like the old school fee and the colours are ours….agree we need a sponsor that has our colours

    • Sorry Harry!

      Whilst at the Stag buying show which is held in the Cotswolds and is a sports trade buying show i popped onto the Puma stand as i alway’s do to see if the new spurs kit has been released , there main display was the new spurs kit as it was the year before.I asked the sales team if that was the new Kit for 2010 / 11 and they confirmed it was.I was pleased as it appeared to have the feel of the shirts of old and not a hint of yellow!

  7. That kit looks shit. All very well harking back to the old school but it reminds me of Graham Roberts in tight shorts. F#cking disgrace.

  8. Is it now the case that we get a new shirt every year!!!!! either the sponsor changes or the manufacturer. whatever it looks like it is still more money out of our pockets and our kids. And we still get to watch underperforming overpaid tripe on the pitch.
    Tottenham are a well run club financially, and why wouldnt they be with new kits coming out all the time………. I think i have about 15 jerseys at home collected over the years…..and i have made a decision not to buy any more. whatever it looks like.

  9. e17… which team do you support? Spurs have had a new home kit every year for ages… last two season shirt was the 2002-04 first Kappa kit

  10. I remember, at about this time last year, loads of idiots coming out with ‘we can’t have a new shirt we only get them every two years’ then we get a new kit. This year they come out of the woodwork again.

  11. I popped into a Sports shop close to me to see a mate (who is responsible for ordering). He showed me this on an email that came direct from Puma! Shops have to put their orders in around November/December. I can also confirm the away kit will go back to pale blue. Same colour as when we had the navy blue across the back of the shoulders (Sorry can’t remember the year but it was the awau shirt the year of the brown 3rd shirt! 06/07?

  12. I was under impression that the Puma deal ran until the end of the 2010/11 season and that our sponsorship deal with Mansion ends at the end of this season. The Puma shirt design is actually really nice.

    Actually our deal with Puma does run until 2011:

    Our sponsorship deal with Mansion ends at the end of this season:

  13. I’d rather we were playing wrapped in a plain white sheet rather than this season’s mingin home kit. Any change has got to be for the better. Hope Adidas will be our new kit supplier as Puma are Pony!!!

  14. This years kit is the worst ever, I bye all three every years, but this seasons kit, i don’t wear outside the house. They’re plain ugly, and the fit is very similar to a plastic bag. I hope we get Adidas (like the new Chelsea ones) or Nike (like the Inter ones) and a sponsor that’s not RED……….Coys

  15. The yellow stripe should be down the back of the current shirt, especially against the top four sides or when the opposition mean business!, for gods sake Harry get some oomph instilled in them on away days eh?, far more important than a poxy shirt change

  16. i think the new football kit looks old fashion i hate it the old kits are better id rather them keep one of the kits then haveing this new kit i dont think meny people will like it i dont this top wount make them money

        • Personally I don’t give a cr*p – spurs have historic links with Jewish community, that gives us our nickname – and maybe a proper-run club, not funded by billionnaire ego-cash – so what?
          Havn’t any of you three heard of ‘claiming back’ offensive words? – and spurs lads… hello… haven’t you heard 40,000 of our boys chanting YIDS… or YID ARMY??

          Rimram – (your name sounds a bit gay come to think of it) – you are obviously just another ignorant bandwagon chasin goona twat…

    • I agree. Holsten emblazened across the chest was smart….unlike the cartoon Mansion logo!! I always liked the 86/87 Hummel kit.

  17. Well if the quality of the kit design directly affected our performance then we would have been relegated this season instead of finishing fourth. A friend described this to me yesterday and I was confused but now I see it I actually love it. I don’t know why but it puts me in mind of our Admiral days of Hoddle and Ardiles. Perhaps it’s because of the tracksuit we had back then? Either way this design just says ‘Spurs’ to me and I don’t know why!

  18. The design you see in the picture is indeed the news THFC strip for next season. Our sponsorship deal with Mansion run out this season so we have found ourselves a new sponsor; Zurich. The new strip is to be released at the end of next month.

  19. who gives a shit wat shirt we are in, its not a fashion show! a nice big badge tho so i can rub it in my brothers gooner face!if i had t pic a kit tho loved the 08-09 shirt

  20. I don’t understand, why would they take promotional shots with the players BEFORE they’ve got the sponsor’s logo on there? Surely they would be unusable? I like this kit, and I have no other reason to doubt the certainty that some people (like Mark) show that this will be the new kit, but something doesn’t smell right…

  21. to those all moaning bout the new look spurs shirt i wouldnt call u true spurs fans spec u teddy hotspur and royspur if u were true spurs fans then ud wear da shirt wiv pride no m8er wtf it f@#king looks like people like u make me sick call urself spurs fans yh rite COYS TTID

  22. No matter what the kit looks like, who it is made by or who the sponsers are.. JUST GET IT READY BEFORE THE MIDDLE OF JUNE SO I CAN WEAR IT WITH PRIDE IN PORTUGAL WATCHING THE WORLD CUP!! COYS

  23. I would just like to SAY. I myself don’t care what the ppl say about ur new kit. I’m a spurs fan & i’ll wear it with PRIDE.

  24. Although i am a toon fan, in my family your either a spurs fan or a newcastle fan so i have a soft spot for the yids. i was hoping that spurs got sponsored by adidas, adidas could work wonders on your shirt unlike your 09/10 shirt which was the worst shirt in the premiership ! this pic looks more of a training kit tbh

  25. the kit is however a bit to plane and it makes the kit look horrible . it could do with some more brighter colours like blue red green pink to make it interesting and more funky .i do like the everton kit .

  26. I’m a spurs fan have been for 19 years and I don’t like the new spurs shirt it looks like someone wiped there backside on it


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