John Terry Headline Prompts Photoshop Pranksters


    Anyone that stumbled upon The Sun’s website this morning, would have seen a headline, in which John Terry states:

    “I want Champions League glory and World Cup triumph. I’m not ashamed to say it…”

    I’m not quite sure why anyone would think that John Terry would be ashamed at wanting to win both the Champions League and World Cup, especially when he doesn’t seem to be particularly ashamed of sleeping with the ex of his former teammate and best friend.

    Perhaps John Terry just wants to get back to talking about football. This is fair enough, except for that fact that nobody else is prepared to stop talking about his recent misdemeanors.

    So it was to my amusement, but not to my surprise, to receive the following image in which internet pranksters have doctored today’s headline, to speculate upon John Terry’s possible reaction to the sad news about Cheryl and Ashley Cole.

    This came hot on the heels of the following banner, that was hung near to the home of the Cole’s home in Surrey.

    Question: Why can’t people let sleeping dogs lie?

    Answer: Because it’s much more fun to keep poking them with a stick.



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