While Fulham away from home is by no means an easy draw, it’s not like being drawn at Stamford Bridge or Old Trafford, which would allow thousands of Spurs fans to confirm to their spouses that “yes”, we can go on holiday on the week of the FA Cup final.

With United, Arsenal and Liverpool all out, the route to Wembley is not looking as difficult as normal, especially when you consider that these days, you get to play at Wembley in the semi and don’t even have to make the final.

But like getting a really noticeable spot on your face on the day of a date with that girl you’ve always fancied, something was always going to come along to make our goals a little more difficult.

On this occasion it’s an injury crisis. The other day I posed the question of just who will Tottenham play in midfield against Fulham. We’re still no nearer to knowing, but since writing that piece, there’s now the additional problem of whether Jermain Defoe will be fit.

If Defoe is absent, perhaps it will give us an opportunity to strengthen our midfield. Harry may well give Crouch a game alongside Pavlyuchenko after his heroics for England in midweek, but the likes of Gudjohnsen, or Modric playing just off the striker, would give us more numbers in a potentially unbalanced midfield.

What’s guaranteed is that our bench is going to look like a scene from The Bash Street Kids. This will be a tough game for any youngster to try to prove his place in the first team, but a performance tonight could be the launching pad for a Tottenham career. Not a bad incentive, should they get a chance.

Another thing that is guaranteed is that the travelling Spurs support will make so much noise, that you’d think that the game was at White Hart Lane. With Fulham’s neutral section sure to be crammed full of Yids, it’s going to be a cracking atmosphere in the rickety old stadium.

As was the case when drawn away at Bolton, a draw would be a good result in terms of our progress in the FA Cup, but a fly in the ointment to our chances in the Premier League (especially with our current injury problems). I’ve got to the point though where a trip to Wembley (actually, make that two trips) is fast becoming far more appealing than the prospect of finishing fourth, before losing in the qualifying section of next season’s Champions League.

Despite the high risk of failure and all that is against us, I for one can’t wait for tonight. Come on you Spurs!



  1. A bench of the Bash Street Kids,lol,that brings back some good memories,if only we had another Denice the Menace for centre midfield and Billy Whizz to cover for Aaron as well.

  2. What about Gnasher in midfield Foggy, Can we win with our injury gate well if Harry is bold like night of old and plays our Talented Kids we could Match Fulhams Energy and Tempo .This is this years classic energized team lean mean run run all day machine especially at home and by playing this team we could surprise woys skinny team my Team GOMES EKOTTO DAWSON BASSONG BALE KRANJCAR CORLUKA GUDJONHSON TOWNSEND MODERIC PAVLYUCHENKO. Second half DEFOE CROUCH BOSTOCK

    • Nice one Rumourman Gnasher would certainly add some much needed bite,I think Defoe has pulled his hamstring though hasn’t he?


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