Earlier this week I posed the question as to whether we thought that Tom Huddlestone would make the England World Cup squad. A resounding 73% of Spurs fans unbiased voters, think that the big man will be on the plane to South Africa. I wonder if Fabio agrees?

What’s more important of course, is that Huddlestone returns to fitness and gets back in the Spurs team. The word is that his ankle injury is healing nicely and he could be in contention for the North London derby/FA Cup semi final.

The Mirror has claimed today that David Bentley has returned to full training and might even play for us against Stoke. They also reckon that Bentley is still on Capello’s radar and could still make the World Cup squad.

The article states that Bentley came close to being selected for England against Egypt and that Beckham’s injury has increased his chances of inclusion. As I pointed out the other day, I don’t think that Beckham’s absence will create a spot for another right winger, as Capello would have picked Beckham along with two right wingers anyway.

However, I suppose you have to concede that Bentley still has an outside chance of making it. The word is that Lennon will return before the end of the season, but there has to be a doubt over whether he will break down again. With neither Wright Phillips or Walcott both displaying their best form, Bentley could come up on the rails.

Though possible… I can’t see it happening. Capello seems to want pace on the right and if he fancies a steadier option, he has James Milner available.

Bentley only has himself to blame if he doesn’t make the World Cup. When Capello took over, he picked Bentley to start in his first match against Switzerland in February 2008. When he joined Tottenham later that year, he was put straight into the first team.

That Bentley had possession of the right wing positions for both club and country and let them go, was due to his own poor form and the emergence of Aaron Lennon as a more mature and consistent player. Ultimately, Bentley will drop down the pecking order for both Spurs and England, as soon as Lennon is fit again.



  1. Let’s be real. Hudd’s chances of going to the world cup are remote. With seasoned players such as Lamps, Barry, Gerrard ahead of him and also Carrick who is somewhat similar. Also Milner is ahead. Bentley – no chance.

  2. It is a fact that Milner and Hudd have the most Under-21 England caps of all time – and played together. That could turn out to be the future England central midfield – once Gerrard, Lamps and Barry retire – which will be quite soon. However, I am aware the u-21s seldom come through like that.


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