Danny Rose’s goal was good, but exactly how good was it compared to the other best strikes against our North London rivals?

I’ve set up a poll for you to vote for the best goal scored by a Tottenham player against The Scum. They’re all quite recent efforts, because I wanted all the contenders to have some corresponding YouTube action, so don’t start complaining that I’ve missed out Bert Bliss’ effort from 1915 or whatnot.

Get your voting fingers ready. Here’s the contenders.

Danny Rose

David Bentley

Christian Ziege

Paul Gascoigne



  1. We’re off to Barça cos we beat the Ar2ena1,
    We’re off to Barça cos we beat the Ar2ena1,
    In the North London Cup
    They was only runners-up
    And again they don’t win f… all up the Ar2ena1….

  2. Tricky — I went for Gazza because it is such a part of our history, but Ziege’s free-kick was arguably even better struck! And Jenas’s “consolation” goal in the 4-4 was also rather pleasing!

  3. If you measure it by emotion, it would have been the 4-4. Because first goals never have the same ecstatic explosion because you always feel like they could come back. I remember we went more bonkers for Lineker’s 2nd goal at Wembley, cos then we thought we might be on to something. Arsenal had been so prolific in that year, Gazza’s goal was almost a premature consolation.

  4. How can you pr!cks even debate this. Gazza all the f*cking way. The best player to wear a Spurs shirt (maybe Hoddle, maybe Ginola) in my lifetime.

  5. Rose’s shot was the most difficult of the four to accomplish and therefore technically might be the best goal. Ziege’s free-kick arguably was better struck than Gazza’s. However, Gazza’s iconic strike, given the significance of the match, is so much a part of Spurs folklore that I couldn’t vote against it!

  6. You might argure that all the other goals were better struck or were technically better efforts, but because of the occasion, what Gazza meant to us Spurs fans, the whole circumstances leading to the Semis..his having an abdominal operation..we being in debt…the emotion of it all…let’s put it this way…there could be hundreds of goals seemingly better than this..but the sentimental value of Gazza’s rocket will always get my vote! Is he going to have a crack..he is you know!!!!


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