When my wife gave birth a couple of months ago, we we going to call the baby ‘Aaron’ if it were a boy. Instead our baby was a girl and we unwittingly still managed to name her after a Tottenham legend. We called her ‘Rose’.

If I were Danny Rose I would announce my retirement this morning, safe in the knowledge that things could never get any better in my career. It would be the football equivalent of J.D.Salinger polishing off The Catcher In The Rye and then promptly putting his typewriter up for sale on eBay.

What a way to endear yourself to the Spurs faithful. Indeed, I am harbouring a warm glow for all our team right now. After the apathetic performance at Wembley, there was no better way to prove that our team do have a bit of backbone than to beat The Scum.

Kudos must also go to Tottenham’s twelfth man – the White Hart Lane crowd, who collectively created a raucous atmosphere that ensured that the intensity on the pitch never abated. At first we were more preoccupied with the sport of bating Sol Campbell than the actual football match, but then Rose scored his wonder-strike and we actually started to turn our attentions to the game.

What a strike. I think it’s fair to say that the goal was one of the greatest, if not the best goal, ever scored in a North London derby. Just when you were expecting the cleared ball to be looped back into the box in hope, Rose decided to prove that he has an eye for the unexpected and smashed a perfectly hit volley towards the net and past the scrambling Arsenal keeper.

Many a quizzical eyebrow was raised at the sight of Rose’s name on the team sheet and it’s fair to say that goal aside, the experiment of playing Rose on the right wing didn’t really work out, with the youngster being replaced by David Bentley at half-time. The strike will at least ensure that Rose gets more opportunities and hopefully they’ll come on the left wing, where he feels more at home.

Having taken the lead, we sat back as Arsenal controlled the possession. They had so much of the ball that it seemed like they had to score before half-time, but they tended to go round in circles and failed to create meaningful chances. 1-0 at the break.

The second half had hardly kicked off when Defoe’s turned infield from the left wing and played a perfect defence-splitting ball, that the waiting Bale calmly slid into the net. Quite what Bale was doing lurking around on the right side is anyone’s guess, but after waiting a cautionary few seconds to ensure that he wasn’t offside, White Hart Lane went into party mode.

It was another great game for Bale. The other day I read Harry saying that Bale was the best left back in the country. I don’t disagree on current form, but it made me laugh considering that until a couple of months ago Harry clearly didn’t even think that he was the best left back at Spurs. Bale’s rise has been incredible. Earlier this season there was speculation that he would join Notts Forest and yet now he’s the most important attacking element of the team.

At 2-0 up we started to play as if we really believed in ourselves. I’m not normally a fan of Luka Modric in the middle, but against Arsenal’s powderpuff midfield, he was able to boss the game. He always wanted the ball and used it intelligently. His performance reminded me a bit of Ossie Ardiles and praise doesn’t come much higher than that.

Shame on me also for questioning whether we should bring back Ledley King, in yesterday’s preview. The bloke doesn’t play in weeks and turns in a performance like that. It’s just a shame that he won’t be available on Saturday to slip Drogba into his pocket.

Heurelho Gomes was another who gave a great performance as Arsenal brought on Van Persie and stepped up their efforts to get back in the game. The Brazilian made three brilliant stops, one of which was from a header by Sol Campbell and was therefore the most important. Eventually he was beaten when Theo Walcott finally put in a half decent cross, presenting Bendtner with a chance that even he couldn’t miss.

That goal ensured that most Spurs fans have very short fingernails this morning. You were just waiting for them to hit us with the sucker punch and earn a moral victory, but it never happened. Dawson, King and the boys remained strong and we saw out a long overdue victory.

Today the sun is shining and it’s once again a great day to be a Tottenham Hotspur fan. Harold Wilson said that a week is a long time in politics. We’ve now proved that four days can be an eternity in football. Come on you Spurs!

Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal
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  2. ‘spurs consign Arsenal to another year of failure’
    And your acheivements this season would be…………………………………………………

    And by the way, Adebayors goal at shite hart lane last season was a better goal by far – he actually meant it!

  3. How many times have you cocksuckers put Champions League money through your accounts? City, United and Chelsea to play – enjoy Europa League fags…

  4. thank you so much. just watched those highlights again and it stirred all my emotions. what a game. love from 14mins30 onwards (the celebrations)

  5. Looks like someone touched a nerve!!! Of course we did’nt have any players missing, did we!
    We might yet do you sad lot a favour and beat Chelscum on saturday!

  6. Brilliant!

    I’m pleased all you spurs fans are happy but spare a thought for me as I’m very disapointed that the (virtually) annual St Totteringhams Day has been delayed. I was hoping to be celebrating it tonight.

  7. U goons make me laugh. U r all clearly so p#ssed off with the result that u come on to our forums and talk this shite. That’s pretty sad. Whenever we’ve been beaten by the scum over the yrs, I’ve given credit where it was due, admitted when u lot deserved to win, but of course when we win, every excuse under the sun comes out. u r such sore losers, just be gracious in defeat, uve all come from the wenger school of denial!! I feel sorry for u. That’s the difference between the spurs and the goons, every single goon is in denial, and I know it’s cos after a domination for 11yrs in the league, it’s hard to accept a loss against ur arch rivals. Not so nice when the roles r reversed is it goons? Face it u r a shadow of the side u once were and long may wengers reign continue cos whilst he’s in charge we all kno ull win nothing. u lot and he will continue to spout the same old excuses…we have injuries, we’re a young team. Five yrs on and it’s getting very boring…please change the record and admit u were outclassed!! We had many injuries too, the diff is we hav more strength in depth. Spurs r on the up and ur domination over north London is no more. Bring on the nxt derby. What’ll b ur excuse then? 2 lucky wins lol.

  8. Talk shite in a headline and you’ll get oppo fans coming along and talking shite on your forum, moron…anyway, I must apologise for Arsenal’s continued failure, having not won a league title for 49 years. Oh, wait a minute, that’s not us, is it?

  9. The game last night was about Spurs and how we have progressed. It really was nothing to do with Arsenal. We won, we won well with key players missing, on tired legs. We showed determination and spirit in abundence we out played the opponents on the night.

    Just one thought though:- even before the FA cup semi I would have exchanged the FA for last night all day long. We done Harry and the boys. Nice to see Young Mr Rose step up on his big chance.

    We Spurs fans need to remember when the scum bang on about the way (about a 1000 years ago) they one the league at WHL once, WELL NOW they have lost one there too…Funny how football has a way of evening things up over the years!

  10. arsenal fans are sore losers… They are all off work today due to depression and on these forums complaining about how tottenham will only beat them once.

    They still cant see that tottenham will soon be above them in everything, its not long now. Everything comes and goes, its arsenals time to fuck off while tottenham will rain supreme….

  11. Let’s be honest

    Gooners are children and would have come on here with their illiterate rantings regardless of what the article said

    Wenger MUST Stay

  12. First of all well played, a good win for your boys last night. At the end of the day we played our best team available against your best team available and lost, no problem with that. I’d take issue with the title of the piece though, more if i was sp*rs than Arsenal. We finish in a champions league place and you call it “further failure,” if Sp*rs achieve the same level, a champions league place, and it’s a season of great success, doesn’t really say much for t*ttenham does it.

  13. don’t worry as soon as Harry leaves you lot you’ll be crippled with debt, just like every other team he’s managed! Haha fuck you spurs

  14. im a Arsenal Fan, you guys deserved to win. you had more desire in your team then ours to win the game. simple facts

    even if it was against our 2nd string team that cant be an excusse for the players that were on the pitch for us giving a half arsed attemet with no real desire apart from Sol and RobinVP.

    my only porblem with you guys other than the lose is the fans and the sick abuse given to wenger. its not right really. the same goes for my own fans if they say stupid shit..

    anyways well done for the win

  15. What a shame the game was played during a school holidayb as it has apparently enabled the under 8’s to comment in their illiterate way. Typical is gorbachov whose command of the English language is matched only by his economic illiteracy. For the poor challenged individual’s education the funds at Spurs are controlled by Levy,an Englishman. I know this is difficult for gorbachov to understand while the major shareholder of Arsenal, an American(what good those from the USA have acheived for fans of ohter clubs) and a Russian scamble after the Lady’s shares. I see a Hicks?gillette coming. Be very afraid little gorbi. Seems he missed a comment on his team’s defeat. Must be an oversight!!!!!

  16. Lets be very fair here Spurs fans. It is only one game that we won. IF this is about Spurs only then lets look to Saturday to hope the same spirit is on display. If we can somehow (against the odds I know) get a win, then we really will put Manchester City under pressure for 4th spot.

    All in all though, it is wonderful to have turned Arsenal over and to have stopped their silly title push. At least the Vengar boy had the Arsenal brain cell with him last night and admitted the title is no longer a hope all due to Spurs!

  17. Jon (1:32) and John (2:22), I think your missing the point, the headline was talking about @rs3nal being resigned to failure, not Spurs. Wenger and the goons (sounds like kids TV show!) have talked up their ambitions and chances of winning the title all season and now that this dream has been crushed once more, would you not class this as a failed season? No silverware again for a 5th season in a row. Surely you can understand that headline?

    Fair play to you, Champs league place is still an achievement to be proud of but I popped on to some of your forums last night to see what the general vibe about Wenger and your performance last night was and the vast majority of your fans are slamming Wenger and the team and agreeing that after 5 yrs of promise without delivery, something has to change at Goonville. That is whats being classed as failure, hence the headline.

    Whereas, with the mighty Spurs, looking at the last 2 seasons, you could not ever accuse us of failure. We are progressing very nicely under Harry and will not go the financial way of his previous clubs because we have a top, top chairman who knows what he is doing with our great club and is keeping it very financially stable and profitable.

    Raif, you are welcome on here as you have been honest and gracious in defeat. I agree with you on the comment about the abuse for Wenger. Whatever my feelings for the guy are, he doesn’t deserve the abuse he received last night. I can’t talk for all Spurs fans, but as with all clubs, there are always small sections who let the club down and the vast majority of us do not condone this stupidity.

    • You’re kind of right Daz, but there was a part of me that just fancied winding them up a little. I’d expect the same from an Arsenal blog if they’d won.

  18. roy you little cunt, what I wrote was in perfect english, and my names gorbachev not gorbachov, you dick. You can come up with these excuses about our ownership, but just watch harry fuck you over, no why don’t you be a good little boy roy and put away that massive erection you got after watching the game, you cunt

  19. hey guys i’m from canada and a great tottenham fan
    good game yesterday gomez was excellent we need to win againt chelkshit and united beating city as for arsenal see you in the champions league.cheers.

  20. cant we just post without always having to be a first rate typist or exponent of the written word. who gives a fuck if we use a z or s in Gomes even Gomes does not give a stuff. instead of reading other posts and pointing out errors please have the good grace to take the point made. No one on here pretends to know it all. Point is we all love Spurs, we share the same love of football played the right way. If we were posting on the Oxford English degree debating site I could understand your point.


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