On This Day In Spurs History: 6th May

1961 – On this day in 1961, Spurs completed the double, beating Leicester City 2-0 in the FA Cup final. Bobby Smith and Terry Dyson scored the goals, as the greatest Tottenham team of all, made history.

2010 – On this day in 2010, Spurs fans all over the country woke up with sore heads, feeling terrible. Within a few seconds though, the pain melted away, as they remembered the joy of the night before. Most spent the rest of the day looking at the Wikipedia page for the Champions League 2010/11.

Spurs In The News: 6th May

The Sun praises Harry and ‘cool’ Spurs.

West Ham’s The Daily Mail’s Martin Samuel, says some uncharacteristicly nice things about us.

The Guardian thinks that Fabio Capello will have received a boost from the success of our English players.

The Times looks at what a Champions League spot could mean for Spurs financially.

Best Of The Web: 6th May

Man City 0 Spurs 1, was far from being the most entertaining game of football played last night. 6-6!??!??!?!?!

At Dirty Tackle, Jose Mourinho isn’t allowed to see the replay of a disallowed Inter goal on a monitor.



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