Today In Spurs History: 22nd June

1991 – On this day in 1991, Terry Venables and Alan Sugar completed a £7.25 million takeover of Tottenham and saved the club from possible extinction. Sugar would became non-executive Chairman and Venables the non-executive Managing Director of Spurs. What could possibly go wrong?

Spurs Quote Of The Day: 22nd June

“Ideas are very funny things. They never work unless you do.” – Danny Blanchflower

Spurs In The News: 22nd June

The Sun thinks that Joe Cole is ready to snub Spurs and join Manchester United.

The Mirror claim that Jermain Defoe will start for England against Slovenia.

The Daily Mail reports that we will make a move for the former Arsenal player Julio Baptista.

Best Of The Web: 22nd June

Vintage bintage alert. I look at some manager WAGs at betting.betfair.

Over at The Spoiler, a shortage of vuvuzelas results in one man having to impovise.

‘Pies features some genius Dutch t-shirts.



  1. Don’t worry guys ol’ twitchy won’t be long spending all your money,just like he did at Pompey.Give him time. LOSERS!!!!!!

  2. Who takes any notice of Gooners only gets juvenile comments.Then again a club where English is the second language is perhaps an excuse for not understanding there accents.And thats from their supporters in the stand.Shame really beacause they have an excellent stadium( even if the noise volumn is pretty low).Some really talented players every thing going for for them,except one crucial element a brain.

  3. Arsenal fan above stop being a pedantic fool. Someone made a typo and misspelt Barca, crucify him! f**kin plank.


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