Imagine a World Cup where England still had a chance of glory… The WAG World Cup is such a tournament.

It’s time for the knockout stages and for you to vote in four second round matches. Here are our contenders:

Uruguay v Argentina

Uruguay – Zaira Nara

Diego Forlan’s Argentinian girlfriend goes up against her own country.

Argentina – Eliana Guerico

Eliano Guerico is the missus of the Argentine goalkeeper Sergio Romero.

France v Greece (Alexandra Loizou)

France – Hayet Abidal

No one will be surprised at the news that Hayet Abidal is the wife of Eric Abidal.

Greece – Alexandra Loizou

Alexandra Loizou is the girlfriend of Celtic striker Giorgios Samaras.

England v Serbia

England – Abbey Clancey

Peter Crouch might not have had much of a chance to impress at the World Cup, but his girlfriend Abbey is still in with a shot.

Serbia – Ena Popov

Ena Popov is a former Big Brother star and the girlfriend of Serbia’s Gojko Kacar.

USA v Germany

USA – Bethany Dempsey

Clint’s wife Bethany goes for the USA.

Germany – Sarah Brandner

Sarah Brandner is the lovely girlfriend of Bastian Schweinsteiger and as you’ll see from the following picture, she even gets the beers in.



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