TehTrunk started these Spurs animations and now everyone’s in on the act. This conversation is all too familiar…



  1. LOL, I normally hate these kind of things, think they are far to easily hyped and usually average, however the script for this one is a classic, top marks, well done.

  2. Oh mind you saying that, this “script” I refer too, by chance you don’t happen to have been in the pub last night listening to me talk to my cousin? πŸ˜›

  3. Let’s be honest. Not many Spurs fans say they are going to finish 6th. The majority say they are going to finish above Arsenal. It is an unhealthy obsession.

  4. LOL gooner, an unhealthy obsession, ??? what like u posting on spurs forums and topics, its you spastics that are obsessed with tottenham, not the other way around

  5. I think goonerlad was the gooner bear same low i q and stuck record comments ie Building for the future,living in our shadow,be gentle with me Arsene you beast

  6. Oh do go away spurs fans!

    What was the score when we last met? Yes 3 – 0 to the mighty gunners.

    In arsene we trust.

  7. Hey Goonerlad we have won more than you in Europe and we did it with style all i can remember about you lot was getting done by ex Spurs players or had you forgotten about Nayim and Popescu LOL.

  8. ok fair enough you won in europe, but dont talk about in styyle, we won the premier league in the best style of football the country has ever seen, and we did it without losing. when can you boast doing that? also since when are spurs fans lairy cunts, you’ve never been in the champions league up till now, your not fucking barcelona. deluded wankers

  9. Goonerlad. A word of advice pls stop copying what they put!!!!! Make us look complete fools you numpty!

    Be original like myself tool.

    yes we lost 2 – 1 but we had many injuries and you had no injuries, plus we had the dissapointment of losing to barcecunts.

    We WILL win the league next season.

  10. @ goonerlad

    01 Gomes
    03 Bale
    04 Kaboul
    20 Dawson
    26 King
    32 Assou-Ekotto
    06 Huddlestone
    14 Modric
    25 Rose
    09 Pavlyuchenko
    18 Defoe

    This is the line up of when we beat you 2-1. We clearly did not have any injuries at all, we just chose to play Danny Rose right wing as he had never played before and is a left winger, we played Kaboul at right back, and we didn’t have Palacios, Kranjcar, Bentley, Lennon etc..


  11. Oh go and support spurs you faggot in disguise.

    Arsenal has a massive homosexual community which is easily the biggest in the country so don’t insult me boy goy.

    Perhaps your in denial?

  12. and of corse spurs had the advantage of playing 72 hours after a 120 minute cup semi – final whilst the scum had to endure a week end off with only a 240 hour break.

  13. I thought the bears were really funny, until i started reading the comments of 2 arsenal fans on a spurs website having a row…pmsl

  14. You guys are pathetic, and as for the Video what a load of B*llocks. I don’t know any Arsenal fan who actually likes Eboue, in fact I thought it was common knowledge that the fans wanted rid of him. You may of beaten us recently, but how many times have you won overall? As for the usual cr*p about how many English players we have you only have to look at the players we’ve produced and that are coming through the academy.
    Present & Future Arsenal/England stars:
    Craig Eastmond
    There are more but these are the ones who are most likely to get some 1st team games this season.

    Plus look at all the great England players gone that were from Arsenal. How many have been from Tottenham?

    As for Cesc leaving Arsenal there’s always speculation about our top players leaving during the season break. He will probably go eventually but unlikely to be this season so close to the beginning. How many seasons have they been saying this anyway???

    I’m surprised none of you Yids have mentioned the Champions League in this thread, the Yids I know are all crowing about it. Don’t get too excited though you wont get very far!!!

    To sum up,

    Screw You Yids!!!

  15. Of course, the Gunner contingent is going to shit bricks after watching this.

    “Spurs are shit. Wenger is building a team for the future.”
    Arsenal fans have absolutely no understanding of history, as their team has effectively written it off. No modern Arsenal fan understands the phrase “1-0 to the Arsenal” and to say that no one won the league in the same manner Arsenal did is complete nonsense. Preston did it over a hundred years ago.

    The Woolwich Wanderers never been the first to do anything. Ever.

  16. @ Screw you yids

    A slight correction but Walcott is just a shit Aaron Lennon and is actually an ex England star not a future one. As far as England players how about: Gascoigne, Hoddle, Waddle, Mabbutt, Lineker, Defoe, Roberts, Clemence, Crouch, Lennon, King, Ferdinand etc etc. Who are you gonna name? Frickin David Seaman!? How on earth did you win the league with that nonse in goal!? Face it, all your best players are French, African or Spanish and they leave for Chelsea or Barca or become drunks and shit future managers of Div 2 clubs. Why the fcuk should we care about anybody on that list you wrote? Who are they? Why even tell us? Why are you even here? I wouldn’t be caught dead on an Arse website and my mates would laugh me out the pub if I ever told em I went to one. You really are embarrasing the crappy south london club you support. Your lot are all celebs and knobs afraid to admit they really support Man Utd. Real London clubs are the likes of Spurs and West Ham. Tied to their community, loaded with english talent and not followed just because they win all the time. Well until last season anyway. Now you are shite and totally beatable. Welcome to the new world, Arse Wangker will walk along with Check Fabgas before you can blink fella

  17. You Spuds make me laugh with your xenophobic comments, your best players are foreign? As for having English players you can keep em from what I saw in the world cup there not worth my money! Woolwich bla bla bla you say we repeat things that comment has been coming since 1913 get some new material. The fact remains we was a north London club before you ever was as Tottenham was still part of Middlesex till the early 80’s. That said congratulations on your 50 years not winning the league!

  18. @ screw you yids, what are you talking about darling. Have you not heard the new eboue song! He has turned his career around and I for one have a special liking for him πŸ˜‰

    why have you named are whole youth team you foolish monkey!!!!

    @ bagsygooner, you are worse than the numpty above. Xenophobic comments!!! What is wrong with you, do you know how daft you make us gunners look with such silly comments. Did you not hear that other idiot slag of gays despite arsenal fc having a massive homosexual following.

    And then you say spuds haven’t been north London until the 80s!!!!!

    Arrggggggg you make us look so surreal and plastic sweety!!!!

    Pls go away and leave the proper debate with the spuddies to me.

  19. Ah yes, the early 80’s, I remember it well, us “Middlesex” boys in the north bank every single season announcing ourselves and none of you wanting to know. Same old Arse

    By the way, how do you understand a word like xenophobic but don’t know the correct use of there, their and they’re?

    There is nothing xenophobic about it you nonse. We are not the club that rapes poor African football clubs of their under age boys and then attempts to profit off them when they are older. As proved by FIFA.

    I’m proud we have a “healthy mix” of british and world talent. We also operate within the rules. Unlike you slave traders.

  20. Gay Jamie, I think “screw you yids” missed the friendly with Barnet and therefore missed the new Eboue song πŸ™‚

  21. @screw you yids

    We’re crowing about the champions league but we wont get far? In that case we should equal your record then.
    Never Won the champions league !……Arsene likes his kids…lmao

  22. You crow about taking the North Bank when all the lads was in the Clock End any benny knows that you slate me for saying there and not their but yet spell Nonce incorrectly! Bit of a cock really like the badge on your shirt. You talk of violence is so funny you hit women scarfers and children your firm is looked on as scum by the majority of fans. Most hated london team fact everyone hates your shit team. By the way you ain’t champions league yet you have to pass a qualifier you numpty

  23. Brigsy – you don’t know much do you? Official away end was the clock end but we used to invade the north bank before segregation got strict. Nice lie on the firm by the way – well done for that.

    As for everyone in London hating spurs, sorry did you forget the following are London clubs (more than you incidentally) millwall, qpr, palace, orient, Brentford, barnet, Charlton etc etc. Spurs are hated by two clubs who were jealous of are 80s domination of London football and we are hated by your south London nomad bandit boys.

    As for the CL did you know we are seeded? Which means we will get a team similar to which we routinely smash in the early stages of the uefa cup and have the 2nd leg at WHL. I think we will sneak 2nd in are group and go out in the last 16.

  24. Maybe my clockend season ticket lied to me then because you front wheeled skids where always in the corner of the clock end. Your a bit of a tool really ain’t cha. All you boys do is talk about hooli this hooli that, you talk about your off field antics to hide your poor attempts of your on the field antics. Shows your mentality of enjoying a cartoon with some really lame story lines in boring as

  25. You Gooners should learn by now that we are gonna finish above you this year. I’ve even put Β£100 on it! You lot are shit and we play better football then you.

    Harry’s right. We will be challenging for the title this year unlike you Gooner muppets!


  26. Whats embarrassing is a spud fan with homosexual tendencies pretending to be a Gooner now thats embarrassing now run along Jamie

  27. Robbie darling get a life – when did spuddies last end above the mighty arsenal???

    As for bagsy it might be time to come out of the closet dear.

    p.s. pls recognise are massive homosexual following at arsenal f.c. you racist pillock. And i’ll run along with you in my muscular arms if i ever see at the grove – thats if your old enough to go to football games.


  28. So does your knowledge of Highbury briggsy you sad tosser. Shit fans, unhealthy obsession with Spurs forums, shit knowledge of history, zero national pride and zero sense of humour. The cartoon and this thread of comments just goes to prove all of that. Have fun at your pre season freindly with Barnet. We have just toured the USA.

  29. Your a stubborn one bagsy arent you!?

    Will i see you in the junction boozer for the liverpool game on august 15th?


  30. arsenal is just a nice little family club where all the kids go with mummy and daddy. Not aloud to drink near the ground or have england flags in the stadium. Loads of indians, africans and homos can clearly also be found there.

    LMAO at that scum


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