Over the last few days there has been mounting speculation over Peter Crouch’s future at Tottenham. The press have been reporting that Harry is ready to sell and that Liverpool might take him back.

I think that the Liverpool link mainly comes from the fact that their manager is now Roy Hodgson, who tried to sign Crouch last summer. Just because he wanted Crouch then, doesn’t mean that he’d still want him. Liverpool is a very different club to Fulham. They’ve got less money to spend for a start.

If there is any truth in the story, then I’d be surprised that Harry is prepared to sell a player that he has now worked with at three different clubs. We can tend to become a bit one-dimensional when Crouch is in the side (which isn’t his fault), but he offers a unique option compared to our other strikers and judged on his England performances, would most likely cause chaos against European defences next season.

The reason could be that with no clubs looking particularly interested in signing the likes of Keane and Pavlyuchenko, Harry is ready to sacrifice a player that he likes, in order to give himself better options in the transfer market. Liverpool and Roy Hodgson may or may not be interested in Crouch, but it’s likely that somebody will.

I’d like Crouch to stay, but would understand if he’s sold, providing that money went towards a striker who could play on his own up front. What do you think? Should we sell the big man? Or would you rather retain his services and more importantly, keep hold of the World Cup’s top WAG? Have your say in our poll.



  1. Give him away as far as I care. a 1 in 5 goal ration last season proves why every manager who buys him, sells him on again after a season or two. Poor player at best

  2. unlike any of spurs’ other forwards, crouch is a proven CL-level striker

    imo you should wait to see whether you qualify before getting rid….

  3. i haven’t liked him the whole season, but i think he brings something different, he does a good job against teams like stoke, blackburn, bolton. and he can be a threat in europe with his height. we really need to sell keane, crouch shouldn’t be our first choice starter but hes perfect for those ugly games where you’re pressing for a goal, ball swinging in every second, and in europe they just wont be used to his size.

  4. The notion that a beanpole target man is what we or any team needs is getting old- we need a more fluid, fast attack. Crouch doesn’t fit that description in my book.

  5. I cant believe you are running this blog this si a no brainer if Liverpool want him what does that tell you. Birmingham have the tallest player now watch them score when defences are tight with 6ft8 Zidic . With teams using a five man Energised system to stifle teams its vital to have Crouch . Birmingham have learned this and Liverpool want it only two players are this big and we have one don’t drive him out. Because you will regret it trust me he got us to the promise land and he should lead us on and upwards not Woy and Liverpool Bloody mad bad Davspurs

  6. The man scored the winner against man city to get spurs where they are today.
    I don’t think any spurs player who fought last season to get into the champions league would want to or should go.

  7. If we keep him, stop using him as a lamp-post, and play to his feet. England have done this and he scores good goals; otherwise, sell him, but only if we bring in a seriously good international class goalscorer.

  8. As a Liverpool fan I would welcome Crouch back into Anfield, as a few people have mentioned he does offer something different and would provide a decent partner for Torres.

  9. The problem with Crouch is that it can lead Spurs to hoof. Which is not HIS problem. He’d not be my choice to lose… Keane, Gudjohnsen, maybe. Pav, Defoe, Crouch + someone would be my line-up. Liverpool are being a bit cheeky here.

  10. drp – Pav is a proven Champions League striker as well btw… I would keep him, not waste the money. He will have better season this time. I think we have got the long ball to Crouch tactic out of our system now…

  11. you lot make me laugh….all i see is get rid he is shit bollocks……so you wanna get rid and bring in who……..put down football manger 2010 and rather than talk out your backsides come up worth something good……spurs in for dzeko……..put the pipe down mate…..crouch may not be your cup of tea but…….he hold the ball up well and he may not bang in the goals but what he does do well is bring in other players and for a striker he has quick feet can score goals and is good enough to merit a place in the squad……….im sure you want to bring in some big name player with no prem exp and when the shit hits the fan you will say crouch was better……name me a squad in the prem who has on paper a better striker options

  12. I do often wonder why we get such mixed opinions about our players, and equally why some bother to go to the Lane? Crouch scored the most vital goal in the modern history of our club, his attitude is first rate and his commitment to the team unquestionable, of course he’s rubbish, thats why Liverpool want him back, and why HR has bought him on three occasions. Bentley did brilliantly for us, yet he’s also rubbish, yet without his input we wouldn’t have taken 4th place. Defoe’s rubbish because he only scored 23 goals, and Lennon cant cross for toffee. Corluka’s rubbish and slow, and according to some Huddlestone s useless, slow and ponderous. Bale had never been on the winning side so was therefore a jinx, and Benni’s the worst full back in the history of the game. Jeeze and we’re where exactly?, well.. relegated by the opinions of some I’ve read!

  13. Its true, so many fans unhappy with some of the players, i cant even begin to know why considering the season we`ve just had. Crouch is not the best ploayer in the world but he defintley brings something different to the team and that something got everyone of us off our seats when banged in his header at city, i bet he wasnt that bad then. Truth is that we cant compete with city, Chelsea and man u when it comes to paying the wages of a top class player so the more options you have in your squad the better so he might be lanky and shit in the air but but we finished 4th so i dont care.


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