Gallas, Adebayor and Hleb have all been linked with a move to Spurs in recent weeks. Are we trying to create a reunion of the team of ‘kids’ that we beat 5-1?

The Adebayor rumour is just that I reckon. City have got too many players, we need a big striker who can pay on his own up front and journalists know that the headline will attract attention. In some ways he’d actually be a very good signing for us and is the type of player that we need, except for the fact that he is clearly a complete tosser.

Speaking of tossers, Gallas has been the latest of the former-Goons to be linked with a move to Spurs. Again this would make sense on some levels. He’s available for free and can play in every position across the back line.

Apparently though he wants a two year contract, while we’re only willing to give him one. Another problem is the fact that he clearly has an inflated view of his own self-worth. Would he be happy to be a squad player? Because that’s all he’d be at Spurs and why pay so much on wages for someone who’s going to be spending most of his time on the bench?

Finally, there’s Barcelona’s Hleb, who unlike our other 5-1 defeated targets, at least doesn’t come across as a complete tosser on a personal level. He’s never really settled at Barcelona and there could be some truth in our interest, if Harry fails to bring Ashley Young to Spurs, having already missed out on Joe Cole. As is the case with Young though, he’s not a player that we desperately need.

Ultimately I don’t want any of them at Spurs and I would be surprised if most Tottenham fans felt differently. The one bonus to signing any of them of course, would be the sheer annoyance factor that it would create for the South London Nomads. Signing Adebayor would surely annoy them the most, followed by Gallas and then Hleb.

So maybe there’s something in the idea after all. Any idea how we could change the lyrics to that Adebayor song though?



  1. If I laughed any harder, I might just spontaneously combust. When you thought the scum from up the road couldn’t become any more embarrassing. Why don’t you just rename your new stadium ‘In the shade’?

  2. I believe u have the order the wrong way round for as you kno we’d be more annoyed if you took a player we liked , which for you was sol campbell.

    I would LOVE you lot to have adebayor and/or gallas. Might as well stick all the things we hate in one basket (shame you guys cant take those annoying barca stars too :/).

    Hleb , tho a gunner, deserves game time so if you spurs can offer it why not.

  3. id actually like all 3 ill explain why gallas although as your right is a wanker he is a good player and with kaboul ekkotto dervitee and bassong all french or part he would surely be able to guide them . adebayor theres no denying his quality although we all know that in 2 years he will want to leave us he the perfect man for our front line and hleb was really good at arsenal and he would fit in well in our 451 formartion . but i reckon adebayors pure paper talk hleb could well join i now hes intrested and gallas could also join

  4. Because even with a team full of Arsenal rejects you would still improve.

    Ha ha,

    5-1? did you by the mug, dvd, t-shirt et al?


  5. Nah mate. Think you’re trying to recreate the team that batered you 3-1 at your shithole ground in a competition that actual matters

    • to Dom August 11, 2010 at 1:34 pm

      mmm We like your rejects… My belief was you didn’t want Hleb to go, but barca are bigger than you so he went, You wanted to keep Adebayor but man city have more money than you… And you offered a contract to Gallas who turned you down….

      Rejects I think is the wrong word

  6. haha you are so pathetic…its because you are not as good as arsenal thats why you have to get our used players so you can try to be like us. It ain’t gonna happen.

  7. They are decent players, they were all still needed by Arsenal at the time of leaving, but as you pointed out, two are troublemakers and one plays in a position that is not a priority. It shouldn’t even be on the radar as Dos Santos has done well this pre-season.

    If I had to choose, I’d take Adebayor as we need a striker of his type but there’s no chance we’d afford his wages or City doing business with us.

  8. if you knew anything you’d know that YOU changed the words of the adebayor song to the elephant version….so just change it back!!!!!!!!!!

    clever you spurs lot!

  9. Adebayor the gooner was a twat… but I kinda liked the guy on the BBC sofa this summer and would welcome him with open arms.

    If he gets up some goon noses by signing for us – even better!

  10. After a summer of bitching about Barca players tapping up Cesc, isn’t funny how Sagna is now tapping up Spahic. Same old gooners. Arrogant cnuts with no ambition. Barca tap up Cesc and they need to tap up an unknown turd. By the way, good luck with Kolschieny, he looks a prospect, not.

  11. Someone hit a raw nerve with this article and first two replies come from a couple of bellend gooners who just happened to be visiting a Spurs site,and they say we live in their shadow LOL these bellend gooners like their fellow foreigners seem to spend a lot of time worrying about who we may or may not sign and commenting on it.I personally cant see two of these transfers being anything more than paper talk but who we buy is of no concern to the Woolwich nomad pikeys.

    • The article comes up on NewsNow’s Arsenal feed – that’s why Arsenal Fans are reading it and commenting.

      You’ve just made yourself look like the bellend now.

      Hleb would be a good signing for Spurs but I’d leave the other two well alone. Way more trouble than they’re worth.

  12. i dont mind adebyeor, gallas and hleb aren’t needed though. the goons are such idiots though… they are desperate for a centre back but gallas is good he just causes trouble.. and hleb has just spent too long on the bench, and whos place would he take? he couldn’t get into our team. the only lad from that (reject class) which i hardly think because hleb moved to barca.. step up.. gallas left cos hes a twat.. and adebyeor left for money.. so hardly a load of rejects… but the only 1 is adybyeor who could get into our squad.

  13. u know dan fitch if i was the persone who is talkin abt spurs i had a lot of victory to talk in last nine years but u as a fan of a club who is joined the CL so so recent only tried to remind us 5-1 victory f***!!!

  14. Ha ha. Spurs fans make me laugh! How you take so much pride in that 5-1 game is amusing. If it was our first team, granted, I would be very embarrassed. But at the time, most of these players were kids/non-regulars. The more fans boast about that game, the smaller you make spurs seem. You went all out for that, we played a weaker team with premiership in mind. If it was the other around, I would have enjoyed it, but not keep referring to it 4 years later as a major achievement!

  15. Only Hleb would be bothersome to Arsenal. Gallas is a hired gun, we thank him but wouldn’t bat an eyelid if he went to Spurs. We hate Adebayor, and it would be great fun if he played for Spurs, so I hope that actually happens.

    Hleb was a good bloke and well liked by Arsenal fans, so that would be less fun. Just so you know.

  16. you are trying to buy our rejects because you are a poor team and a club who thinks they are bigger than what they are. Hope you enjoyed your season last year, business as usual this year with 7th place. Mugs

  17. What makes you think signing Gallas, Adebayor and Hleb would get up Gooner’s noses? All Gooner’s would piss themselves laughing if you did!
    So go on Uncle ‘Spiv’ Harry, sign them PLEASE!!!!

  18. 61 Never again, 61 Never again.

    we saw how good the spurs players are when they played a part in making England an embarassment at the world cup.

  19. us Gooners are only here as this article appeared on our NewsNow, so don’t get carried away you sad tossers.

    Maybe you’re trying to put together a team that can finally finish higher than us in the league? What’s it been now, 15 odd years?

    Only one team in north london!!

  20. awwww…spurs…such a pitiful team…hate them…but at the same time…i really feel sorry for them…Here in spain, no one really bothers about them…let alone know there exists such a team called spurs… but i guess, ignorance is bliss….lol

  21. For all you Gooners – Arsenal FC have apparently set up a call centre for fans who are troubled by their recent form.
    The number is 0800 10 10 10
    Calls charged at peak rate for overseas users.
    Once again the number is 0800 won nothing won nothing won nothing.

    • yeah that joke doesnt really work at any level coming from a supporter of a ‘big club’ who’ve not won their doemestic league title for over 50 years. 2 league cups since 1991 is not very good really is it?

  22. What a ffing joke, every season this happens; spurs get linked with so many gunner rejects! Well I shouldbt be suprised though, they always have been the dirtier scummier shttier brother of the Two. It should be a honour to be linked with ex gunners, shows how far they have come. And incase you are wondering what I am doing on this site.. simple link from a news feed!

    Now go back living in the gunner shadows you dirty ffing tossers!

  23. Wonder what trophies you’ll win this year, fuck all as before. In Wenger we trust, playing the right way…worrying

  24. we still finished above you lot without these players and youve been linked with everyone as you usually do and dont buy any of them remember arry is a gooner and loves the Arsenal fact. cant wait to c how you cope with CL and finishing in the top 4 for the next 12 years like The Arsenal have done always in our shadow

  25. Why would we want these second rate players. We’ve got a squad to challenge for the title this season while the pikes will be fighting Liverpool for a europa league place via the fair play. I think the knob jockeys have realised that when their captain leaves for barca in january they’ll be as good as Spammers

  26. 29 parklaneblock34… I am sure you sad ffing shitheads will win more than us this season!…….NOT

    You lot are bunch of jokers, how can you make that comment, are u a retard or something! If u were Man U or Chelsea fan I will give it to you, but u?

    Spurs fans are and awlays will be dirty smelly scummy disgusting human beings! The lowest of the low! The dirt on society, shame on humanity.

    Now fukk off!

  27. Not wanting to dwell in the past the match was 2 and a half yrs ago not 4.
    The following team were hardly “kids”
    Arsenal: Fabianski, Sagna, Justin Hoyte, Gallas, Traore (Eduardo 65), Hleb, Denilson (Fabregas 18), Silva, Diaby, Walcott (Adebayor 65), Bendtner.
    Subs Not Used: Mannone, Flamini.

    • The only regulars were Sagna (new in English football), Gallas, Hleb and Cesc.

      We played with Fabianski in goal and Justin Hoyte…..

    • So there you go, Fabianski, Good for a goal or three but any defeat hurts and last season you actually deserved that victory. It should have showed Mr Wenger where we needed to strengthen and I personally would like to see a goalkeeper who can catch the ball, not punch it out, slip over and then get stranded. Good blog by the way and even though I say it Ade barn door would be a coup and Hleb is an underated player andpersonally I would welcome him back again

  28. 5-1. Yeah, fair play you beat us but the way you keep talking about it is just pathetic. Best day of your Spud-supporting lives. How sad. how very, very sad. Doubt many gooners lost sleep over that though. We could go on about the many emphatic wins against you lot down the years but there are almost too many to recall. Enjoy the DVD and mugs, you mugs!

    As for the tosser who said we ‘needed’ all these players when they left, Hleb was replaced with Nasri who is 10 times better. Adebayor left but yet we still finished a place higher than we did during his last season with us (and two places higher than the team he us left for…) so yeah, BIG miss they proved to be. Gallas is the only one you may have a point with but you’re welcome to the cunt.

    It makes sense that your team would be full of gooners given how much your own manager is an Arsenal fan.

    Always in our shadow.

  29. Because journalists are lazy and because people writing shit articles for the Daily Mail get paid per hit – So it’s in their interest to link Spurs with Arsenal, Manu with Citeh etc.

    Idiots like the bloke writing this article believe them all.

  30. I wonder if this is the year the ‘anal will get at many trophies from Europe as the spurs? Also to all spurs fans, don’t go on about the 5-1 victory please as 9 of them ‘kids’ also failed on one pitch in the CL that year.

  31. Arsene Wenger got arrested at the local baths today. He claimed that the ‘S’ had fallen off his ‘Speado’ swimming trunks while walking past a bunch of primary school kids.

  32. For all u retards out there……..pat jennings was a great player for both clubs……..

    Spurs have a good squad and players like cole etc would be well accepted as with any experienced champions league campaigner….

    if we want professional football at the highest then we attract the best as we can… the time…….

    some of us may have to change our heads

    really its about getting the club and its team moved on

    one thing for sure anyone playing spurs this year will be

  33. bit of a non debate this really. Spurs can’t afford any of those players wages. Hleb would be the most likey but he’ll probably go back to Germany anyway.


  35. Due to your new found success (CL qualification) which find as a standard… now need players that can match this, hence links to our ex players. Players good enough to play in the CL and who might come to you now you have CL. As for fans getting annoyed about these acquistions, I would have to disagree, I would give it two months before all of you moaned about Ade’s in ability to stay onside at any point in the game and the end of the year before you realise Gallas would have made divides in changing room. Hleb would be the only realistic and worthwhile purchase out of the three for you, would be a very effective sub, in the joe cole and yossi mould.

  36. Oh dear, you must have just watched that 5-1 DVD again.

    Really, years have gone by and you’re still talking about it. Pathetic. Your only ambition is to do better than us, something you haven’t achieved in you know how long.

    This is only confirmed by Defoe’s measuring your Champions League success by whether you can get further than us.

    Good luck with that by the way. I’m sure you’ll do it!


    Amused as always by you Middlesex c*nts.

  37. Hahaha tottenshit loosers… owez remembering bout dat 5-1 coz dats the onli tyme u beat us big… hahaha dats becoz we put kids becoz of carling cup u shitty faggots… hahhaa btw cl?? we the gooners have qualify cl 4 every year u shitty tottenham… hahaha how many years u guys wait 4 cl?? hihi shame on u… fighting 4 cl place onli… we are fighting 4 da epl title faggots


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