Andre Marriner has been named as the referee for our opening game against Manchester City. Here’s our lowdown on the man from Birmingham

Last Season

From 37 games, Marriner issued a total of 115 yellow cards, averaging 3.1 bookings per game. He also gave 10 players a red card, including Paul Scholes during Manchester United’s visit to White Hart Lane.

Past Controversies

Steven Gerrard allegedly flicked Marriner a V-sign last season, though as the LIverpool midfielder cuts an increasingly agitated figure, maybe it says more about him than the ref.

Alex Ferguson slagged off Marriner last season, cricising the sending off of Nemanja Vidic for United against Liverpool and claiming that Jamie Carragher should have been sent off. Fergie accused Marriner of being influenced by the Anfield crowd, but it has to be said that there seems to be few refs that Ferguson doesn’t hate.

Grudge Against Spurs?

Marriner booked eight players when we travelled to Everton in 09/10 (four from each side), but didn’t cause much in the way of controversy when refereeing us last season. Even the two penalties that he awarded United at Old Trafford were legit, so it appears that there is no beef from Marriner against the mighty Spurs.



  1. I wish we had video replays then we would not worry who the Ref his. I would like to see both Captains have two reversal’s and the ref two . This would take help in two ways firstly it would stop Referees from being got at by betting scams . Secondly it would lesson the mistake element and by having these blue cards indicating Tv Replays. This would stop Refs from slowing the game down with constant replays .The areas that these cards could be used his offside penalty’s and the ball crossing the line this is three things that are the biggest talking points during games lets hope we don’t need the ref and win 3-0 again.COYS

  2. Berbatov dive surely not,i always thought he was such a nice man.Shows how wrong you can be.Next you will be telling me he disrespected our great club and pissed off and left us in the lurch after sulking like a spoilt brat and wearing a dish cloth sorry football shirt of another club before he signed for them.There was me saving all my vitriole for the fat ugly neanderthal who lied and slimed his way to the scumbags.


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