Normally a summer which includes the distraction of a major international football tournament, isn’t quite as painful as those that are merely devoted to cricket and tennis.

This summer was different though. Yes, there was a World Cup on, but it was largely boring and England’s performances were frankly sickening. There is only one antedote to the anti-football that we were duty bound to watch through June and July, and it’s the chaotic, frantic, beauty of an English league season.

We kick off the entire Premier League in an early kick off against Manchester City. Normally such a start time is not welcomed, but I’ve missed White Hart Lane so much, that I just can’t wait to get back there. What’s the betting though that the kick off gets put back, due to our new electronic ticket system blowing up on its debut?

Unusually for a first game of the season, this one actually carries some real importance. One of our most vital matches last term was our away trip to Manchester City and with both teams again going head-to-head for a place in the top four, it’s an opening match with real bite.

City will want to get revenge for last season, when we beat them home and away. Come to think of it, we tend to beat them twice a season most years and I’ve got a good feeling that we will pick up three points on Saturday. Some things never change…

It’s been a frustrating summer, without the sort of glamour buy that would have whetted the appetite, but there’s a lot to be said for team continuity. Our side knows each other inside out, while City’s are still learning each others names. They’re also full of the sort of egos that makes an implosion reasonably likely this season.

They’ve had a poor pre-season, in which they only won their first game last weekend against Valencia. I don’t tend to read too much into these practice matches, but their record does point to there being a bedding in period for their new players.

We’re starting the season with a clear bill of health, save for the injured Woodgate and Pavlyuchenko. The Russian’s absence should mean a start for Defoe and Crouch, even though Keane has been in good form in pre-season.

I’d also expect Harry to start off by playing things safe, with Huddlestone and Palacios in central midfield and Modric tucked in on the left and Lennon on the right. That would mean Bale starting at left back, where I think he does the most damage.

The one surprise could be at right back. Kaboul was very good in that position at the tail end of last season and he may push Corluka for that spot. There is also a hope that Dos Santos has finally knuckled down and is ready to make an impression at the club, but I still think he’ll start on the bench.

I’m going for a 1-0 Spurs win. Let’s bloody their nose and start a crisis at City that will see them sacking their manager by Christmas. Come on You Spurs!



  1. I think you’ll find that Spurs have had the better of it in the last decade having started with two defeats. In the 80’s and 90’s it was relatively even but in the seventies Man City started with two 1-0 defeats home and away in 69/70 and then went through the decade losing just twice more and winning virtually all the other bar a couple of draws. I certainly remember that we always looked forward to those games against Spurs because we always won! The next decade will be a return to the first decade I spent watching football starting tomorrow with a 1-0 win for City.

  2. Oh, and you did say that you don’t take much notice of pre-season friendlies. Very sensible move. I wouldn’t take any at all of City’s. The teams we have put out are nothing like the side you are going to be facing tomorrow! Half of them were designed to put players in the shop window we don’t want so we could flog them off to the likes of you because they aren’t good enough to play for us.

  3. Mate – ignore the provocative title just like we all should ignore the outcomes of friendlies. It could go either way tomorrow. Yes, it will be a different line up tomorrow. I’ll be surprised if Man City keep the same side in consecutive matches to be honest.

  4. LOL. A few fellow blues stirring it up before a ball kicked in anger.

    Spurs deserved their six points last season, no argument from me. Shame there was no argument from the City players who didn’t want it bad enough.

    The back 4 have been shocking for City but things can only get better. Perhaps they’ll keep Crouchy off the end of a cross this time.

    Best of luck.

  5. Will be a very interesting match. City have been poor during preseason but have fielded mostly reserves and youth players. When we put a strong eleven out we dominated Valencia. I don’t think you can call this one. Spurs are a very good side that I never enjoy seeing on the fixtures list. Come on city!

  6. Man City is a cancer in football. I thought I hated Chelsea, but the fact that they aren’t unique is disgusting. Two jumped up $hite clubs with stupid money? I loathe City.

  7. NY50Y, sounds like a case of the green eyes monster???
    Recon i’ll be a close match and would be happy with a draw or win for the blue boys. Spuds have a decent squad & excellent manager (even if he is a bit of a dodgy geeezer!) but City will be too good over the season for you lot to top!

  8. @NY5OY

    Back in your pram son, all the top teams have spent plenty over the years, yours included, so that one doesn’t hold water…

    3-0 City…


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