On This Day In Spurs History: 2nd Sepetember

1977 – On this day in 1977, Frederic Kanoute was born. Kanoute was signed for Spurs from West Ham in 2003 and played 73 times, scoring 21 goals, before joining Sevilla for 6.5m Euros. Kanoute has subsequently been a huige success in Spain, scoring far more goals than he ever managed in England or France.

Spurs Quote Of The Day

“I suppose that will be my epitaph at Spurs: he was always talking about injuries.” – Gerry Francis

Spurs In The News: 2nd September

The Sun highlights the fact that Rafael van der Vaart was talking up a move to United a couple of weeks ago.

The Daily Mail reveals that Robbie Keane turned down an £8m move to Besiktas. There goes our last chance of getting any decent money on him.

The Guardian reports on Jonathan Woodgate missing the cut in our 25-man squad.

The Independent pointedly uses inverted commas around the words ‘computer error’.

Best Of The Web: 2nd September

I take a look at some brutal amateur football fouls for Betfair Football.

‘Pies has a list of the 10 best selling football shirts in the world.

Dirty Tackle features footage of a Greek player getting sent off and then giving the player he fouled some extra punishment.



  1. hwo do you mean he owes us ? you are a typical fly by night Spurs fan ….how many golas has he scored for Spurs ? how many games has he played …compare his record with any other player in the league and it shines every time..Robbie a legend ….you on the other hand are a twat

  2. Keane has scored over 100 goals for us and changed the game (with Hud) away to Young Boys. This is a crap article and you are an obvious clueless author. You should be going back to school this week so have fun.

  3. Now, now girls pipe down. Whilst it’s true our Robbie could be considered a modern-day “Legend” having performed so faithfully for Spurs over the years, you must admit many fans are becoming increasingly frustrated at his apparent decline in recent years (probably since his failed move to his “boyhood” club, Liverpool). As such, it’s not unreasonable for fans to suggest the best course of action would be to sell him on to pastures new, where Spurs can use the transfer to fund new, incoming talent. It is in this respect which some fans may accuse Robbie of being “selfish” by way of his stubborn-ness which is preventing us from obtaining a reasonable transfer fee for him now. Capish ?

  4. One of the problems with running a blog is that some people take everything you say 100% literally. Jokes and off-hand remarks fly over their heads, just as Keane’s shots used to once fly past goalkeepers.

    I fucking loved Robbie Keane, but then he left us for his ‘boyhood’ club. I could have forgiven him for that, if when he came back to us he was any good, but instead he’s been a shadow of the player he once was. Jimmy Greaves was also a legend for us, but I don’t suppose he’d be much use up front these days either.

    He’s not going to play for us much and is inevitably going to leave on loan in January and will eventually be sold for peanuts. That’s why I made the tongue-in-cheek remark about him owing us £8m. Because I very much doubt that any club will offer us that much money for him again.

    I don’t even blame him for not accepting the move. Who wants to live in Turkey? Probably not his wife, for one.

  5. Keano’s not that old and has more ability than any of our other strikers. He’s the only name we have anyway, he’s a level above any of them, though Pav is a talent when he’s bothered and Gio has big potential.

    Keano showed very good signs in pre-season and coming on against Young boys to set up a vital goal that he might have regained his confidence and spark. Look out for a great year from him imo.

  6. Keane is rubbish, nothing but a whining flapping distraction. He was sent packing last year because of his “let’s blow off the gaffer and all go on a drinking trip”…and rightly so.

    Has more ability than our others? Pass that spliff over here mate, you’re clearly delusional. Keane is hands down the worst we have, he needs to go. Preferably while we can still get a few sheckles for him.


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