We’re sometimes guilty of playing it a bit safe with our choice of tunes to set our terrace chants to, but the song that sang out around the Park Lane on Wednesday, was refreshingly left-field.

Set to the tune of KC & The Sunshine Band’s ‘Give It Up’, Rafael van der Vaart’s new song is upbeat, with reassuringly simply lyrics to remember.

“Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na,
Rafael van der Vaart, Van der Vaart,
Rafael van der Vaart…”

And repeat… Well done to whoever came up with this and let’s hope that we have plenty of reason to sing it on Saturday. For those of you not sure of the tune (ie. young people), the following video should fill you in.



  1. I was in East Stand and heard the chant from Park Lane but assumed it was the Luka Modric chant. Are you sure it was for vdv?

  2. Sorry – mis-read your article. When I saw na na na na (etc.), I thought you were referring to that other great melody (“hey hey hey, goodbye”).

  3. you gooners had the same tune for that nasri tosser, they kept singing last week. and for that reason, sorry but i dont like it!

  4. Much prefer the ‘Vindaloo’ song which was suggested recently:

    van der Vaart, VDV, VDV VDV na na
    etc etc
    We’re gonna score one more than you

  5. I was at the Twente game, VDV chant is ok not brilliant – however the Gomes chant was quality but I can’t remember it/or the tune. Something along the lines of loving Gomes and letting him sleep with your wife.


  6. Yeah the Gomes one is something like:

    Heurelho Gomes, I need you in my life,
    Heurelho Gomes, I’d let you sleep with my wife,
    Heurelho Gomes – can I be Brazillian too?

    It’s to the tune of I Love You Baby

  7. I 2nd the notion for the Vindaloo / Van der Vaart chant.

    Please can someone help get this started.

    It also pains me to hear the boring “Bale, Bale, Bale…” chant when the much better “Boom, Boom, Boom, lemme hear you say Bale…BALE!” one is out there.

    • I love the Bale! Bale! chant. The key to it is to let it erupt from nowhere as if it is a symptom of your tourettes.

      Its much more enjoyable then!

  8. Nice one Dave – that was the Gomes chant, he loved it too!

    Re. Bale chant, there is another one to the tune of Bread of Heaven:
    Gareth Bale, Gareth Bale,
    He was born to play for Spurs,
    Heee waaas boooorn tooo plaaay fooor Spuuuuurs

    • for you spurs fans from the 80,s remember our tune for steve archibald, the old british airways advert , we,ll take more care of you Van Der Vaart, Van Der Vaart, we,ll take more care of you Van Der Vaart , Van Der Vaart

  9. I thought at times on wednesday we were in good voice, but I would love it if we had a chant that was constant throughout the game. It got a bit quiet at times and the away support was good to be fair. When we get rocking at the lane it sounds awesome, but if we could follow some of the european support and have chants that can go on for 90mins then the atmosphere will scare the living daylights out of any team.

  10. During the 80’s Burkingshaw and his blue and White army, was sung throughout the games, we also need a song for luka, any suggestions?

  11. Theres only oneeee Gareth Bale, onee Gareth Bale. He’s running along, Scoring for fun. walking in yido wonderland.

    walking in a winter wonderland song.

    i though this up myself i think it could be a great song for us supporters to sing.

  12. Here’s a song I came up with-
    To the tune of “Come Together” by The Beatles

    Here comes ole Raffa from the
    All the way from Madrid to become a
    He says:
    “I know Robin- Van -Persie-
    But I play for Tottenham cause I ain’t no
    He comes from Holland where they
    wear the Oranje
    when they play their football
    with such artistry
    He says:
    “I love the yids,
    and the yids love me-
    got to score some goals for the gaffer
    He plays for Tottenham Hot-Spurs
    in the Champions League!!!!

  13. The give it up tune has been around for years. United used it for nicky butt before arsenal too. Therefore the vdv chant is yet another poor replica of others. We need a better one

  14. Well what about passing on ab old Robbie Keane favourite to someone more deserving of it at the minute: ‘We all dream of a team of Van Der Vaarts, team of Van Der Vaarts, team of Van Der Vaarts. And number 1 is Van Der Vaart, number 2 is etc etc’ always thought this a classic. (Still think Keano is a legend) Th KC song sounds much better for Modders too.

  15. Call me old fashined if you like, but I prefer a rousing
    ‘Ol Lord Van Der Vaart’ like the old Stephen ‘ im going nowhere at Spurs’ Carr song.

  16. to the end of hey jude…

    in champions league,
    Get us a transfer
    to make us better.
    to do it before the deadline.
    Then you’ll realize
    he makes us better, better, better, better…
    is a yiddoooooo,
    is a yiddoooooo,
    is a yiddoooooo,
    is a yiddoooooo,

  17. Originally Posted by spursman18
    Rafael van der Vaart ‘only using Spurs to get Manchester United transfer’ | Metro.co.uk
    Unfortunately, he was quoted a couple of weeks back that the only club that wouldn’t be a step down after Madrid would be ManU. Reality is we need combination of success and the love of the Lane for him to change his mind. Haven’t been this excited since Klinsmann.

    To the tune of Que Sara Sara

    When you were just an Ajax yid,
    you asked the gaffer where would I play,
    would it be Hamburg, or Real Madrid.
    Here’s what the gaffer said.

    Rafa Van Der Vaart,
    your goals are a work of art.
    Your passes and runs, so smart.
    Van Der Vaart, Der Vaart.

    Twas on the transfer deadline day,
    you got a call from Daniel Levy,
    why waste your time on the Bernabau bench,
    come join the Yid Army!

    Rafa Van Der Vaart,
    your goals are a work of art.
    Your passes and runs, so smart.
    Van Der Vaart, Der Vaart.

  18. How’s about (to the tune of Que sara, sara): Van Der Vaart the yid.. hates ar5ena1 and real madrid.. he scores for 8 million quid.. Van Der Vaart the yid!!

    Don’t be shy, sing it out loud 😉 COYS!!

  19. Or…. when he scores a goal…

    We love your Mrs. but you score,
    We love your Mrs. but you score,
    We love your Mrs. but you score,
    Van Der Vaart!

  20. Try..

    Van Der Vaart, O-o-o-oh
    Van Der Vaart, O-o-o-oh
    He came from Real Madrid
    And now he is a YID…
    Van Der Vaart, O-o-o-oh

  21. Heurelho Gomes,You’re Tottenham’s number 1,
    Heurelho Gomes, You make great saves for fun,
    Heurelho Gomes – I love Brazillian’s tooooo?

    little remix, tv censored version :0)

  22. I can’t believe you fellas have missed out on the most obvious, catchy and simple Rafa song!
    -Everybody remembers the ‘We buy any car.com’ advert and it has exactly the same rhythm as Rafa’s name!

    “Rafael Van Der Vart
    Rafael van der vart.com’

    “Rafa, Rafa Rafaaa”

    Repeat adnauseam!
    All this bollocks about trying to create a whole story for him is just too wishy washy, and slightly camp to boot. Keep it route 1 “Rafael Van Der Vaart dot co
    Rafa, Rafa, Rafa”
    In your head you’re already chanting it and the crowd can really start jumping with it too.
    Remember who suggested it first. I’m a Spurs fan whose moved to Manchester with work.

  23. Just wondering what your views were on Spurs participation in a video that advocates blowing up kids in a classroom as justifiable behaviour?

    10:10 Global released the video today & promptly withdrew it after thousands of complaints. Unfortunately it has gone viral & is all over the web.

    You can view the video at this website by Time CNN:


    The Spurs involvement starts at 2.13 minutes but I suggest you watch it all to gain perspective.

  24. I loveeeeeeeee this idea of the song!!!

    Hahahahaha I’ll be singing it at the Lane!

    Good post! Come on fellow Yido’s lets sing one. He deserves our support, with his own song he’ll feel like a king and settle down well and play even harder!


    Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na! Rafael Van Der Vaart, Van Der Vaart! Rafaeelll Van Der Vaartttt!!



  26. We’ve been to Wender Bremen, we’ve done FC Twente too. Next we go to Inter Milan and who the f**k are you? The Scum and the Chelskie have done it all before. Here come the Mighty Tottenham we’re knocking on the door. Ehhh! Chamions League we’re having a laugh. Champions League we’re having a laugh. Chamions League we’re having a laugh. Champions League we’re having a laugh. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

  27. a song for modric could be in the tune of susan vega’s song “my name is luka” my name is luka, i came from croatia, i came to score goals for you, and help spurs win the champions league too.

  28. To the tune of ‘My old man’s a dustman:

    Oh Rafa is a Dutchman, with Tottenham in his heart.. He’s twice as good as Bergkamp, Rafa Van Der Vaart.

    (not sure about the tottenham in his heart bit – any suggestions?)

  29. The verses of Champions Legue we’re having a laugh by Ricardo are simply brilliant!! I’d love to hear that song in the stands!

  30. Building on from Andy, I’d propose the following:

    “OH Tottenham bought a dutchman, For Tottenham he did start, he’s twice as good as Bergkamp and his name is Van der Vaart.”

  31. Given that he was brought up in a caravan, what about
    There’s only one Van der Vaart
    There’s only one Van der Vaart
    With a Shetland pony and a Transit van
    Walking in a Rafa wonderland

  32. I am a welshman i play for Tottenham what is my name…………. what is my name…….. Gareth gareth gareth Bale gareth bale gareth bale gareth gareth gareth bale gareth gareth bale!!!!!!!!!

  33. Man Yoo have been singing this for Nicky Butt for about 20 years. JCL’s here thinking it’s an arsenal/spurs song. *cringe*


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