Not so long ago, Harry Redknapp was forever talking about ‘Luka-this’ and ‘Modric-that’. Now it’s all ‘Rafael-this’ and ‘Van der Vaart that’. Football managers can be so fickle…

Still, just because you’ve got a new favourite player, it doesn’t mean that you have to be rude to your old one. The following picture shows Harry demonstrating a total lack of respect for Luka.

Or maybe he’s indicating that he wants to play one up front?



  1. You all miss the real point: now Modric can stop being number one bad tackle target and will have more chance of playing his natural game. Once this occurs all sides will have great problems in working out who to gang up on and cripple first.
    In case you doubt the crippling bit go rewatch all of our matches this season: Lennon would have been crippled had he not jumped Collins very RED tackle in the Villa match while both Bale & Pav were flattened with not even a free yet alone a yellow.. But as usual no protection for our players. We will have a leg fracture soon in someone.


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