Is the idea of us signing Wayne Rooney really that laughable?

In the BBC Football gossip section this morning, they featured stories speculating about Rooney’s possible move to Chelsea or Manchester City. Then they mention a story in The Mirror, in which Harry Redknapp stated that he’d be interested in signing the England striker… and look how they worded it.

“Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp ‘joked’ that he would like to take advantage of Rooney’s spectacular fall-out with Ferguson and buy the striker”. To be fair to the BBC, they just copied The Mirror’s wording.

If you actually read the interview, it’s clear that Redknapp is not joking. He’d love to buy Rooney and states that the club will look into it, although he does admit it would be unlikely, due to the cost involved.

The reduced fee isn’t likely to be beyond us, but we would have to utterly destroy our wage system. I wonder if it would still be a ‘joke’ if we were in Manchester City’s position, of having a bottomless pit of money? They are seen as genuine contenders to sign Rooney, despite not being in the Champions League and historically being less successful than Spurs.

If we could somehow get the cash together, why is Rooney to Tottenham any more silly than Rooney to Manchester City? We might have finished in the top four last season, but until we start doing it year in year out, we’re still only an afterthought when the media consider the biggest clubs in the country.



  1. Yes it is.
    Our record transfer remains £16.5m
    Our highest wage earner is on approx. £60k /week
    We’re about to invest hundreds of millions on a new stadium.

    Do you think we can fork out £50m and £200k / wages???

    We just can’t afford him. IDIOT!

    • I don’t think we’ll buy him. My point is that I fail to see why Redknapp’s admission of interest is a joke?

      He will not cost anywhere near £50m by the way. Around 18 months left on his contract and can buy his way out of that during the summer for £5m. My guess is that he’ll go in January for somewhere between £20m and £35m.

      • Stan…our highest earner ism ore likely on somewhere between £70 – £80 grand a week.
        And we don’t have a maximum wage, that is media distorted untruth. What we have, and thi is what UEFA are going to enforce with all other clubs it’t just that Spurs are one of the few well-ran ones out there, is a strict policy of payng on a carefully calculated percentage of incoming revenues on total player wages. hat this means, in effect, isthat we ‘could’ pay one player £500,000 PW wages if we chose, it would just mean that there was a smaller pool to pay the rest of the squad’s wages, and, therefore, are relatively cheaper and (one wolud presume) less quality squad to support that one super-player. Spurs, as a club, chooses not to do this.
        Because of this structure the more money coming into the club means the carefully calculated percentage earmarked for player wages is larger, and therefore higher wagescan be paid. We qualified for the CL this year, that means the revenues are higher.

    • Idiot?

      Rooney is one the premier players in the world right, on and off the pitch, but his contract dictates his value.

      £50m would be a fair assessment if his contract was not in its final stages and the Webster Rule states that he can buy himself out of a contract for £5m.

      Anyone interested in Rooney come January would more than likely start with an offer of £20m.

      Spurs would and should break their wage structure of £75k (Ledley and Modric) for Rooney. You look at the revenue generated by his purchase. Added media spotlight for the club, brand awareness, merchandise sales, gate receipt increase, added certainty of Champions League football. It is Wayne Rooney and he is 25 years old. He would walk into any side.

      The other benefit and something Chelsea can offer too, is location. London vs. Manchester. If Madrid or the Milan team are interested then he should go. I think it would make him a better player. If he stays in the Premiership then Spurs have a structure that his agents might find enticing.

      We can dream. The likeliness of this actually happening to slim to none.

    • you see its supporters like you stav who will hold our club back! Dan is spot on with his reading of the media’s contempt for our club coz i also dont believe redknapp was joking and he would be failing in his duty if didnt go to levy and ask the question! Personally i dont want rooney at our club coz he actually isnt worth breaking the bank for, but spurs are at a stage where we should b looking to sign the top top players,we r not far off n a couple of real top level signings could put us in the mix to compete for the top prizes! But spurs r definately invisible in terms of the media but after the 1st half last nite u could see why! Two signings we c ertainly need in jan are a couple of quality full backs as the three we have r useless! Also the ledley king saga needs to b put to bed now we need a regular centre back partnership and im afraid its time now to retire the King n sign a top class centre half.

  2. I think your getting worked up over nothing, as his signing on fee would be in the region of 15-20 mil.
    These players have no respect for anyone. Rooney treated Moyes like shit, and now he’s treating Fergie the same. We only have to look to our own traitor, look how he’s to every club he’s been at.
    In the long run, it would be better if NO clubs signed these type of players

  3. Spurs are a joke of a club no one take’s you lot seriously,Wait til tonight when you actually play a team that can play football hopefully you dont embarrass the league that bad when you are beaten tonight..

    • Ed, you are tw@! I take it your team is yet to play a ‘proper’ football team unless you are a Gooner and then you will cry how you are a proper team. Go and play in traffic BOY!

    • OOh big Ed,did your wife leave you for a Yid then!!!..OOh cheeky boy,you’re so angry…pop a pill or two,and chill or have a joke and a banter with the japanese fella at the Immigrants next time you’re down there!!!

  4. I think you’re being far too sensitive

    He did say in a joking manner. Elsewhere I’ve seen it written “half-joked”

    Be realistic, of course we’re not going to get him. Don’t so precious

  5. if you watched the press conference on sky sports news.
    harry was laughing as he said it. quit being so sensitive, the whole world isnt out to get us.

    you maybe 🙂

  6. Yeah, I think spurs have the financial capability to sign Rooney, but we just won’t. It is unfair to lift the wage cap just for this scum bag of a man. Good footballer or not, nobody deserves anywhere near the amount he is going to demand!

    Van Der Vaart is a much better player than Rooney and I think our squad is a decent striker away from being permanent contenders for the league. If we continue to qualify for the champions league for the next few years then we could challenge for a place in the final! The sky is the limit now!


    • I second this.
      It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on someone if they’re shit.
      Why buy Rooney when we can dip into less money for someone better?
      I think we have the best recruiting squad around. We don’t need him, so we can joke about that.

  7. It is precisely because we CAN’T get the money together that Rooney to Spurs is silly.

    Got to love Redknapp for talking it up, but we’re not about to magically find £50m and £200k a week

  8. ONE word Bollocks i would not have Rooney playing for England. Before the World Cup if look at my blogs before the world cup you would see why i said he would go slower and play rubbish in the world cup. Rooney has had massive gambling depts in the past Prostitute problems smoking in public drunk at four o’clock in the morning. The question needs to be asked what problem has made him look so slow and in terrible form. He has gone from world class to world chump and getting transferred wont fix this or he would be playing well for England

  9. Judas ended up going unbeaten the whole season with 2 championship medals and 2 fa cups as well as champion’s league runners up.proof is in the pudding boy.judas made the right choice.what did spurs win in those years ? Not to mention judas never lost to spuds in his career at arsenal . Sit and spin you muppet

  10. Man U uses more money then they recive.
    Chelsea uses more money then they recive.
    Man C uses waaaay more money then they recive.
    Liverpool used it all up.

    Why? They buy mercendaries like Wayne Rooney so thank God Harry justed joked about it because we could afford him but would ruin the club. Just like L’pool.

  11. For the same reason that the world still moves on…


    It is always money!

    Now forget this, this is the time, INTER V SPURS bring it on!


  12. Aww you little goonies.
    Sol campbell lost to us the last we met in the league. Remember that one, goonies?

    ad infinitum.

  13. Or what would be more likely, Rooney goes to madrid(good move for him and the national team) and then Tottenham put in a bid for Benzema, he wouldnt be needed at madrid.
    Tottenham getting a player that Redknapp has already shown an interest in. He’d be cheaper to Buy and Pay. Ok he is unproven in premier League, But he is strong, pacey and we all know he can link up with Van Der Vaart as they played together all last season!!

  14. hey guys i would like to offer my opinion on what has turned into a completly ridiculous argument.
    To the gooners I say: I have supported Tottenham for 18 years , since i was old enough to understand the game. In this time i have arguably seen the some of the worst Tottenham sides. Through this i have seen the best support for a club that have been at times a joke. That said i would take this over supporting any team that is littered with a arrogant and condescending attitude. After working at Highbury on Champions League nights (as one of those people that waves the center circle football flag for 5 years, i think i can say with some confidence what your fan base are like. Youre a bunch of ignorant C$%&s. No offence but you couldnt deal with any sort of loosing or treachery in your team. Tottenham have had more than there fair share , this however doesnt make me hate you, i hate you because we dont hector and ball everytime loose we like some sort of wolf that has it nuts caught on a coat hangar (i.e Wenger). We also earn our victories and when we are loosing we really dont have to hard wire into the players head into take a dive to get back into it. The day when your going to loose your weight in this league is coming and i dont think you have what it takes to deal with it. for example Liverpool have lost a great deal of fan in the past two season because of people latching onto a team that is supposed to win. Your whole team is riddled with it. So yes i would take a team that can be 4 -0 down to arguably the best team in the world and watch them still have to clinch it, because quite frankly we have more character in Spurs than you can ever have . I just cant wait till we play you because we will piss in your eyes and all over your shitty coperate staduim. Also stick to your own blogs

  15. We could afford Rooney’s high wages that he would bemand. Because like VdV he will bring in alot of revenue in image rights and merchandising. But do we really want the sulky muppet.. I’d prefer Benzema or Dzeko…

  16. Of couse he (harry Rednap) was joking. He isn’t good enough for Spurs going forward, and he doesn’t play in the positions Spurs need to strengthen. Besides all that, he would be a disuptive influence, given the size of his ego. Man City best place for him,lots of egos there.

  17. the interview is based on one Harry on TV (Sky I think), he quite blatentely treated it in a jovial manner, he laughed when he said “I here Rooney is available, why not?”

  18. Would you really want Rooney in the Spurs team? He has to be one of the most odious players in the world. I mean he makes David Bentley look like a team player. I don’t care how good he is, I wouldn’t want to see him at Spurs. He is very reminiscient of that c*ck Ronaldo. Citeh will get him and he will fit in well with their underachieving team of primadonnas. Anyway, what price on Bale toddling of to Citeh in the January transfer window? Fifty Million for the chimp.

  19. He will not go to citeh.. he wants to prove a point and
    not in a circus like that! On one hand, he can come to us, a team which lacks a Rooney figure and with the service of VDV, Modric, Bale, Lennon and Hudd.. to show what he can do.. OR go to Chelsea for the money or Manchester City.. it is way too early to call.

  20. Forget Rooney, not sure what the big deal is with him tbh he has been getting worse rather than better as a player. Would like to see Dzeko signed in January to give the striker we need as a club. In the summer we can offload the wasters and buy a CB & RB and we should be in with a shout of any competition we are in next season. Getting the likes of Bentley & Keane off the wage bill, will allow for paying new players decent wages.

  21. I hate to break it to you guys but, I was working at BBC Sport this summer and they are in no way bias against Spurs, if anything the opposite is true as there were more spurs fans working in BBC sport than any other group of support. Don’t ask my why this is the case, I have no idea, but it is. I had a look at that interview and he WAS joking so I don’t know what the guy who made this article is talking about.

    Also I know the process of cropping a manager’s interview and I can assure you that there journalist who did the leg work was simply following the big story, and well lets face it spurs are bookies 8th favorite to get Rooney at the moment.

    Before you ask, yes I am a Spurs fan, and been one all my life, even been a season ticket holder for over a decade, so I assure you I am not a BBC clone that is protecting my hive (as I do not work there anymore), I am just correcting what is a unfair and rather bias attack on the BBC.

    • I’d have to agree with you Chris, there is no anti-Spurs sentiment at the Beeb. The tabloids, however, can’t wait to ridicule us at (seemingly) every opportunity…

      and the reason why there’s a bigger Spurs support than any other team at bbc sport? It’s cos our boys flippin’ rock!


  22. Thank God “You never Know” doesnt run our club……!!Again i ask the question “WHY WOULD YOU PAY £50MILL FOR ROONEY WHEN YOU CAN GET BETTER PLAYERS LIKE VAN DER VAART FOR £8MILL”…??COYS


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