Amidst everything, this was my favourite moment from a simply incredible match.

Come on you Spurs!



  1. Oh dear. He really doesn’t do losing very well does he. Well done boys, it has been a long time coming but that made it all the sweeter. Let’s enjoy the moment and then get our shit together for the rest of the campaign.

  2. OMG cant believe we DID it!! us the yids now we ll have to wait another dozen years (if were lucky) for a moment like this.being level on points with bolton is are biggest achievment yet.Just imagine if arsenal had to make a DVD evrytime they beat us their wont be enought CD s in the world. we were so fuckin happy we got in to the CL

    • You are an Arsenal fan, so stop pretending. You’re also on a sinking ship, so stop worrying about Spurs sights and go BALE out some water. Wenger’s clearly started. xx


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