This is really becoming a two horse race. Both myself and Mark ‘Lawro’ Lawrenson picked up three points by predicting Spurs 1-1 draw with Birmingham, leaving the league table looking like this:

Mark Lawrenson: 15
TottenhamBlog: 12
Jeff Stelling: 7
Andy Gray: 6

This week Lawrenson and Gray have both gone for a draw and Jeff Stelling risks expulsion for the fact that I can’t find his predictions anywhere. Anyone got a link?

Gray: Spurs 2 Chelsea 2
Lawrenson: Spurs 1 Chelsea 1
TottenhamBlog: Spurs 2 Chelsea 1



  1. This is where the Russian Mafia poodle comes into the dressing room and warns them they will be sent to Siberia if they don’t Win . I expect the Chelski Team to chase the ball like terriersd Ferreia to gain extra speed to stop Bale and Terry to bash Crouch and Defoe. Also Ivanavich to score a Header and if we match this energy like Liverpool did we will win.


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