‘That’ goal a poor return for the departed Bentley

‘That’ goal a poor return for the departed Bentley


Amidst all the transfer speculation, some concrete news has finally broken out with confirmation of David Bentley’s loan to Birmingham until the end of the season.

Bentley arrived at White Hart Lane with a huge price tag in July 2008. Despite some misgivings amongst the Spurs fans, he enjoyed a great pre-season and turned in some decent performances in the league, culminating in his outrageous goal in the 4-4 at The Emirates.

After losing his place to a fit and in form Aaron Lennon, he enjoyed another run in the side last season after Lennon was injured, but has found appearances difficult to come by this term and frustrated the crowd with his performances against Arsenal and Sunderland.

Birmingham’s manager Alex McCleish is delighted with Bentley’s arrival. Speaking on their club website he said: “We’re delighted to have David’s services. He is a classy footballer and will enhance the quality of the squad. He has had his moments at Spurs but there is fierce competition for places there.”

Whether the loan becomes permanent remains to be seen but it seems unlikely that Bentley will ever hold down a regular place at The Lane. His lasting legacy for Spurs will be ‘that’ goal, but he had the potential to do so much more.


  1. This has highlighted what i have bean saying all last season and this season. You cant have a good player in waiting unless he is young and starting his career like Townsend and even these players don’t like waiting. The Tottenham players who are leaving or getting shoved out of the door are deemed to be not good enough this in my mind is not the case. You cant be motivated if you are not playing for weeks then your expected to suddenly turn it on there are some teams rising by the season along with there Finances and desperation who can pick any player and there performance is the same . The problem with them its not legal it Kills and causes illness . We are getting rid of players who are playing in the most shock ridden season on record and in the last three years a record amount of sudden deaths if this was any other sport alarm bells would be ringing. The problem is the brand is untouchable and the three main body’s all keep it under wraps and deaths and shocks are causing children to lose there fathers Wife’s to lose husbands and Mothers there sons and players plus Managers to lose there Jobs I have tried for three seasons on the radio texting ringing Uk sport and reporting a team and on these blogs sadly my voice is not heard and Football is in denial so shocks results and sudden deaths will remain a mystery for now.

  2. f*ck me davspurs….dont worry about what the players are on, i want some of whatever your on.
    You think bentleys too good to be pushed out the door? ok…lets keep bentley and push lennon out the door shall we? donut

  3. I wish him all the best .We never gave the bloke a chance and some sections of the crowd were on him whatever he did.
    He was a great crosser of the ball and knew how to take a corner.
    He sometimes tried too hard and when a trick didnt come off or a misplaced pass went astray he got stick.
    It wasnt his idea to put a 16 million price tag around his neck,overpriced of course he was but he is a bloody good footballer and he deserves to play Premier league football somewhere

  4. I do feel sorry for the lad, considerin he is a spurs fan aswell it must be hard, wish him all the best…also get the feeling he may come back to haunt us at some point


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