With Steven Pienaar seemingly set to join the club, the latest of Spurs’ shadow squad to be nearing the exit door would appear to be Nico Krancjar.

The Croatian International only joined the club in September 2009, having preferred Spurs to other sides, owing largely to the presence of his former manager at Portsmouth Harry Redknapp, along with fellow countrymen Luka Modric and Vedran Corluka.

Krancjar soon won a semi-regular place in the team and scored some important goals in the run in to fourth place, most notably the brace against Manchester City and the winner away to Stoke.

This season, with Lennon fit and in form, Krancjar has hardly played and he naturally wants first team football. Ironically, Chelsea, our rivals in the Pienaar chase have been strongly linked with him but who else will take our fringe players given that our regular buyer is now our manager?

If he does leave, Krancjar will be missed by a big section of the Spurs support. At 26, he is two years younger than Pienaar and is there really that much to choose between them as players?



  1. I see your point, but Pinnear players left and right, so can basically cover two roles, leaving us to sell two players (Bentley & Krancjar), two wages. Also he will cost £3mil, whereas Bentley and Krancjat would make us around 15m for both after the loan. Football is still a business.. and this is very good business! Pinnear was Evertons player of the season last year

  2. It would be a logical move. Cranjcar can’t have any significant impact on the team any more. He is probably good only for a Balkan league.

  3. I just feel that there is a bit more purpose and impact to the way that Pienaar plays as opposed to Kranjcar. Yes Niko is capable of the sublime – but you cannot rely on it. It has been a bit fingers crossed with him this season. Basically Bale + VdV have made Niko obsolete.

  4. Hate to see Niko leave. He was great for us on a number of occasions last season and he shouldn’t be so easily forgotten. Shame really.

  5. Have to say i agree with you all especially the last 2 comments. He is too similar to VDV and does not have the pace to play on the left anymore. So where does he play when he comes on? Its all very well being part of a squad but Harry does not really make that many subs during a game. The only area we seem to change is palacios in the middle and one position up top changes.
    Sorry Niko i really like you fella but the end of your spurs time is nigh, especially if we do get Pienaar. Best of luck plying your trade elsewhere. On a seperate note lads, we have 20-30 million to spend…… where the hell is this tall number 9 we need. I really don’t get it. Its so obvious to even me and i’m a fan, not a scout or manager. Get on with it lads or i’m so afraid we’re gonna come up short this year, even though we play the best football in the whole country!!!

  6. I think Pienaar could sub for Bale, Lennon or Modric – or even play alongside Modric in the centre. Krank is really only suited to playing on the left. His performances this season (admittedly mainly on the right) have been very lacklustre – he hasnt been the same player in a Spurs shirt since his injury late last season – apart from anything else he hasnt looked fully fit. I think when he was first at Portsmouth he was great then lost his way a bit there too – perhaps he is a bit lazy.

  7. Well I can only wish Pienaar the best as a supporter of Everton for 60 years ,I have nothing but admiration for him ,he is an all out player with much more skill than you yet realise and will I am sure be a firm favourite soon just hope he is of form when we play you next , which could be in the cup after we get rid of Chelsea
    Thanks Steven

  8. Have to agree with espookid. You are getting an absolute gem. Works up and down the line all game, is happy to get stuck in despite his size, very clever neat interpassing play, always wants the ball, never/loses possession and wins any number of free kicks in dangerous areas. Also plays right across midfield and is honest as the day is long. You gonna love him! Only weakness is he probably lacks half a yard of pace to be truly great and his goals to chances ratio is a bit low.

  9. Pienaar was Everton’s player of the season because the club needed the publicity. It was a big hyped up affair going in to the World Cup where Pienaar was supposed to shine out like a star! Everton are good like that – whipping their fans up in to a frenzy. He failed to impress! Furthermore, the Everton team was depleted with injury that season.

    The fact is Everton had him at the cost of his wages – good business by Moyes, especially due to the fact his wages for most of his Everton career were half what we’re paying him.

    Reality is Pienaar has never really hit his full potential. Whenever he looks like delivering he slips up. I hope he proves me wrong, but the Everton stats don’t lie:

    133 apps scored just 12 goals (1 in 11)
    Just 1 goal so far this season
    Everton have had more wins without this year (fact)

    Hope I’m wrong … thank God we didn’t pay 18 – 24 million for him (Villa mugs)


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