With all the injuries around Spurs at the moment you could have been forgiven for thinking that new signing Bongani Khumalo would have made his debut in a Lilywhite shirt by now. However, it seems Harry Redknapp believes the South African needs more time before he is ready for his first team bow.

Khumalo was on the bench for the Blackburn game, but then so were two goalkeepers. Redknapp says: “He is fit to play. I think the Premier League is better than the South African league, he has to get used to the Premier League so let’s hope he does. It isn’t a case of adapting, it’s a case of whether you’re good enough.”

Had it not been for the rush of injuries, Redknapp revealed that Bongani might have been getting some experience elsewhere.

“We were going to loan him out to a Championship team and that would have been good for him, but he is now in my squad because of players being injured.”

Khumalo is in the South Africa squad for their upcoming match against Kenya, but it seems his Tottenham debut may be some way off.



  1. There’s no chance that Harry will play him. After all his whole European scouting network revolves around what he reads on the back page of the Sun! I’m surprised he even realises he has the player in his squad but maybe with all the injuries we have he spotted him running around the training pitch and asked Joe who he was. Personally I would have liked to see Steven Caulkner brought back from Bristol City and given a chance. He’s getting rave reviews and looks a good prospect (City are my local team where I live now) but it’s a shame he’s got injured.

  2. It isn’t a case of adapting, it’s a case of whether you’re good enough.” why have we bought him in the first place? more money to arrys oversea`s accounts?

  3. We bought Khumalo largely as a political gesture, to keep up appearances with Supersport United. Club affiliations like that can result in superficial transfers. I’m not going to come out and say that Sandro is another example because he’s too young to judge fully, but neither are Premier League quality (yet). It’s a shame, too, because we could have really used a viable alternative at centre back as we’ve gotten exposed on far too many occasions.


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