Without wanting to mention the stadium too many times, it’s a newsworthy fact indeed when somebody comes out and openly backs Spurs’ bid.

Mike Lee who, alongside Lord Coe was an instrumental figure in bringing the games to London, has spoken in the Guardian about the merits of Tottenham’s plan. Lee was also once a West Ham board member but now he is advising Spurs in their bid.

“The Spurs and AEG link is economically very strong. I’ve long been convinced their combination, coupled with Spurs’ pledge to build an athletics venue at Crystal Palace, is the best solution,” Lee said in the article and, with regard to the ‘running track ‘ issue, he went on to say:

“Even before any contact with Spurs I thought, ‘My goodness, that looks a sensible solution – as long as they also provide an athletics legacy.’ If Spurs had come to this bid without their Crystal Palace athletics proposal I could not have worked with them.”

This isn’t a particularly new development and Lee can’t really be considered impartia,l but it’s interesting to hear a supportive voice for once.



  1. I fully support Tottenham playing its home games at the Olympic site, but Mr Lee is employed by the Club in a PR capacity specifically with that end in mind. It would be surprising in the extreme if he did not publicly support the bid, wouldn’t it?!

    What he is saying appears to me to be entirely valid, but the fact that it is him saying it is entirely predictable.

  2. Exactly. Plus he used the phrase “build an athletics venue at Crystal Palace”. It is a hidden meaning. If Spurs really did plan to build a stadium at Crystal Palace, that would become as “not viable” as WHL. Spurs plan to refurbish it, not “build” new anything there. The pictures they published looked exactly the same as it is today – just tarted up. A true athletics legacy should either keep the track at Stratford, at least build a proper stadium at Crystal Palace with A ROOF. It rains a lot in London you know…. This is why the best solution would be West Ham – despite their financial problems. You have a track (with roof) and 50k capacity next to all the facilities & transport to central London and airports – capable of staging major tournaments, and financed by regular Premiership (or Championship) football.

    • I agree and also make the two Davids and Brady put up security so the tax payers dont lose in the event it all goes wrong and WHU start pleading poverty.


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