You can’t seem to pick up a newspaper or turn on the computer without reading that someone else has tipped Harry Redknapp to be the next England manager.

The latest to join this growing debate is Ian Holloway, whose Blackpool team Spurs face tonight. Holloway believes Redknapp could get England playing the way Spurs do now.

“We’ll have to leave that to the powers that be, but I for one would love to see him in that chair. I think he can handle it and I think he’d get our players to play the way his clubs play – with a great deal of attacking prowess.

“He seems to get the best out of everybody, which you need as an international manager.”

Fabio Capello looks set to stay until 2012 and until then, there could be an awful lot of this type of talk.



  1. Why would anybody want the England job I dont get why its held in such high regard, we have hated every england manager since Alf Ramsay thats 45 years of abuse.

    We have 1 player who really looks world class coming through in Wilshere, we have no chance of winning anything Spain are developing more and more so will Brazil.

    The only reason I feel that Redknapp will take the job is because he is in his late 60’s and cant be asked for the travelling between Bournemouth and Chigwell every day for spurs.

    I wouldnt want him to leave and dont feel theres any better out there, yet there is managers that could do a different job…Holloway, Klinsmann, Moyes (possibly Mourinho) so we will move on as Redknapp is abit lost with tactics at times…just cant stand when Holloway and Warnock and co say Redknapp deserves the England job, why the hell would he want it???


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