David Beckham has thanked Tottenham for giving him the opportunity to train at Spurs Lodge, but has stated that his intention was not to play for the club.

Beckham spent six weeks at Spurs as he got ready for the new MLS season and has said: “My only objective was to get fit for the Galaxy and the MLS season.

“My objective was not to play for a Premier League team, and I am grateful to Spurs and Harry for how they looked after me.

“If there was an option to play then I would have taken it, but without doubt I wanted to go somewhere and train and not take the three months off and sit around doing nothing.”

While his stint with Spurs was no more than a media footnote in the UK, Beckham has received incredible stick from the American press for missing the start of Galaxy’s pre-season preparations. This follows criticism from team-mates for his previous spell with AC Milan.

Whereas this may be the final word on Beckham for now, it’s looking increasingly like this MLS season will be his last.



  1. Nice way of putting it? My intention was not to play for Spurs? Ok, my intention is not to play for Arsenal; I’m going to shovel the snow off my driveway instead….


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