Spurs’ postponed fixture with Arsenal has been re-arranged and will now take place on Wednesday the 20th of April with a 7.45pm kick-off.

Spurs have a blank weekend due to Arsenal’s participation in the Carling Cup final against Birmingham. Their opponents Birmingham won the old League Cup back in 1963, their only major trophy (or minor trophy – depending on how you view it at any given time), and we will all be cheering them on in the hope that they double their tally.

Back to the Spurs game and Sky have picked this up in almost a mirror of last season’s match when Spurs won 2-1 on their way to fourth place. A case of history repeating itself would be very welcome, but the game will be all the tougher for the fact that it follows just three days after our crucial away match at Manchester City.



  1. comes at a really tough time, Man City away and chelsea away the week after. A defining week or two in our season no doubt and sadly i think it will be a step too far. What with Liverpool away still to come as well, In all likely hood we will get zero/one points from these games, at most we could get three. Put that run of results with the disappointing result at Blackpool this week and we are struggling to keep up with the top 4 I am afraid.
    However, 5th place is far from a poor season, even though the more moronic among you think its top 4 or bust. Harry is right to say that top 4 would be a miracle and yet the stick you lot have given him for saying that is ridiculous. Just because you cant face reality is no reason to criticise somebody who can.

    • Oh come on- are you actually telling me that spurs are going to get 0/1 point against Man City, Arsenal and Chelsea…REALLY? If Man city play against us the way they did at WHL then they will embarrass themselves and will be a disgrace if they do get to the Champions League-Arsenal- we could get our fist league double over them and you are telling me that the lads wont be up for it – van der Vaart will be after telling them to shut up at the Kebab Shop! And Chelsea- spurs are no roll over no more and it would be tough but we can get a result- have faith- i sometimes feel that our fans forget our injuries- we have not played Bale, Modric, Huddlestone, Lennon and van der Vaart in the same midfield yet and that is our BEST midfield by a mile- we have King coming back, Woody too and we still have players like Krankjcar who can do a decent job…personally i feel that Harry will really spur the boys on and because we had these fixtures last season just the other way round and won all of them, this would put belief in the guys! I think we will beat the Scum as we are at the Lane and i just feel the support would be amazing and Modric will just be better then Fabregas, Man City will be 3pts because Man City cant play well against teams that play better than them e.g. Arsenal, Man United, Spurs- what appalling 0-0 draws- you would think with all that money they would at least try and attack against us instead of relying on Jo Hart to save their bloody arses. Chelsea if they play they way the did against Everton 3pts but if they play well and Torres has scored by then and being at the Bridge this could prove our toughest test- maybe a draw would be a good result. I think people are taking this Blackpool defeat a bit too serious, we should have won but we didn’t- last year Wolves got a double over us- if spurs are going to do things we love to do it the hard way- We unlike City and Chelsea have got the advantage of fighting and winning the battle of top 4- Its been a long time since Chelsea have been in this position- fighting to get in the Champions League and Man City haven’t done it yet! We have this small advantage over them which is why top 4 is still possible and why we will get top 4! COYS!!!!

  2. spot on Jim, anyone notice how many away games we are playing at the moment ?? did we play all our home games already? when you see City’s fixtures and ours you wonder whats going on. Add into these fixtures a possible champions league quater final to play, we have all got to look at the fact that we may well be 5th this year. By no means a bad season, but as the previous comment implied, not what alot you want to hear.

  3. Did we not have these fears last season? At the business end of the season we had Arsenal and Chelsea within the space of a week and it was 6 points in the bag.

    AND we still beat City not long afterwards.

    Anything is possible when you support Spurs, but we always concentrate on the negative.




  5. that’s just it. I’d given up all hope in the 3 fixtures last year, and we did it

    Going by recent games we should be worried about our tough run against Blackpool, West Ham Wigan and Stoke

  6. Tom here is why who is running the FA against all the odds Yes Mr Bernstien ex Man City Chairman. So expect bad refs bad run ins and crap teams beating us with High Energy on a pitch fit for Donkeys

  7. Don’t pre-empt, don’t expect, don’t moan..we’re Spurs SUPPORTERS. For good or ill, we’ll end up where we end end up, and by taking each game on it’s own merits, we’ll get through this. Dont forget there are fixtures to be played involving others that’ll have a massive say and sway on things, just keep the faith guys!

  8. any way what will happen happen,i am always a spurs fan even if some times they trow away games that they could easy win,but they still made me happy with wins against big teams like milan inter arsenal etc…what we need is to concentrate and try to do the best possible.we must not forget how many injuries we had those two years.i feel that if the strikers will get there form we can still do for 4th placor even 3rd.

  9. Well we are having a quite week pondering how we lost to a team badly bitten by the Wolves . My man of the match in all these desperado games is Tommy Tempo he never stops running. I predicted a defeat and that Blackpool would be in relegation trouble in a few weeks. Holly who was speechless after is teams defence was a tower of strength in beating Spurs. I laughed at is excuse for the Wolves mauling them he blamed the missing Adams and the trapper Dj Campbell who tried to strangle the the leader of the pack Stearman Wolf. They lost because there tempo was normal the reason Holly is your team cant up there tempo twice in a week and it was Wolves turn. If Teams dont stop topping the tempo up then my evidence wont be going to the FA who ignore it and Ukad who cant stop them it will be the News of the World.


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