So how close did Harry really come to deserting us for sunny Dubai in the summer? Naturally the newspapers are all talking this up and making it sound like a close call but Redknapp’s own comments don’t really give any clues.

”There was an offer and I was intrigued. I love coming here [to Dubai]. It’s a great way of life; it’s safe, no trouble, you can do things, you can go out in the open. I was interested.”

Al-Ahli are one of the most successful clubs in Dubai football history and in an attempt to redress that, they ultimately put David O’Leary in charge instead of Redknapp.

Dubai is still seen in many quarters as a resting home for ageing players and managers. Although Harry is constantly linked with the England manager’s job, maybe this is a more likely destination when he finally decides he’s achieved all he can in English club football.



  1. Harry will stay at Spurs and the only thing he will take to Dubai is the Spurs team and one of his Horses. Stuart Pierce will get the England job because Ex City Chairman Mr Bernstien will make sure so City players get picked to rse there profile.


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