Harry Redknapp blamed Spurs’ inability to finish the game off from 3-2, as Spurs surrendered two points to a late Wolves equaliser on Sunday.

There were numerous chances to add a fourth and go on to put the game beyond Wolves, but Tottenham were denied by a combination of the home defence and a post that robbed Jermain Defoe of his hat-trick.

“We had opportunities on the break and every time we broke, it looked like we might score again,” Harry said on the club website.

“But we just couldn’t score the goal that would have made all the difference. We had chances to kill the game off, unbelievable opportunities, but Wolves never give up.

“If the fourth goal goes in, it’s game-over. But that’s life.”

The neutral would probably say that a draw was a fair result given Wolves’ controversial disallowed goal and the fact that most referees would have sent Alan Hutton off, after giving away the first half penalty. However, we should have killed it off and while a point at Molineux isn’t a bad result, it’s another two points dropped.



  1. With how the game was panning out mid-way through the first-half it could well be seen as two points dropped. Also now we need others to slip-up whilst we capitalize.( COYS

  2. Whilst it is “another two points dropped”, compared to this stage last season, we are merely a single point worse off. (Last season we lost to Wolves home and away). I disagree about killing the game off. We should have tried to get a grip on the game in the second half, or tried to stifle it. I think we had too much of an eye on the Milan game, which is a shame because the League is the priority by a mile. Progressing in the CL will only distract us further, sadly. On the plus side, we have gained on City in the last 6 games. City have been lucky, yet still lost points on us. Chelsea’s current form is the worry.

  3. you are right in what you say. A point away anywhere in the premier league isn’t a bad result and yes it is another 2 points dropped but you have to keep all this in perspective. We have had 6 of our last 7 games away from home. Now we have never been great away from home so a run like this would have had us in real trouble a few years back. But we have picked up decent results. We are playing… well like tottenham really. Edge of your seat stuff, can beat anybody and can lose to anybody. Thats tottenham and thats why we love them. For top 4 we need 7 wins out of the last 10 games. Its a big ask but it is possible. But remain realistic, if we dont make it we still have had a good year. To even be in this position in a champions league year is a big step forward for us. Some of our moronic fans seems to think we should be top of the league and in the champions league every year now. These people are idiots. Dont let their rants make you believe that 5th is a disaster. Man City will get top 4 eventually, they have the money, the stadium and the wage bill and they will throw whatever it takes to get there. If we only make the top 4 once every 3/4 seasons, is this bad ??? Keep realistic and you never know, we might do it but if not keep the faith and be proud of the season we are having!! COYS

    • Great post mate. I agree with all the sentiment. However if you look it, Man City are not on good form at all, and were really lucky on the weekend – at home to a team likely to get relegated. I don’t expect City to get 4th without drastic improvement. But you are right – 5th is fine. People are scared of losing players should we miss out on Champions League, well I disagree. But even if the do leave, a realistic person must accept that we cannot rely on finishing top four in order to keep players because it won’t happen every season. Only 2-3 teams are guaranteed of this, but not us.

  4. And wer’e fustrated by the lack of tactics and for f sake get a defensive coach as well,because we at the mo with out Ledley we are f’ing clueless, Rant over! Coys

    • Didn’t Man U concede 2 goals away to Wolves themselves? Is Ferguson lacking tactics? Or needs defensive coach after conceding 3 yesterday? Man U are still top. Sometimes games go like this. Also please name me a defensive coach that has worked…


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