Tottenham Hotspur have announced that the US based sportswear firm Under Armour will produce their first team kit from the 2012/13 season onwards.

The deal is for five years. Chairman Daniel Levy said: We are delighted that Under Armour will become our new technical partner from 2012 onwards. They are an extremely ambitious brand with global aspirations, making them ideal partners for Tottenham Hotspur.”

It’s is Under Armour’s first Premier League kit deal. They currently supply the official kit for the Welsh rugby side and are the suppliers for the German side Hannover 96, whose shirt is pictured below.



  1. here we go again……dear daniel please get right ……classic white with navy ……no sky blue or yellow on home

  2. Why do people assume that the design will be the same? It’s a different club!!

    Anyone who’s ever actually WORN an Under Armour jersey can tell you that they fit well and are well made, which is all that matters here. The design on the Hannover 96 jersey is inconsequential.

    Anyone who’s upset about this deal based on a specific kit design for an entirely different club needs to use their head.

  3. This deal will make us huge in the USA! We will be the only Premiership football team to have our kits in EVERY sports shop …

  4. vital the new design works for the fans (research and make right! culture and style)…..a new start etc….this example is out of date……as said a cool company… faux pas’s to live with and not worn as with some in the past

  5. We are told that the deal is worth around £M50 over 5 years, is this not a bad deal? This year we are getting £M10 for league and an additional £M10 for cup.
    One place (the mail) read “the deal could be up to £M10 a year” and that has to be wrong?
    Were hoping we could pull of a deal similar to pool now that WE have the CL games?
    Good luck tonight! COYS

  6. Plz Spurs deserve something much more better than this Shirt n its kind, it should be a One of a kind, fitting for the Kings of the English Football..
    Spurs 4life……….

  7. Great sports equipment manufacturer, it’s not Nike but loads of dosh$$$.. Which is what our club needs. And a new stadium, i get turned down two in every three phone calls for tickets 🙁

  8. This is huge for spurs in the US. Underarmor is very loyal to the teams they sign first (most notably the University of Maryland), and will market THE SHIT out of them. I expect UA ads in the US featuring spurs, it’ll be very big

  9. Great deal finacially and this company make great sporting products including football boots which alot of semi pro and pro footballers wear, the shirt shown is for a rugby club so stop going on about it i am sure we will still be in white and blue!!

  10. Ross- Hannover 96 is a football club and all their UA shirts have been ugly, believe it or not the one shown is the best of the bunch!

    On the financial side, it’s another rabbit out of the hat from Levy and co. Although I would have to question whether the increase in sponsorship outweighs the drop in shirt sales that ugly kits will undoubtably bring.

  11. i was hoping we would finally get back with addidas or nike…not impressed if this is true,i dont care if america likes spurs…i can see a bad strip coming up

  12. Hope they can do a better job fitting crouchy than puma have. Looks like he’s running around out there with his sisters nighty on. Note to Under Armour – add more material to sleeves. Maybe take it off of Modric & Lennons shirts…

  13. Oh no!!I am getting flash backs of the last US kit maker…PONY!and boy was it!maybe big money but what about our reputation!bad call mr L.

    • lol Bakes: “Bakes May 25, 2011 at 4:36 pm
      Oh no!!I am getting flash backs of the last US kit maker…PONY!and boy was it!maybe big money but what about our reputation!bad call mr L.”

      ever heard of nike?

      • No!

        Yes funnily enough I have heard of Nike,all iam saying is spurs have had a string of shabby kit makers..would any of the top 4 have kits made by under armour??na mate!

  14. why oh why cant we ever go with one of the big big kit manufacturers like nike or go back to adidas,,,,why do we always go wi shitty lil shirt manufacturers like hummel, le coq sportif, kappa and now “under armour”….theres a reason why man utd, liverpool and chelsea’s kit deals dwarf ours…not to mention woolwich’s shirt….if we wanna be big we gorra think big

    • @muggsy – STFU mate, you haven’t a clue, you probably never even been to a game you MUG, leave the running of the club to BUSINESSMEN, stupid mug!
      It’s supporters like you we don’t need, because you’re NOT SUPPORTING, just whinging!

  15. Just so you chaps know, under armour is a MASSIVEA BRAND in the u.s. They normally focus on different sports but I guess they want to increase their Market and who can blame them?
    I worry that their designs will be too “American” for us .i.e. Bright loud and brash. I’m thinking along the lines of the redbull shirts urghh
    Hopefully they will talk to the tottenham supporters and find out what we want but I doubt it. They can’t do much with a plain White shirt with flashes of blue really can they.

  16. OH and yeah, how many of you know that PUMA is owned by our parent company, so we saved ALOT of money through the last 5 years.
    Time to get on board with a company that has been tearing up the market share of NIKE and ADIDAS in the US. It’s because of american revenue that clubs like manure and the arses are getting coverage worldwide so shut up, sit back and enjoy our next season!

  17. I think it’s going to work out great, under armour are on the cutting edge of sport clothing tech and i think they’ll do us proud, cant wait to get rid of the awful puma strips and lets never forget, nothing will ever be as bad as Pony.

  18. A couple comments from a Yank Spurs fan…

    First of all, Pony was, and is, awful. It was never a serious label in the States and has virtually vanished. They sponsor no professional or college team, only a handful of washed up individuals.

    Under Armour, on the other hand, is legitimate. They make excellent stuff in terms of quality of fabric and fit. Their products are very popular and highly regarded here across the pond. I have confidence that they will produce shirts that will actually fit Crouch AND Modric. However, the look of the Hannover kit was terrible. Same with Aris Thessaloniki and Deportivo Toluca, other UA sponsored clubs. They all have the same basic, hideous design. The shirts of Estudiantes Tecos of the Mexican Liga are better. See them here…
    Sadly, I don’t have much confidence in UA’s design team but here’s hoping they don’t screw up the Spurs classic home kit.


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