On Friday night it was revealed that Luis Fabiano has returned to Brazil with Sao Paulo, on a four year deal, for a fee of 7.6 million euros. This seems like a bargain for a player with such class.

It only makes you wonder why Tottenham did not take a gamble on this player in January? I believe any club would want a Brazilian international striker for under 8 million and you would have thought that Levy would have enquired about Fabiano in the last transfer window.

If he did, why did he not push for a deal, as 7.6 million seems like an absolute steal? Was it a case of Levy not loosening his purse strings, or Sevilla trying to rip us off because of the Ramos debacle?

I think this was a real missed opportunity and Tottenham may live to regret this before the end of the season.



      • Thank you Spursman as the author of this article (i am 12) don’t appreciate comments like that, if it warrants no response why reply?

        • It’s easier said than done Ellis but try not to rise to the odd ignorant comment. These are good articles – well written and researched so keep going.
          Unfortunately some people forget sometimes that football is a game of opionions.

  1. imo, he never wanted to move to us, so regardless of ability, his heart never would have been in it. I’d never want a player who behaves like Balotelli or Fabiano at Spurs.

    • Because it just assumes that we will pay the wages he wanted which were way above our ceiling. It is the typical comments of a supporter who knows nothing about business finance.

      Any article from anyone that basically states x player was available therefore we should have signed him is ill informed nonsense. If however a reasoned argument can be put forward as to how a club could afford a player and how the financial fair play rules affect a transfer, then it would be worthwhile.

  2. You may feel £6.6million is a steal but there was a reason his playing time with Sevilla was cut. Leading upto the world cup his performance dipped. And the fact that Spurs were the ONLY team interested in him does say alot. He’s currently injured too, facing a 6 week layoff.

    I’d rather Spurs go after a player who is committed to the cause, someone who won’t desire a move elsewhere when he is out of favour. Spurs could’ve had Luis Suarez, which most would have preferred.

  3. I reckon Spurs wanted him in the summer, but Seville might have wanted too much, but more importantly it seemed like his wages demands were crazy. At his age, Levy would not be keen. I think this probably put Spurs off him, and he looked more interested in a pay day, rather than really wanting to come play. Even with our striker issues, i think we made the right call

  4. He wanted a wage befitting a “star of the world cup” so good luck to him. Spurs don’t need mercenaries, and definitely not an old mercenary. Good luck to him.

  5. Thanks for the update I didn’t know that.I’d agree with you concerning why Sevilla have been so unresponsive toward us.Although Fabiano didn’t seem as though he wanted to join us either.Good article.Thanks.

  6. Look… the fact is he didn’t want to come to us. He never wanted to come to us, and we need to realise that. He’s gone back to Brazil which is probably what he always wanted to do.. and lets face it. Do we really want someone who doesn’t have the passion to play for a team that is on the up? Its his loss!!! Move on… He isn’t that great anyway…

  7. Thank god!!…overrated and over the hill mercenary!….just used Spurs for the last two seasons as a bargaing chip in his negotiations…..would NEVER make it in the premiership!

    So relived that he has gone somewhere else. Think we dodged a bullet with that pratt!


  8. He was too old (for us and levy) , too often injured, rarely full time for Seville even if fit and vastly overpriced by Seville who are coming across as a bunch of ani.

  9. i think the truth of the matter is that spurs took their manager under disputed methods.seville never forgave spurs.they would buy off spurs,but not sell to spurs.we can and will do better.

  10. We did enquire about him last summer and in january but he wanted to go bk to brazil! Meaning we got another one over saville cos we offered 15mill! Lol


  11. None of the big name strikers were at any stage enroute to Spurs. Merely media speculation. For that matter neither any of the big name defenders, midfielders nor stoppers will come to Spurs. The reason being that their demanding salary’s are not affordable to Spurs coffers just yet. Harry is surviving on a shoe lace budget & we can only groom our younger players to play a meaningful role.

  12. Well, I recall figures of 15m+ for Sevilla’s prized asset who was so well regarded he spent most of the first part of the season on their bench! No need to buy expensive bench warmers – we have enough of those already (although some have left on loan of late).

    I reckon the player we missed out on big time was Suarez – sure Liverpool were ahead on that transfer front but can’t help thinking that with us pushing for a top 4 spot again this season and now in the qtr-final of champions league, we really needed to get add some real quality up front – it didn’t have to be Suarez but it needed somebody if only to give JD, Pav, and Crouch the jolt and impetus they need.


  13. We should pull out the stops and get Pato. He has pace an eye for goal, awareness of teamates with great link up play.
    Scared me everytime he got the ball at the lane. Fabiano is back in Brazil leave him there.!!!

  14. I’m confused. Why would anyone pay 7.6 million euros for a Brazilian , when you can get one down the local salon for £25 , according to my girlfriend ???

  15. If you don’t think 12 year olds know what a ‘Brazilian’ is, you are living in a dream world !
    …anyway, he must have some knowledge of ‘bits’. The Spurs shirt has a cock on it !


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