Even though we’ve just hit the middle of March, it doesn’t stop the newspapers with their idle transfer gossip. Most rumours seem best ignored given the fact that the window isn’t open for another couple of months, but occasionally the odd story is worth commenting on.

One in particular links Jermain Defoe to Manchester City. Now the story seems to have originated in The Sun so draw your own conclusions as to the substance behind it, and it seems based around Carlos Tevez alleged intention to leave Eastlands this summer and Defoe coming in as his replacement.

The player has declared his frustration at the lack of starts given to him by Harry Redknapp this season, while Spurs fans in turn have expressed their frustration at the lack of goals supplied by the striker.

If the story does have legs you could argue that we shouldn’t sell to a Premier League rival, but if nothing else, it adds to speculation concerning JD’s future.

So do Jermain Defoe’s days at Spurs look numbered? If there is any substance to this story, should we refuse to sell to City, or is the player past his sell by date to the extent that it doesn’t matter?



  1. No I wouldnt, however I dont believe city would be at all interested in buying defoe, for a start they have enough quality strikers, secondly why would they want to buy a striker who until last weekend had scored zero league goals, yes I know he had an injury lay off but still he has made played in over 20 games, dire springs to mind. He likes to play in the south anyway doesnt he? Souht of England that is, pompey and westham and us, cant see him wanting to move up north. Perhaps Fulham is his calling…

  2. Erm, yes, I’d definitely seel hom to city. It would weaken their team to have a striker who can’t score and free up a place for us to buy someone who can.

    I’d piggy-back Harry’s mate JD up to Manchester. Barefoot, if required.

  3. City don’t need more strikers, they need wingers to provide a service for Dzeko.

    Adam Johnson will be back soon, but we need more than one winger

  4. I would sell him and with the money I’ll get I would find a better one. A striker who’s efforts would be aiming mainly to score regularly and to this purpose he would be using primary his mind and intelligence as well his high level ball technique.

  5. I would definitly sell him to any other club and get a striker who (i) can score goals; and (ii) knows what an offside means.

  6. gosh its amazing how defoe has fallen down in our affections.could never imagine year or so ago spurs fans wanting to sell defoe.that said after his comments about thinking about leaving has even me hoping we get rid in summer. as they say all gd things come to an end coys

  7. We might have no choice. Players move to bigger clubs, it’s just how things work.

    If they offer £20m, bite their hands off.

  8. What is it with Manchester? All we herar is that Utd or City are going to pick one of Spurs top players e.g. Bale, Modric, Defoe, and take them, and in return we get the likes of Carrick or Bellamy, neither of whom can run . The first is simply slow and Spurs were lucky to get what they did for him, and the second is because he is injury prone. Why on earth would Spurs want either?
    Are you lacking stimulation up there and all you have is wet dreams to compensate?

  9. Many players have dry spell, and I think JD might have just ended his.

    Be interesting to see this blog in two months time if I am right and he scores vital goals, against, Chelski, Arse and Manchequebook City while we qualify for the CL again!

    BTW, I don’t believe City are in the least bit interested in JD.

  10. People are well harsh to Defoe.

    Has everyone forgotton how good he was last season? Especially the first half of it.

    He is twice the striker that Crouch is, and 10 times the striker Pav is

  11. Who are these spurs fans who are so opposed to defoe? I’m willing to bet this time last season they wouldn’t have been saying the same, nor this time next season.

  12. Sell Defoe he is shite, Man City though? more like Burnley. Buy strikers who want to win and score goals every game. He and Crouch can both go, both mediocre and also Pienaar wtf was Arry thinking buying him? I think we need to start looking beyond Arry too if we want to play at this level. He can’t take us any further. We need someone who who wants to murder the opposition not pay them respect.
    Quote Arry last week against Wigan FFS?

    I would play VDV up front, Lennon, Modrich, Niko and Bale in midfield. Pav as a sub. No Crouch, No Defoe. Not playing Niko is criminal, he is way better than Crouch and Pienaar. .


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