Hot on the heels of ‘In Search of Alan Gilzean’, comes another must read for any Spurs fan. The Ghost of White Hart Lane
is written by Rob White, son of John and tells the story of his quest to learn about the father that he never knew.

John White played his part in all the great triumphs of the early 1960’s; the 60/61 double season, the 1962 FA Cup and the 1963 European Cup Winners Cup, where he scored in our famous win over Atletico Madrid.

His son Rob was just five months old when his father was tragically killed by lightning on Crews Hill Golf Course in 1964. John was just 27.

The Ghost of White Hart Lane has far more substance that your average footballer biography, as Rob explains: “The book is me looking for Dad. When I was old enough to ask, my mother wouldn’t – couldn’t – tell me about him.

“Every day I’d have another big new question about Dad but I never asked them and Mum and I never had a proper conversation about him.”

Unable to source much from his Mother, Rob then traces his story through old team-mates from his father’s illustrious career.

This is a must for any Spurs fan, irrespective of your age. John White died the year before I was born, but this book takes in an era that is fascinating for any Tottenham supporter.



  1. I know for sure that if John was at his prime today Modric and VDV would not get in the team. Just think of Hoddle but quicker John was a truly great player.

  2. Have been watching Spurs since 1967 so never saw John White. However my Dad who was a regular always claimed he was the finest player we ever had. Looking forward to getting my hands on the book.

  3. This sounds terrific. I’d be interested to know what other books a newfound Spurs supporter should pick up. Any suggestions?

  4. Has anyone out there read the article in the Daily Record about John Whites secret son? He spoke out to defend his Mother who was portrayed as a bit of a girl in Rob’s book. Not the best way to speak about the mother of your half brother….hearsay or otherwise

  5. i can remember john white playing for alloa athletic in the late fifties, he was transferred to falkirk fc,before joining spurs,we knew then we were watching a star of the future and we were not proved wrong.we used to say about whitey that he could have played for ninety minutes and not touched the ball,and he would have got the man of the match award.some players from the past might not have been up to the modern day game,but john white if he were to be starting his career just now would walk into any team in europe. i have seen many great players “live” over the years, pele, maradonna, best, charlton,law etc. and john white is right up there with the best of them. never be forgotten in the town of alloa.


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