The wait is over and it’s Real Madrid! Spurs have drawn Jose Mourinho’s men in the quarter finals of the Champions League to be played next month.

Real are currently second in La Liga, some five points behind Barcelona and naturally it’s going to be a tough one. This Spurs side has done it before however, and having beaten both Milan teams, Harry and his men will not be daunted by this task.

The away leg for Spurs comes first which may be an advantage, but whatever happens we await both ties with great anticipation.

Elsewhere, Chelsea drew Manchester United, Schalke 04 will play Inter and Barcelona take on Shakhtar Donetsk. The draw for the semis was made at the same time and Spurs will play either Barca or Shakhtar if they make it through.

So we avoided Barcelona for now, but what are our chances in this massive game?



  1. If Spurs played the same match as against AC MILAN.The chance is good enough to elimate real the trio midfield like Bale,Modric and Paluchuko

  2. It cracks me up that we are playing Real Madrid a team with Ronaldo, Ozil, Kaka, Alonso, Ramos and Casillas yet everyone is more worried about Mourinho lool.

    At the end of the day this game will worry Mourinho he know spurs pace on the counter and physical game will not suit his team but he cant park the bus as the fans wont allow it and the players dont know how to do it.

    I think Carvalho hates Crouch theres 7inches in height difference.
    VDV has a huge point to prove.
    And Ekotto deals with Ronaldo better than any player I have seen, barring Ashley Cole.

    It will be hard and Madrid are my favourites but if we do well at the Bernabeu then I fancy us at the lane

    I hope King and Gallas are at the back defending at the Bernabeu, they wont get anything then, and Adebayor should start upfront.

    Face it Zlatan and Pato are better than Benzema and Adebayor and we handled them easily

  3. Wow.

    Spurs will win the CL, I just cannot see any other outcome. What a draw, we get to knock out the best teams in the cup, then win the cup. No one will be able to take that away from us, no silly “well you had the easy route” comments from jealous Arsenal fans. SPURS HAVE COME OF AGE, WE ARE RUBBING SHOULDERS WITH THE BIG BOYS.

    Just one thing, for Jose to say he is happy not because it is easy but because it is in London and a prem side is a stupid insight into the way Madrid are thinking, they clearly are not taking us seriously already. All ads up to a Spurs “Shock” win.

  4. I think Real Madrid might actually be tougher. But this is what we wanted. Playing the big games in the Champions League. Bring it on. I think they are more fearful of us, since they are the favourites

  5. We need to get first hand info. from VDV ( who did not want to be drawn against Baca). We need to study some video games on RM.Most importantly, our technical coaches need to make adjustments to overcome their pattern of play. Our defenders need to communicate skillfully & compliment each other , the way we played against AC. Saturday & subsequent games will groom us & we can determine if we are improving or not

  6. As one of the most exciting teams in the tournament, it’s great to be in the exciting half of the draw. These are the big European nights everyone wanted.

    Inter in the final.


  7. Who thought we’d get through the qualifying round ?
    Who thought we’d get through the group stages ?
    Who thought we’d beat AC Milan ?

    Us Spurs maniacs did !!! So come on let’s keep the faith…. we can be the cream of the crop by beating cream of the crop !!!!

    Can’t wait….


  8. Loving it! I wanted either Madrid or Barca from the start. Wanted to completely avoid English teams on route too. This is a dream draw. I obviously want us to win and I beleive we can, but it is no disgrace to go out at this stage fighting. Who’s to say we can’t win this competition? Every game we have played so far has matured us. Will be a brilliant game, I am so excited.

  9. So it’s all set up for a dream Final where we beat Manure at Wembley. I can’t wait to see SAF doing an Arse Whinger impersonation where he beats the ground with his fist when we comeback for 2-0 down to win 3-2.

  10. Just the draw I hoped for. Great. Already all my hater gooner mates are blowing up my phone with comments like we’re gonna get mauled and how we’re gonna get found out. Yeah yeah whatever. The truth is we got found out at the San Siro back in October when we were like frightened rabbits caught in the headlights but we saw what happened with a bit of belief, five more mins and we easily could have got a draw or even nicked a win and you saw what happened when we took them ( Inter Milan ) back to the lane. Nuff said. It pleases me very much that we are still being underestimated. As good a side as Real Madrid are we know that any team we can live with them. People keep talking like it’s a foregone conclusion what don’t we also have a team that can play the beautiful game also? Make no mistake Spurs will not be going out like lambs to the slaughter because there is a belief running through that team and a knowledge of how to get the job done doesn’t matter if it’s done ugly either. So to all the Haters keep hating and to all the people underestimating us keep doing it because come match day you’re an obstacle that must be overcome. We don’t fear you but you should definitely fear us.
    Shame about the Mancs getting Chelsea in the draw would have been better if one of those two drew Barcelona Shaktar Inter or Schalke but it is what it is. Pumped for this. COYS COME ON. Lillywhitetilidie

  11. Just to add to my previous post, by the time we have beaten Manure at Wembley, we will have beaten five previous winners who have won the trophy 25 times between us: And guess what, Arse fans will still be saying it was because Inter, AC, RM, Barca and Manure all played badly against us.

  12. While this tie scares the hell out of me, it doesn’t scare me as much as Barca.

    This could be a blessing in disguise. I was desperately hoping we’d avoid one of the English clubs, as they are the ones who know our weaknesses the most. Barca, while an outstanding team, face a tricky trip to Ukraine against Shakhtar. I wouldn’t be shocked. to see them pull off an upset.

    I don’t think anyone relishes a trip to the Bernabeau, but we all know what we can do to continental clubs at home. A tie or close loss away from home, and we just might pull this off. And then… Wembley beckons.



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