Harry Redknapp believes that the race for fourth place will go to the wire this season and could even be decided when Spurs eventually travel to Eastlands. This would be a repeat of the 2009-10 campaign, when a Peter Crouch goal secured fourth slot for Spurs.

After a run of three league wins, Spurs have taken just two points from their last three Premier League games, all of which were against opposition threatened with relegation. In the meantime, Chelsea have improved to reach third place, but Manchester City have faltered, meaning they are still within our reach.

Speaking on the club website Harry said: “It’s going to be tight, but we’re playing very well, we’re in the quarter-finals of the Champions League and trying to get in the top four again.

“We knew getting fourth spot would be difficult at the start of the season, it always is, and it’s the same for Man City or anybody. But we’re still in there fighting.”

Spurs were originally scheduled to play at Eastlands on April 17th, but this was postponed due to City’s continued involvement in the FA Cup.



  1. I know my comment might be better posted on another article but nevermind. TBH am starting to get fed up with HR..I dont like the way he talks about or to the spurs fans. I know that he is far from class but still. I dont recall Alex ever telling the MU fans that they should be gratful for the truck load of silverwear he has managed to get for them or AW with the Ars fans for that matter. To me, HR made a huge leap upwards when he became our manager and the the other way round. He should be gratful for this opportunity or other wise he would still be managing the likes of WH or Port nothing more. He should realize that he has one of the best squads in the premier league if not the best. My grandma could get results with them. One last thing, if he is that genuis then why are we doing worse this years even though the squad was fed with new international players such as VDV and Sandro? Be gratful for the job you have Harry and leave gracefully if we are not top 4 this year. Davis Moyes would get us up there in one season im sure.

    • I am getting fed up with whingers who whine about what Harry says or who he says it to! We are in the quarter finals of the CL, 5th in the league, what more do you want? Why do we have one of the best squads in the league ? Who is responsible for getting this squad to where we are now, sure as hell it was not your granny! If you are that blinkered that you still cannot see who got us here you are a bigger muppet than I first supposed! Harry may not be the most eloquent, the best tactical genius or whatever it is you think a manager should be but I will tell you what he is! He is our manager, he has got us to where we are now and I don’t know what else it is that you think he should be doing!!Get behind him and the team and for f*** sake stop whining!!!!


  2. Dear Mr Salem.

    HR is rather defensive in his responses to reporters’ questions regarding Tottenham’s recent poor form; however a comparison with Manchester United or Arsenal is surely missing the point. The latter two are established top four sides and their fans are justified in expecting a top four finish each season. Spurs are not an established top four side although they are moving in that direction.

    Further more, the suggestion that we are doing worse that last year is naive and overly simplistic. Firstly, we are attempting to maintain our top four league place while also playing champions league football. Secondly, other teams such as Manchester City have spent a huge amount on players and represent a new force in the league. Consequently a mere comparison of league positions between this year and last is an irrelevant indicator of present form.

    There are other points which I would like to mention (such as your Gran should probably take up a place at the FA School of Coaching excellence) however I have a job which I would like to keep.

    In parting I would just say that your ignorant, simplistic misinformed, view represents what is worst about Spurs supporters.

    Best regards,



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