Aside from Aston Villa, Spurs have supplied more England Internationals than any other club. When you dig deeper, you’ll find that many of Villa’s players were supplied at a time when there were fewer clubs in existence, so this is an impressive statistic.

Although most of Spurs’ England contingent failed to feature on Saturday, Michael Dawson earned praise for his team mates for an assured display that should put him high up Capello’s pecking order.

But from a club supporter’s point of view, what’s really important? Seeing your players in the national kit or making sure they’re injury free and available for club action?

Growing up, it was always a thrill to see Martin Chivers in an England shirt and it always took the gloss off a game to see him replaced by someone like Allan Clarke. Does anyone still feel that excitement when they watch someone like Dawson, or does any of it really matter as long as they come back fit and available?



  1. as long as players don’t get injured then I am happy

    england are a terrible team who’s players are just not good enough to ever win anything yet are so overhyped by the media. COYS

    • Glory supporting pr1ck! England aren’t at their best but they are still our national team… the fact this website even asked this annoyed me now I’ve seen the first answer i’m even more annoyed. England and Spurs aren’t associated… i support both… I’m from North London and England so I support the teams bestowed upon me out of loyalty… not because they’re good!

  2. I’m nowhere near as excited about England. With Spurs I’m chomping at the bit to see the next game. I’ll drink the night before so it vanishes quicker!:P lol. Sometimes I even forget to watch England. Even if I’m bored and doing nowt…

  3. I still take pride in our representation for England and prior to the CL, I think most of us felt the same way.

    I think the reason why it is no longer so important because of the large number of imported players in the PL. We had 17 or 18 players on duty over the weekend, but do we really care what happens with the Russian or Croatian national teams?

    Come the summer, our interest in the national teams will no doubt step up a few gears, as we wont be so focused on worrying about player injuries.

  4. I am so fed up seeing Spurs players coming back from International duty injured. I don’t care at all about England if it adversely affects Spurs. Not remotely in the same league.


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