As we’ve seen with William Gallas, age and experience can pay dividends, so it’s interesting to see us linked with two veteran strikers in Ruud van Nistelrooy and Miroslav Klose.

Klose who is 32, is out of favour at Bayern Munich and available on a free at the end of the season. He has averaged around a goal every other game through his career, although he hasn’t been quite so potent in his four years at Bayern.

Van Nistelrooy however is coming up for 35 and would seem to be much more of a punt. He’s still scoring at Hamburg but as a Premier League striker, how much service could you still expect to get out of him?

It seems likely that changes will be made up front at the end of this campaign. So do you think that one, or possibly even both of these veterans could bring an improvement to Spurs strike force in the way Gallas has done at the back?



  1. the strikers who i think we can actually get: –

    I think were better off signing huntelaar than van niselrooj he’s as prolific and alot younger and about 12m.
    (sell pav)

    we should also sign hulk from porto, he is strong , prolific, hard shot , can play Target man and good coming from deep and gettable i think, we also have gomes and sandro which would be an advantage. 20-25m
    (sell keane)

    lukaku , the young starlet who plays in belgium that is touted as one of the future stars of world football and been compared to drogba. I think we could get him as chelsea have just bought torres and are after neymar, but we should act fast , perfect replacement for crouch. he strong, tall perfect for premiership and will only get better. 20-25m

  2. Both candidates are desireables to Spurs backgound in buying the “affordable”. This depends on what salaries these two will be commanding – whether affordable to Spurs or not !


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