A popular bet these days is the Next Premier League Manager To Leave market, with several firms offering odds on the next top flight boss to either resign, to be sacked from their post.

Today has seen the odds of Harry Redknapp becoming the next Premier League manager to leave his job tumble, with Victor Chandler’s odds falling from 100-1 to 8-1. William Hill, Sky Bet and Paddy Power have all cut their odds to between 10-1 and 9-1. You can seen the pattern of the fall in prices here.

For those of you that don’t understand betting markets, odds tend to come in like this when either the bookmaker gets wind of a something that could effect the market, or a lot of punters start placing sizable bets on a selection.

A Tweet is now doing the rounds publicising the falling odds, which probably means that they will fall further. Redknapp was of course once in the centre of a situation when it was stated that he would not get the Portsmouth manager job (which saw his odds rise considerably), only to be given the post the next day, amidst claims that plenty of in-the-know bettors profited handsomely.

So do you think that there is anything in this? Or is it just another rumour that has got out of hand and is leading mug punters to lump on? We hope that it’s the latter, but nothing would surprise us in football.



  1. When wanting to back Harry to be our new manger (30 mins before it was announced) i was able to manage the paltry sum of £25 @ 4/1 (i.e bookies laid to lose £100).You can therefor guess for yourselves just how much money has been placed at odds of up to 100/1 and judge how significant you think the slashing of odds down to 8/1 really is.If it was proper,significant money he would be an awful lot shorter than 8/1 !

  2. This is probably a reaction to the recent stories concerning Spurs lining up Moyes for Harry’s eventual replacement. Couple that with Moyes’ comments today and you have your speculation!

  3. I hope it’s true, then we can give the next major transfer kitty to someone who knows how to use it. Not sure I can take another season of Redknapp’s self congratulatory BS. I know, we’re in the QF of the CL.

  4. Between Redknapp and Levy, they have made a complete mess of transfers this seasons.

    If it’s odds you want, take a look at every single bookmaker’s odds for fourth place. Man City odds on favourite in all bar none.

    • and 5th is a bad season is it when we are in the champios league as well. You’re an idiot. What right have we to be 4th? I suggest you read your spurs history of the last 30 years so you can appreciate more what is happening at our club. Shameful.

      • Yes, we’ve been shit in the past, let’s go back to that shall we? You’re a loser jim. Never mind 4th, we could have been challenging for the title this season.

        • I dont think Jims a loser, i just think hes being more realistic. When in Europe, especially for the first time, your league form is meant to stutter a bit e.g. Fulham last season in the Europa League. We have actually done quite well in the league considering that this is the first time we have been in this position. This is a transitional season for everyone associated with spurs- the players, the manager, the staff and the fans. To become the best you need to make mistakes and learn from them and Im sure Harry is annoyed that he didn’t try harder to get a striker in January. Saying this, we have come so far in so little time and a world class striker didnt get us there, the players at the club now got us there, we cant bring in a striker now, we just have to stick with what we have and hope our strikers start scoring, the return of Huddlestone could be the difference with his sublime passing! 4th is still in our hands and we just need to take each game as it comes and treat it like a cup final. Hopefully, we will have a proper final at Wembely come May! COYS!!!

    • MC and Liverpool were ahead of Spurs in the betting for most of last season as well. It was only with about six games left, that Liverpool dropped out of the betting and City were favourites until about three games to go, following us beating Chelsea and Arse.

  5. “odds tend to come in like this when…………..a lot of punters start placing sizable bets on a selection.”

    Actually, it only takes one big punt to hurry the bookies into shortening the odds dramatically.

    If there is any truth in it, take your pick from the ever swirling storm around Fabio Capello and the imminent court case for Harry as to the reason.

    Finally, I have to say that I agree with TMWNN…….to a small extent. No one can be oblivious to the fantastic job that Harry has done with the players that he inherited. Unlike any other Spurs manager in the previous 20 years, he has got the most out of the squad. And I see no reason why he couldn’t squeeze yet more improvement out of them. Without doubt, this has been the best couple of years to watch Spurs since the late 80’s.

    But I fear that Spurs won’t continue to sign the quality of player that we signed under Comolli (for all the stick that he gets) so long as Harry is at the club. He’s great at buying players for clubs like Pompey. But not so great at buying players for a club with real ambition like Spurs.

    Which of his signings, other than Gallas, has been a consistent success? Wilson? Not since his first half season. JD and Crouch? Hardly threatening the top of the goal scoring charts and neither of them really compensates for their meagre goal return by outstanding play around the pitch. Keano? A £12 million busted flush. Niko? Excellent player but second or third choice. Bassong? Likewise, but maybe even fourth choice. Kaboul? Has potential – but then, he always did. Cudicini? Can’t argue with signing him for free but, again, very much second choice. Pletikosa? Ditto….except third choice. Piennaar? Meh. Indifferent.

    The two most exciting signings since Harry joined are Rafa and Sandro. But those were very much Levy signings.

    Problem with Harry is that he doesn’t show imagination at Spurs’ level in the transfer market. How often does he look outside the Premier League? I mean – Phil Neville?

    If only Harry was the type of manager who could work with someone like Comolli. That would be the perfect scenario.

    • Comolli noooooo! He signed a truck load of players, so inevitably a few will be good. I am not saying for a minute that Harry’s signings have been spectacular, but it is not easy to compare: Niko, Crouch, Defoe, Keane, Chimbonda, Kaboul were all bargain deals – that is why we did those signings. These were all players playing for clubs who owed us outstanding payments. So a deal was made – especially with Pompey, who were desperate – and we ripped ’em off. We do not really know how much these players really costed – I am pretty sure that we re-financed their debt. Comolli signed players that our managers did not want. That is Comolli’s problem – Dos Santos, Taarabt, Boateng etc… They may well be good enough, but they must fit, otherwise you may as well not sign them. I do not like Comolli because I should not know what he looks like. Yet every live Spurs game, the cameras were on him. Now he is at Liverpool, the same thing happens. His reputation precedes him, and you must watch people like that.

      • Niko, Crouch, Defoe, Keane, Chimbonda and Kaboul cost a combined £45 million. That’s a not inconsiderable sum of money.

        One has left us. Another is on loan but will never play for us again. One can’t get near the first team. Two are regulars – but every Spurs fan would replace them in a trice if we could agree deals for a coupe of good strikers. And then there’s Kaboul – who may or may not eventually live up to his potential.

        Not a great record, to be honest.

        Comolli is much maligned. He signed a large proportion of our current first choice team (including our two best players) – Modric, Bale, Corluka, Ekotto, Gomes. Those that he didn’t sign were signed by Arnesen – Huddlestone, Lennon, Dawson. Or Levy – Van der Vaart, Sandro.

        Comolli also signed Berbatov, who did a great job for us before being sold at great profit – thereby enabling us to buy the likes of Modric. Of course, Comolli had his failures too. Hutton and Pav. Bent and Bentley – though we will have got our money back on Bent (as we did with another big Comolli signing – Zokora).

        As to Taraabt, he was bought for the development squad – and as such, he wasn’t expected to appear in the first team for a while and he wasn’t forced on Jol. It was only ever a punt – as any investment in untried youth is, by definition. And, by the way, Comolli was right. Taraabt will become a top class player as he matures. Unfortunately, however, not for us. He was too headstrong and impatient.

        I don’t know how Dalglish and Comolli will get along at Anfield. But Suarez seems to have made a good start. And I suspect that Liverpool will make many more imaginative signings than Spurs so long as Harry remains in charge.

        By the way, I often see people dismiss Comolli’s buys as nothing special because he paid a lot of money for them. But the amount paid is largely irrelevant. Sure, Bale was hardly a secret. But who was prepared to stick their neck out, back their judgement and pay big money for him? Ferguson? Wenger? Benitez? Mourinho? Nope. None of them…

        It was Comolli. Ditto for Modric.

        Those two players cost a combined £25 million. They’d cost a combined £80 + million now – if (God forbid!) Spurs were to sell them. Vindication.

      • By the way, don’t get me wrong. I’m delighted with how things are going with Harry in charge of the team. I just think our future would be even brighter if Harry was the kind of manager who could work with someone like Comolli.

    • I am probably going to upset quite a few people with what I have to say, but here goes anyway:

      HR and DL can only be judged by results. As far as HR is concerned, he took a disfunctional team that was in freefall and turned them around and within two years we were in the CL.

      DL took a team that was hamstrung by a relatively small ground, made them profitable and able to compete with teams that had far greater resources.

      Here comes the controversial part. I believe Sugar could have done the same at Spurs, if like Levy, this was his main project, but Spurs was only a minor detail on his portfolio. Having said that, I think that most Geordies would sell all their female relatives to traffickers to have had a manager/chairman like the pair we have. Likewise, I am sure that our pair would love to have had the resources that Newcastle have. We all know Enic is just an investment company, but if I were Enic, I wouldn’t be putting my money into Spurs who have had a record for underperforming for the past twenty years albeit it with limited resources. I would be looking for a team like Newcastle who have been underperforming for 100 years but have much greater resources to break out.

      For those of you who moan about the transfer window, I would say, look at what was available, and how much they cost. There was very little of proven quality, and what there was would have smashed the wage structure which has served us well in getting us to where we are today, or been overpriced.

      I know there were plenty of us that wanted to sign Andy Carroll, but it was on the basis of half a season in the PL where he stands out from a mediocre squad. I suspect that Carroll will be a Rooney off the pitch, but I can imagine the blame that HR and DL would have got if it turned out that his half a season in the PL, was the highlight of his career.

      Coming back on topic, my guess is that the odds have been shortened to take into account the impending court case, which is due to be heard before the start of the new season. There are usually 4-5 changes in the close season, and this puts HR a lot nearer the front of the queue, than the England managers job being imminent.

      Incidentally, I recall that when Venables was the England Manager, and he had to give promises to the FA that there was no truth to the allegations being made about him, before they would confirm the job. Following on from the later High Court case, the FA declined to renew his contract even though he had done well in the Euros.

      One possible scenario regarding HR and his case is that he might be convicted, and receive a non-custodial sentence. I think if that happens, the FA will not select him for the England job, so anyone thinking of putting a bet on him for this might do well to keep their money iin their pocket.

  6. So they think Spurs will finish third? COYS

    Hang the bedroom manager mupps that think they can do better. You might think you know who to buy but when they turn up for truing and discover you are a pessimistic Twunt you’ll get nothing from them except trouble.

    Yes you’ve guessed it, I’m sick of wingers who know better.

    Yids forever!

  7. While certainly agreeing with some of the negative Harry comments i do feel that people forget that Spurs are almost a top 4 club,but not quite (being realistic,we will fight for 4th place and might take it but you couldn’t bank on it).

    However we are trying (and all fans are wanting) to sign top 4 class strikers/players.

    If you are a proper,top 4 class striker,do you take a chance on Spurs finishing 4th AND take a lower wage packet in the process or do you wait and see who makes the top 4 at the end of the season ?.Hence the January transfer non event.

    The best thing that is happening at the moment is that Bale and Gallas have signed new contracts while Modric has made noises recently of being extremely happy and not even contemplating leaving.

    Add in the emergence of Sandro and an in form Lennon and we’ve definitely got the players to launch another top 4 challenge next season,even if we do fail this season and have to ‘make do’ with a slightly lesser standard of signing in the summer.Don’t forget we’ve still got VdV scoring plenty of goals and i pressume we’ll keep Crouch and probably Defoe while selling Pav and Keane.Can Defoe really have such a poor season again next term ?.

    While obviously not all Harry’s doing,keeping these players happy and at WHL is as important,if not more so,than bringing in the striker we all crave.If just one of our top top players leave,it will all unravel imo so keeping them together is vital.

    • Just re-read your post and had the following thought.

      There are plenty who blame HR and or DL for everything they perceive is wrong with the team, and yet we have two of the hottest transfer targets in football happy to be playing for us. We all have opinions that we are entitled to voice, and I suspect that if Modric or Bale wanted to jump ship tomorrow, they could probably walk in to the starting line up of any of the biggest teams in La Liga, Primera or the EPL at a greatly enhanced wage packet. For those who want to slag off, HR and DL, why do you think, these players are happy to stay if either or both of these people are making such a pig’s ear of it?

      Looking at the players who want to leave, none of them are automatic choices for starting line up, though I do believe that Pav deserves a run, and we could have used Krancjar better.

      Some of us might think that HR and DL are the worst thing that ever happened to this team, though if they are not suffering from selective amnesia, they might have memories of Gross, Graham, Ramos and sorry to say Glenn Hoddle, as well as Scholar and Sugar but when you look at what has been achieved in the last three seasons, I for one, hope that DL and HR continue to ruin this team if that is what some people believe.

      The fact is that based on our resources, we are by any standard, punching well above our weight. We are middleweights taking on the heavyweights and giving a good account of ourselves.

      Of course, I accept that there are those who will have an explanation for this which will tell you that HR and DL have played no part in this success. Of course I can only bow to their superior knowledge, and pray that HR and DL never get to follow the wisdom of their detractors.

  8. Could Houghton and jol make a return at spurs in summer with wayward striker coming back from manchester united . i love harry but not getting a striker or using squad has cost us this season 3/4 matches we’ve lost because we did have fire powers why haven’t we used the full squad

    • Levy stopped Harry getting a striker – because he couldn’t sell one first. Cannot blame Harry for not finding a buyer for Keane. (although we shouldn’t have taken him back in the first instance – granted. Blame him for that!)

  9. My God! Where are you people?? ‘Bring Hughton(spell) and Jol (lol) back. Harry’s far better. And has worked under and as a dof. If anyone could pick up Comollis’ random pieces of excellence and mould them into a team, Harry could. A dream pairing that just didn’t happen.

  10. HR is fantastic, never enjoyed watching Spurs so much for many a year. Unfortunatley, Defoe is bang out of form, too many women distractions i presume. Crouch is a good player but must have another top striker with him. Pav is better than most supporters give credit for, MUST be given a run. Therefore, do we really need strikers before Centre backs.

  11. I cant believe some of your comments about strikers who is ripping the premiership apart well this is the top 15 goal scorers Berbatov 20 9 of them are from three hatricks Teves 18 Bent 11 two clubs Carrol 11 Nolan 11 Van Persie 11 Dempsey 10 Hernandez 10 Odemwinge 10 Van Der Vaart 10 Adam 10 Cahill 10 Campbell 10 Drogba 10 Elamaner 10 . This proves your defence is the main part of any team and our defence has bean full of holes all year because of constant changes and not having King. This has bean the most telling factor for all Spurs shortfalls in this seasons high tempo Premier league full of shocks. Last year this was our most profitable team Gomes Corluka Dawson King Ekotto Lennon Huddlestone Modric Bale Crouch Defoe This year the 541 system and the missing King has caused our team to stutter in the Premiership with the biggest relegation battle in its history. Playing one striker and two wingers is stupid because unless Bale or Lennon come inside and score it means there is at least eight defenders waiting for the crosses. This would ave meant a few seasons ago the opposition would tire about 70 mins and get beat by the better team but now they last for the full 90 plus mins and this has caused our strikers and other teams srikers to fire blanks with all the energised blocks saves of the line kick all fuelled by high tempo pressing. So if you look at the table no strikeres are scoring every week and most of them play every week Defoe Pav Crouch playing with a rocky foundation the missing link Huddlestone constant long term injuries and energised teams Champions league 451 its remarkable Defo and Pav have scored any goals. So my conclusion is this its not strikers we need its the same team two games running our best players playing and our reserves happy to come on and play a part in our historical season and lastly the most important one of all Ukad The FA the premier league to stop the energy abuse from shocking punters fans and commentators every week. This is because to many shocks start to smell dodgy and because of what i no and the latest cheat Man City’s Toure failing a drug test with a substance that gives you energy it smells even worse its not a striker we need but a more transparent and better policed premiership two drug cheats in nine years is not normal and if you read Donkey Adams and Merson books you will see why You all need to leave Pav and Defoe alone because i no how hard t is to score a goal this year with record shocks record sackings all spreading fear and energy abuse by the week. This week we face a team on death row who will play like they are in the top four why?ANSWER FEAR

    • Davspurs. I made some observations similar to yours on another blog.

      At this moment in time, it looks as if the only British Isles born player likely to score goals in all comps this season will be Darren Bent. It’s not just Crouch, Def and Pav who are having trouble finding the goal this season. Bent is well ahead of the Spurs contingent because he is first choice. I suspect that if Pav was playing in the lower ranks of the PL, he would be first choice and would regularly be getting 15-20 goals in a season.

      BTW, I wish you would use paragraphs. So much easier to read.


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