Several sources are suggesting that as many as seven players will be leaving White Hart Lane in the summer as Spurs finally look to arrange permanent departures for some of their fringe players.

The less than magnificent seven are Robbie Keane, David Bentley, Alan Hutton, Jamie O’Hara, Giovani Dos Santos, Niko Kranjcar and Roman Pavlyuchenko.

To be fair there are no real shocks on that list and we already know about the arrangement that Keane has in place with West Ham, so maybe the real surprise is that there aren’t more names on there.

Whether this means Harry has been asked to sell before he can buy is open to speculation. It seems time for the loan spells to stop and for some permanent deals to be done.

Is this a fair list though? Should Kranjcar and Pavlyuchenko stay and has anyone on there not being given a fair chance during their days at Tottenham? Who, if anyone, should be added to these seven names?



  1. King and Woodgate need to shown the door – though doubt whether we could actually get any money for them. personally would rather have krancjar than pienaar but would trade them both for ashley young!
    Likewise, would swap Pav and Crouch for Forlan and Benzema.

  2. Players to go:
    Keane, pav, defoe, crouch, jenas, o’hara, hutton, bassong, pienaar, palacios, cudicini, alnwick, pletikosa, bentley, dos santos

      • I know. It’s sad, but they’re all just average.
        Keane, pav, defoe crouch – get rid and bring in two decent strikers and let the young reserve players fill the other spots.
        Jenas, Ohara, pienaar, bentley – get rid and bring in a decent back up to Bale(someone who has speed), and a back up to sandro and Hudd.
        Bassong – never gonna be good enough.
        Get rid of all three keepers and bring in competition for Gomes.
        Dos santos – he’ll never get a game under Harry.

      • But you can’t disagree with anyone on that list. Maybe Pienaar deserves a bit more time, but I never understood why we bought him. I’d add King and Woodgate too. Nothing against them as players, but their non-availability is beyond a joke.

  3. Defoe!! he’s not a good footballer, he never has been he’s just a decent goal scorer and now he’s not doing that anymore so I think we need to get rid!!
    I think Kranjcar has to go for his own sake as he’s not been given a chance which is a real shame as he’s done well for us when he’s come in, I don’t know why we bought Pienaar.
    Woodgate and King may have to be taken off the wage bill aswell as much as I hate to say it!

  4. Jenas has to go. I can’t see the point of him. When he does get on the pitch he seems to hide so that nobody know’s he’s even there. Gotta get rid ans the sooner the better.

  5. What is everyone’s problem with Pienaar. Ignorance + short sightedness i fear. Benzema i would love; he wont want to come to Tottenham though.

  6. How many players CAN you change, realistically? The 7 you mention are feasible given 4 are on loan, and the Hutton fall-out, Pav saga, etc. Harry likes Crouch/Defoe too much, sadly, but then again could and should we change too much in what has been an exciting and very good season so far? What’s even more important is that we replace them with players to fit our team. Not ‘as and when’ last minute deals (bless Vdv but obsoleted our strike force) for players that don’t fit the team.

  7. Pienaar has looked good to me. I like him. Can play along the floor and quick passing and thinking.
    Agree Woody and King may have to go. But that wouldn’t effect the 1st 11 much, lol

  8. Some peoples just name the whole squad… our best squad for ages. 25yrs. Now I understand we could upgrade everyone, but, I don’t know…

  9. Players to go:
    Keane, pav, defoe, crouch, jenas, o’hara, hutton, bassong, palacios, cudicini, alnwick, pletikosa, bentley, dos santos, king, woodgate

  10. Unlike Pav, Niko and a few others, you know what you are going to get with Pienaar. His performances against Milan, were especially impressive. I might add Wilson to the list, however i do feel he may be worth keeping hold of for a little while.

  11. Redknapp, Defoe, VdV should go. These are self-centered individuals, it is never their fault and they are all either one-dimensional or assuming that everybody else should accomodate them.

  12. I’m taking a different tack than most people here — I’m going to list who I think WILL go instead of who I’d LIKE to see go.

    Ledley and Woody are as good as gone. Keano and Bentley are also goners. Dos Santos will probably be loaned again. Hutton, Palacios, and Pav will also likely be sold. And (here’s the big one)… Bale.

    Yes, I said it. I think Bale will be sold for around £45-50m to finance 2 quality strikers and a shoring up of the back line.

    Honestly, if Bale goes, that probably means that Jenas will stay.

  13. CROUCH!!!!

    He has never scored more than 12 goals in a single premier league season! On top of that he is awful at heading the ball (he cant time his jumps) and he blew our chance against madrid with two needless challenges!

  14. Jermaine Jenas is totally wubs. Hasn’t developed at all in his time at Spurs. Crap at tackling, crap at shooting, very occasionally finds someone he knows with a pass. Contributes nothing to the team. I think he’s had one assist all season which is appalling for a ‘creative’ central midfielder. Every time his name is on the teamsheet a little piece of my heart dies.

  15. Why doesn’t anyone mention Gomez? Is it just me that thinks he is a wimp and cannot perform any basic goalkeeping tasks? He makes so many handling errors it’s not true – and they all seem to cost us goals. Stuck with him early on and he came good, but he’s gone backwards. a replacement is required for me, no idea who though. Given??

  16. I can get behind every single Spurs player in a white shirt, when they step onto the pitch, I’ll support them till I’m horse! But quite frankly some seem to be going through the motions! Defoe seems to have found God and Tweets nonsense day after day and has no hunger anymore! Crouch only seems to score in Europe and Pav is inconsistent but that’s hardly surprising when he has gets so little opportunity and never has a chance to gain some form! If our strikers scored goals we’d be Top 3 this season! No one would surprise me if they left, those surplace to requirements and those who will get some serious cash for!

  17. I think we should buy Benzema, Huntelaar, another goalie to give Gomes competition and if we can through the links of having van der Vaart and Huntelaar at the club….Sneijder! Yesterday showed that we need to take our already very good team to another level and with these sort of players we can just do that! I know he probably wouldn’t come to us and will go to United but we can always try! I had a feeling that something like this would happen to Spurs in the champions league- i have a feeling that we still have a chance against Madrid next week- In terms of who we should sell- Everyone on loan apart from Dos Santos! If we played him more, he could be like Hernandez! Hutton will go to Villa as we are getting Walker back. Jenas- i don’t know- hes been through thick and thin with Spurs- at one point was our captain but i just feel that the midfield around him has just got better than him, hes a decent squad player and has never complained about sitting on the bench or not being in the team…Palacios- Sandro is a much better version of him, the only thing he hasn’t got is Palacios’s premier league aggression something he will get after playing so long in the league but i think we should keep one of them but im not sure which one should go and who should stay! Kranjcar and Pavlychenko need to STAY! They are what make our squad so lethal and if i were manager, they would be in my team more often than they are now- Just hope Harry can convince them to stay at least to January! From next season we need to start playing 4-3-2-1 which is what Madrid played yesterday to get the best out of our players!

    Corlucka Dawson Gallas Eketto(He was so good yesterday)
    Modric/Sandro or Huddlestone- depends on type of game
    Lennon van der Vaart Bale
    Huntleaar or Benzema
    We could also move Bale to left back and play Kranjcar on the left which would give Bale space to run into!
    The one thing we must not do is sell our best players- we do this we will be saying hello to mid table again and we DON’T want that!COYS!!!

    • Sorry – I would sell Eketto!!
      Gomes (maybe another for comp./Given)
      CB: Dawson/Gallas/Kaboul/Woodgate(give a chance until Jan.)
      LB:Baines/Clichy(He was so good yesterday)
      RM: Lennon/VDV/Bale/Rose/Towsend
      CM: Modric/Sandro/Huddlestone/Pineer, (you cud include VDV/Bale/Kaboul)
      LM: Bale/Rose/Townsend/Modric
      F: HULK/SERGIO/VDV/Corwick

  18. There are many Spurs players who can’t help the club move to next level because they are lacking certain very important inherent qualities. If Spurs really want to move to the next level they have to get rid gradually of those players and replace them with players who have the proper qualities to that aim. I won’t name any player who should leave because there are so many but I will just say that if it was possible from the current squad I would keep only Bale, Sandro, VDV, Lennon, Gallas, Kabul, BAE (to use also in midfield), Corluka (as replacement), Gomez (as a second keeper), Palacios (under certain conditions) and eventually some of the young players currently on loan.

    • Totally agree, fed up off all this shit about redknapp leaving and people wanting him out, to be honest who do you think we can gt, we don’t have a 60000 seater stadium to bring in the dosh so we can’t afford someone like the manager that trounced us yesterday, there are no other managers out there at the moment i can only think of martin oniel who would be tempted because most of the great managers are all at clubs already like our one 🙂 4 2 3 1 YES PLEASE

  19. i think we need to put king on a pay per game deal and offer a coaching role to help bring through kabul and caulker id like to see dos santos given a go he is a exelent player and would be a good stand in for bale or lennon and has more to offer then piennar, crouch is the striker we should look to keep he gives you that plan be in the last min when you need it, i like the sound of us getting lukaku wickham and forlan with crouch there we would have experience and youth and diffrent threats

  20. I agree. i think Pav and Kranjar Should STAY! we need to get rid of bit players wilson P (Cant pass) Defoe (cant hit barn door+ too selfish) Jenas (a very poor mans modric. ) we need a new left back as BAE isn’t good enough the amount of ppl that say hes good is stupid.lets be honest all he does is pump long balls and doesn’t stand on his feet enough. i do think another keeper for Gomes to contend with would be good. one thing you need yo understand about him is he WILL win us games but will also lose us games. its the most difficult position to be consistent. and the others Keane, O hara, King, Woodgate, and Bentley can go 2.

    and stop getting your hopes up for next week be realistic. as long as we win the game it will give us back the credit we deserve. saying we can turn the tie is pointless and embarassing. we’re not gods of football.

        • take away ekotto as well it would have been worse, he played very well i wouldnt like to see him go, every know and then his concentration goes but not in that match he is getting better all the time

          • well you can disagree all you like wont change my mind. but cant mock you commitment to sticking with him.

  21. BAE has to go , last night he was woeful , wandering around like a headless chicken looking like he didn’t give a toss…turns out he dosn’t and is in it for the money! would like to know how many passes he completed? from where i was sitting not many. Get rid asap and get in someone who wants to play for spurs. Woody and King out as well ..we are not a charity.

  22. Don’t get to watch Spurs other than on the telly nowadays – watched ’em every week when I was a teenager (in the ’50s’ – those halcyon days!).
    There are some players that are just not good enough; Defoe, BAE amongst others. Much as I like ‘Arry, he has shipped in a lot of players he was familiar with – not always a good idea.
    Jonathan Woodgate came from Madrid injured – another bad idea; echoes of Hargreaves at ManU.

    • All i’m gonna say is a year ago to this day if somebody told you you would be playing Real Madrid in the QF of the Champions Leauge……you’d be calling the mental hospital and pissing yourself laughing as a Spurs fan. Lets be honest, its been a good season and the possibility of getting the final CL place is real. Instead of us fans dismantling our team already ( the same squad that got us this far), BACK our team! COYS

  23. We defo need to freshen up going forward, I belive if we had bought a striker we would be challenging to a far greater level, we look stale, there are players like Jenas, Bentley, Dos Santos who have not developed oe will now not be given the opportunity to develop, Kranjar ? a good player but is he really going to feature? id love to keep him but he needs to play, Keane? even Defoe? great servents but are now found wanting, I believe they both played to much to young (Burnt out) you wouldnt want to sell Modric a great intracut passer of the ball, but for a player / attacking middfielder apparantly at world class level, 1 league goal all season to me just doesnt cut it, VDV is our only natural finisher and by trade hes a central midfielder, but to accomadate other players ends up playing relentlessly out of position, yes we have a great squad, but to many players of a similar ilk! we need to freshen up!

  24. I wthink we need three key players to make a really good strong team:
    LB, RB, CF.
    Put them into this team and we’d be pretty hard to beat:
    R/B Gallas Dawson L/B
    Hudd Modric
    Lennon Bale

  25. I agree with James, looking at Modric’s record he plays attractive football, but where the end product, do you know he has only contributed to 2 league assists all season, VDV 12 goals 5 assists, yes Modric is a great lad, a very good player, we wouldnt want to lose him, but to me the facts are there to be seen, when he plays its one player you can almost bet your morgage on wont score, along with most of the other members of our team, we had a great chance to invest in maybe Huntalaar, or even on a short term basis Raul, to be honest as predicted it looks like we are regretting it already.

  26. Hutton or Corluka to go, then Walker can have a chance
    Bentley, Pienaar, O’Hara to go
    Keane to go plus, either Pav or Crouch
    Woodgate sadly to go, King on play to pay

    Bring in new CB, cover at LB for BAE, Jarvis to cover for both Lennon and Bale, plus Connor Wickham and 1 top quality striker. If we can afford 2 top strikers let both Crouch and Pav go- but can’t see that happening

    And crucially no selling Bale, lennon, VDV, Dawson, Sandro or Modric

  27. I think the number 1 priority in the summer should be trying to hang onto the likes of Modric, Bale and VdV to be honest. If one of these heads off it sends the wrong signal to the other players and the top ones will look to leave too… we’ll be mid-table before you know it.

    So, apart from the fringe players mentioned in the post, we need to keep the team we have and add a quality striker if at all possible. Then make a push for CL qualification next season (I think we’ve blown it this season).

    But which top players are going to come to Tottenham if we don’t qualify for the Champions League?

    Not the likes of Benzema, thats for sure (we all know we wouldn’t have got VdV last season if we weren’t playing in the CL, right?).

    So if we’re not going to be able to lure a CL quality striker to the Lane we need to give a good striker playing in an unglamorous team/league the chance to shine on the bigger Premiership stage… much like we’ve done with Sandro.


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