Much has been made of the Peter Crouch dismissal and the effect that it had on our game last night. Crouch leapt in with rash tackles on two occasions and whether he deserved the red card or not, it certainly made things almost impossible once we went down to ten men.

But how much did it really affect the outcome? A certain team not so far from us seemed to blame a sending off for defeat in a Champions League tie when they didn’t manage a shot on goal all evening.

Would the margin of defeat been smaller and could we be looking at a deficit that we may have had a chance of overturning? Should Harry have gambled and thrown another striker into the mix?

Was it a case of what might have been, or should we be showing more dignity than our neighbours and admitting we were beaten by a better side?



  1. One thing is for certain and that is we wouldn’t of scored!! You need strikers for that and we have ‘crouching kitten hidden giraffe’ Defore who’s record of crapness speaks for itself and Pavlycheko who is at best average!!!

    The real mystery is why Levy is still in charge, no new stadium and 1 league cup in 10 years!!!!!…Crap!!!

    Soon the rumours will start about Bale, Rafael and Modric, but will Levy go spend money to make us real challnegers….No……he never does!!! We will lose one of those players this Summer and good luck to them. Why should they wait until Spurs make a Billion pounds for their own coffers!!!…Good luck and thank you. I love Spurs but if I was a player in that team I’d want to know why King get sa salary, woodgate..are you ever going to play again? and the hell we don’t at least have a world class striker….At least if I was a spurs player I could beat up on Jenas…and put him out of action:):)

    To recap….Last night the fault lays firmly at Levys door!!

    • what a first class idiot you are. Yep the reason we got beat last night is Levy, the man who has owned us through to the most successful period in the last 30 years, the man who has spent hundreds of millions of pounds assembling a team to qualify for the champions league, a man who has always given his best to us and you’re moaning that we arent as good as real madrid. You are a utter disgrace, get out of my team and find another to support you mug.

  2. chris

    you are an idiot.

    top bloody 4, champions league QF at first attempt not good enough for you??? Levy’s fault that Crouch was sent off was it? Perhaps Levy should have spent £150m buying Ronaldo, Kaka & Di Maria? And perhaps he should stump up out of his own pocket the £450m need for a new stadium ?

    Where have you been the last 20+ years…this is as high as we have been for you almost my life time (i’m 38).

    Get some perspective………with fans like you who needs enemies!?

  3. i think Devonshirespur is right. i dont understand how you can blame levy for yesterdays result? it lies with the manager and his players.

    i think some of harrys decisions in the game was poor. for starters Jenas replaced Lennon and what happened? loses his marker for the first goal. then never really saw the boy for the rest of the game. then half time tack off VDV okay maybe a good thing as he 2 would of probs got sent off aswell. but to bring on defoe when we are going to just lump the ball clear? is defoe going to hold the ball up to give us a break? no hes not why Pav still sits rotting avay on the Bench is beyond me? best striker record this season.

  4. No dont even start this. We are not moaning gooners, failing to face up to reality. it made no difference, we still would have been smashed. Chin up, thank spurs for a great ride and get over it.

  5. Top 4 – not anymore. Especially as City and Liverpool will fight it out as they have more resources. At least you were there once since the inception of the Premiership (That is a good achievement)

    Moaning Gooners – they have had success in the last ten years (Invincibles, doubles etc) and also built a World Class stadium and now owe not too much more than you do, hence that is why they moan

    Do not blame one player for being sent off – it would have made no difference. Everyone underestimated Real Madrid up to now – Mourinho is the difference. IF anyone will win it it is Real or Barca (Hate to say that)

    This year the Premiership is very weak in comparison to other years and you fail to have a chance at winning it – that will be 50 years for you guys!

    Redknap has done wonders for you – before he came along you could have got relegated! Show some appreciation.

    Spanish football is what it is because of the class of players and also World Cup winning mentality too. Sorry but English players (Which you boast about) are just not good enough.

    • Agree mate you just have to look at the difference in the squads, we lose lennon bring on jenas take off vdv bring on defoe doesnt really compare to madrids subs Higuain and Kaka not to mention ronaldo, ramos, casailas and co.

      I cant really see how man u or chelsea squad even come close to that. Its a shame that real and barca didnt avoid each over to the final that would have been amazing.

      That said crouch did not help matters getting sent off game plan gone straight away. I can actually see us scoring a couple at the lane, but are we really gonna keep a clean sheet. I think not.

      I think its a bit of a reality check for the premierleague when you see the class of those teams.

      Final point I thought that was the best refereeing I ve seen in a while the next Collina maybe didn’t buckle under pressure once.

      • sorry……no way… i cant agree with that.. the ref was shocking!!!… inconsistent all over the place to both teams…. this is no side comment regarding crouch – he should have gone… but his decision making the rest of the time was a massive joke.. a ‘real’

        • the Ref was good last night. the only decision we screwed up was not booking Ramos. but yeah we would of lost with eleven men or 10 but it was about damage limitation if we had tht extra man perhaps we could of held the ball better.

    • Good points – We have had every chance to actually win the league this year!!… You cant gain 3 points from Blackpool Wolves West ham and wigan and then wonder why were not top 4… I agree with devonshirespur – as a 26 yr old, this year and last have been the best I have known as a spurs fan.. we have always been a mid table team due to size that play attacking football ad have a go and i love em for it.. oh well… if we go on a run we CAN get 4th.. its only football

  6. crouch lanky waste of space.
    golden boy modric went on the back post but was in shock when the ball actualy came towards him.
    dawson no matter how good he was he should have been the 1 marking adeisaoar.
    why bring on defoe?
    all in all a shambles mainly due to crouch.
    im sure this game was match fixed what with lennon taken ill as well as lanky the kamakazi pilot.
    and by the way levy is the finest chairman in the premier league.

  7. You said it! Yes they were better than us, yes they would have won yes they deserved to win but it may have been 2 as opposed to 4. And if it was 2… we’d have “a chance”

  8. hahahaha u guys got walloped, where are the posters of arsenal are you watching???? yes please i was watching and u got served haha,this is like the all time high this mediocre club will ever reach for the next century, meanwhile no cl next season for you lot

    • that’s football and life will go on and it doesn’t matter as Arsenal will STILL be waiting for a trophy within that century as we continue to improve while they continue to degrade and lose to teams like birmingham in a cup final.

    • Well played Gunner, I swear S*urs care more about Arsenal not winning a trophy than they do about finishing in the top 4. Also, yes S*urs you got further than us, but we just lost to Barcelona who are the best team in the world. I don’t buy the excuse we put forward of the red card changed the game but until RVP went Barca had one shot on target, after that, numerous clear cut chances. S*urs, the first big test you faced was Inter away and you got rode on for 45 mintues and then Inter let up and then the second challenge you got slaughtered by Madrid.

  9. Spurs were never going to score last night, but I agree with the fact that it would have probably only having been 3-0 or maybe even 2-0 if Crouch hadnt been sent off. By far the most entertaining part of the night was hearing Ray Wilkins say “Stay on your feet” above 9,000 times

  10. Pissed we lost!!!! At least we went one round further than the GOOONERS!!! COYS. Hope the boys can pull through with a strong finish to the season.


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