It seems that everyone on this website has been able to spot Spurs’ attacking deficiencies for months, but they’ve only been highlighted in recent weeks because the likes of Bale and VDV haven’t been scoring the goals that should be coming from the strikers.

We go into tomorrow’s game having not scored in the last four so where’s the next goal coming from? It’s interesting at times to look at the bookmakers’ take on the situation. First goalscorer odds for tomorrow’s match show Crouch and VDV as joint favourites at around 9/2. Defoe and Pav then come in at 5/1 with Bale out at 9/1.

For the pessimists amongst you,  no goalscorer can be backed at 7/1, while curiously, Danny Rose is priced at just 14/1 – do they know something we don’t?

Does it need someone like Rose or even Bostock to inject a bit of life into the squad? Are we going to score tomorrow and if so, just where is that elusive goal going to come from?



  1. Listen the same problem has been here all season, Pav, Defoe and Crouch are all crap, they have cost us 4th and champions league.
    RedKnickers thinks to get a goal we go 2 upfront and go for it, so picks 2 out of the 3 doughnuts instead of 1.
    He seriously needs to drop them all, play VDV upfront, Krancjar behind him, as he is the only one who does look like he can score. How can they serious do any worse.

    I dont know how one true spurs fan who has watched the team all year can support any one of the 3 dougnut strikers we have

  2. Defoe & Pav are individualist’s & not team players. Especially Defoe who regularly goes for glory. Not once have I seem him assist in creating an oppurtunity

    • i honest cant mock Pav and crouch. they seem to play well together. Pav isn’t tht selfish as some are saying he technicly set up two goals. we have to play pav and crouch against madrid if we want to score.

  3. I hope we play Huddlestone tomorrow – and hopefully Lennon and Bale are available too. Pav does have the best strike rate, and he should be given the start

  4. As we need to go for goals – we should play:

    Charlie (Gallas if Charlie out) Bassong Daws Bale
    Lennon Thudd/Sandro Modders VDV

    VDV drops way too deep to be considered a striker, with Bale at left back it gives VDV the chance to tuck in and link with modders and leaves Bale some space for overlapping. Pav and Kranj both like a shot at goal & both have decent scoring records.

  5. loook everyone doubts defoe, yes he is a glory hog, but do you remember the two goals against wolves, they were placement not power and hes a striker he isnt necessarily meant to set others up, isnt that what VDV is for, and i would rather defoe take a shot than pass as he isn’t a good passer anyway like quite alot of strikers, i still back defoe and pav but crouch and keane can piss off


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