Steven Pienaar is looking at next week’s game against Arsenal to make his Tottenham comeback. Pienaar, who arrived from Everton during the January transfer window, has missed the last five games due to a persistent groin injury which flared up last month.

It seems to be the usual case when you talk about Steven Pienaar that you have to look at his own Twitter account to get any up to date news. In it he said after the Real Madrid game: “A pity I couldn’t play tonight. I hope I will be 100% fit for the Arsenal game.”

The return of Tom Huddlestone means that for many, Harry has his first choice midfield to pick from with Bale, Lennon, Hudd, Modric and VDV all fit. Pienaar may well struggle to move anyone from that line up, but Harry would welcome his return and the option of having him on the bench.




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