If you’ve nothing better to do during the course of today, why not pick up the phone and vote for Luka Modric for Sky Sports Goal of the Week?

A rare strike for Luka against Stoke City last weekend was picked up by Sky and irrespective of whether he wins, it was good to see him on the score-sheet.

It was a little strange to see a very small Modric backlash in recent times and although we were all aware that he doesn’t contribute too many goals, his lack of assists was a very surprising statistic. It seems unlikely to say the least that Luka will read too much of this criticism, but maybe he will be aware that he needs to contribute more where it really counts.

Luka is, for some, our player of the year and it would be great to see his name in the goals column more often. The Stoke game seems as good a place as any to start.



  1. how many goals has javi or inista got not shed loads
    also he already links play up PERFECTLY wat planet you on

  2. Perhaps if he played where VDV plays he might get goals and assists instead of doing weak Cryuff impressions in the middle of the park with no end product.VDV is too slow,Modders would suit his role much better.We should play Real’s formation but that might be a little complicated for our inglorious leader.

  3. Yes it would be lovely for lickle Luka to get more in (snigger) but at least he performs consistently brilliantly so let’s not be too hard on him. You can be hard on me if you like though boysHHXX

  4. I think Modric is by far our best player and any argument against that is i.m.o. senseless – nobody touches him for his skill workrate and passibng ability. He mioght need to beef up just a little bit mor as in Madrid he was pushed off the ball a little too easily at times.
    I think one thing that we must realise after the 2 Real games and that is why V.D.V. is with us and NOT R.M. He just doesn’t match their midfielders in any way and would hardly ever get a game – he has done well in the Premiership but seems alcking in Europe or am I missing something???

  5. Moron! Just about every decent attack by Spurs originates with Modric. I guess you haven’t noticed, but he does cover a great deal of ground defensively. I guess he could rush forward a lot, like that halfwit Jenas, and score more goals so the other team can score through his lack of responsibility defensively. Then we can loose our games 4 to 3 and make the games more exciting. Try not to just read the stats and watch the complete game of football and you might actually have something intelligent to say in the future you muppet.

  6. Well whatever he did he wouldn’t rush forward like Jenas because Jenas is about twice as fast. Both Modric and VDV have no pace which is a bit of a handicap. But he is a lovely little player and can keep the ball and make space for himself. Sometimes he hangs onto it just a bit too long though which Real exploited. We look better with Hud back and I wouldn’t necessarily have Modric playing every game. I’d like to see Sandro teamed up with Hud to see how it works.

    • Dude what are you on about, Modric is actually very fast, he wouldnt be able to skip past players twice his size without it. I agree about looking better with Hudd but how can you say Modric shouldnt be a definite starter?! Him and Dawson should be the first names on the team sheet imo.

    • modric has a great turn of pace, gains an extra yard with little bursts. like for his goal against stoke and the own goal that he played a massive part in against liverpool that went down as an own goal.

  7. I agree that Modric should score more goals. I have always held him in the same bracket as Fabregas, however, Fabregas scores 10-15 goals a season, Modric does well to get 5.

    However, one very underrated, and overlooked stat is secondary assists. Basically an assist of an assist. Modric is huge in this department. Take for example, van der Vaart’s goal against Villa away earlier this season. Rafa got the goal, and Hutton got the assist, and thats what the stats will show, but that goal couldn’t have happened without Luka. He won the ball in the midfield, beat a player, before hitting a 50/60 yard pass out to Hutton, leaving him with a simple 10 yard pass into the box for Rafa to tap in. Even though those stats will show a Rafa goal, with a Hutton assist, it was really Modric’s goal.

    Also, the game against Inter Milan at home, 3-1. Bale got the plaudits, and Crouch, Rafa and Pav got the goals, but Modric ran that game. Everything good we did, came through him. He set up the first, had Sjneider (the current voted best midfielder in the world) in his pocket. He was the one setting up Bale’s runs, and dictating play.

    • I agree in the article. More goals would make him perfect. However, don’t compare his goal tally with Fabregas’. The gooner takes all penalties and all free kicks around the box for them. Luka doesn’t. For penalties I guess he could, as he did that for Croatia. For the free kicks it’s obious that Bale and VdV (although it’s time for him to actually get one in) have better feet..

  8. He creates play, he doesn’t finish it. He is our new Ardiles. Did he score lots of goals? No.

    I think he’ll score more once he plays in front of Sandro and Huddlestone in a 4 2 3 1 with a quality striker up top which will give him more freedom and a lot less defensive responsibility.

    Were it not for the clowns we call strikers, Modric would already have more goals and assists; he operates on a much higher level than the losers we currently have.

  9. Nobody should be an automatic starter, this is when complacency sets in. In away games against cluggers, sometimes Modric should make way for Thudd and Sandro who will win headers and match the oppostion physically.

  10. Luka Modric is the best combination of talent, energy, enthusiasm, skill and tenacity I have seen in a spurs shirt. You can build a team around people like this man. I thnk he is a team player and whatever the stats say, he contributes every time he pulls a Spurs shirt on. He is constant energy and always a threat, any team would love to have him, but we have got him, let’s keep it that way.
    John Tilbury (Spurs boy since 1960).


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