It may have been a slow weekend at the News of the World, where the story linking Harry Redknapp to the Chelsea manager’s post emerged yesterday.

If previous form is anything to go by, Carlo Ancelotti’s failure to secure at trophy at Stamford Bridge is likely to see him vacate the post this summer and there is likely to be a queue already forming to take over.

The Redknapp link comes because Abramovich is believed to ‘admire him’, but is this really enough for him to become a serious candidate?

The bookies aren’t impressed and still have Harry at around 25/1 to take over at Chelsea, while they price him at odds on to become the next England manager. So was this just a case of not letting the facts get in the way of a good story, or could we really see this happening?



  1. He could go there,and has been quite complimentary about Chelsea with words like how big and strong and powerful they are..Would Roman want a coach who doesn’t appear to have much tactical nous though is the question,,

  2. The question is would Chelski want him? Chelski have a habit of losing under-performing managers, while Harry has a rep for being a mercenary. He will have no allegiance to Spurs. Not sure it makes much sense, plus Harry works best as a man-manager of mostly English players. Again this does not make sense re:chelski…

  3. I think this is just another case of lazy journalists making up stories. Apart from us, Harry has no pedigree for “big clubs and big prizes”. In addition, he has the court case to deal with, and it would appear that the job that he really wants is England.

    So why would Chelsea offer him the job, knowing that he might be ‘banged up’ in a few months time, and if he isn’t, that he will be looking at the England job in a little over 12 months? More to the point, Chelsea usually go for managers with a big history of trophies. Grant was an exception, but he was a personal friend of Roman Tovaritch.

  4. If he wants to go,let him.we are bigger than any manager! We will attract a higher pedigree of manager easily with our record! Coys


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