Manager Harry Redknapp was defiant when asked about Spurs’ chances of making the top four this season following Saturday’s disappointing 2-2 home draw with West Brom.

Speaking before last night’s game at Ewood Park between Blackburn and Manchester City, Harry said: “It’s going to be difficult but it’s still all to play for.”

It would appear however, that if we don’t qualify then it’s City’s cash and not our failure to beat the bottom sides that will be blamed.

“I find it hard that now everyone expects us to be in the Champions League,

“Tottenham had never been in it before until this season and suddenly it is like ‘we have to be in the Champions League’.

“Manchester City have gone out and spent God knows what to get above us. Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea are there every year, Liverpool will be there next year. It’s difficult to get fourth. It has been a great season but it’s not over yet.”

City’s win last night stretched their lead to four points with just five games left for both sides in the 2010-11 campaign.



  1. The thing is, Harry, it’s not City’s spending that has made us miss out on the Champions League, it’s the rubbish results against the teams lower down the Premier League. City could spend a billion quid and that wouldn’t change last Saturday’s draw.

  2. reality is Harry has failed this season. Unlike Arsenal we cannot say we lost a cup final we dominated by a fluke goal and we were only knocked out of cl by a missed chance against barca, no we lost to blackpool and the rest failed to score against the hammers because harry has come to end of his road.
    For once Harry admit it was your fault
    we do not expect cl football but realise with the players we have and everybody else off the boil we had our best chance all we needed was a coach to plan to use the best out of what we got. It is obvious that VDV and bale need to have workhorses around them (David Howells) to feed and be there to take the one twos.
    Man utd do not play all their flair players together because their manager manages it.
    I feel all Harry is thinking about is his soundbites how Man City are there because of the money,
    If Harry was 10 years younger and not prison bound I would say sack him now, but I now say give him the chelsea game then sack him as once in prison we will havew to find a manager anyway

  3. reality is, that the vocal minority of our fans seem to be turning into greedy, unrealistic glory hunters. How can anybody moan when we are having our best period for 30 years? Harry is spot on, City will spend millions until they overtake us, so whether we got 4th this year or not, eventually they would have taken it from us. It was inevitable. they have the stadium and they pay the wages so what honestly do you expect spurs to do ?? If you’re saying wages and stadium do not matter then on that basis why aren’t blackpool winning the league?? You cannot judge us by man utd standards, we are tottenham and top 6 and the Qtr finals of the european cup should, and is by the sensible, celebrated. How quickly you morons forget the misery of finishing 11th year after year. Here we are, aiming to get 5th ( incidently our 2nd best ever finish ) and all you can do is moan. You are an utter disgrace to the club. Please sod off and support chelsea or someone because you make me so ashamed to be a spurs fan. For our club at present, we should never be higher than 6th, that is our par. Any less is poor, any more is good when you consider the resources of the competition. We are closer to arsenal and cheslea than anytime in 20 years, yet still you cant face this reality in your blind so called support. Harry has made mistakes but if anyone needs sacking its you lot, please let the real fans who are realistic appreciate these last few years, this is as good as it gets chaps. The sooner you wake up and face reality the better for you and the club.

    • Its supporters like you that keep the club back!!! 15 years of chronic UNDERACHIEVEMENT has lowered expectation to almost ZERO, its supporters like U Jim that make me ashamed to b a spurs fan, happy to be in the top half with maybe a carling cup run every 10 years that will do in ur world wont it?? Do u think our failure to consolidate our position in the top 4 in what’s been a sub-standard lge is down to city’s billions or redkrapp’s limitations? One win in 10 in what should’ve been winnable fixtures,
      again who’s responsible 4 this dreadful run? Wages n stadium u cry?? Well it hurts to say it but our friends across the road made top 4 year after year before moving to the Emirates but u r so easily pleased,happy we’ve ACHIEVED the giddy heights of 5TH!! Im sure u were probably one of the supporters who gave the team a standing ovation 4 losing 5-0 to Real but what an “adventure” eh Jim? PATHETIC!!

    • You are right.’Its as good as it gets’ because it won’t get any better thanks to Mr Rednapp.
      A few points that led to our deterioration under Arry as follows:
      January Transfer window- distracted by Beckham’s arrival at Spurs for the purpose of promoting the Olympic Stadium bid. Arry kisses the Board’s ass by pretending to be interested in signing Becks when a Striker is desperately needed.
      Arry declares that his worried about the pending Court Case and that it is effecting his decision making.
      Ten men against Real Madrid with a second leg to consider Arry brings on Defoe as a lone striker.
      Against Blackpool, Wigan and Wolves, Arry decides to play Jenas in mid field instead of Sandro.
      Against the Arse, Arry decides to play Huddleston instead of Sandro. VDV on the right wing instead of the great Azza. Harry was fortunate to have such a talented squad and with respect, got the club in the champion’s League as well as victories against Arsenal but he has made a lot of tactical cock ups that have cost us top 4. I predict that one of Arry’s signings next season will be Goal Keeper Paul Robinson which is a reflection of his backward thinking. The big issue for me is why Arry continues to play JD even though he has scored only three goals all season. Methinks that Arry is on a bonus every time Defoe scores because for the life of me I cannot understand why he starts before Pava.

  4. I think the problem really is that we have fans that are like our manager – unambitious. We’re on pace to have 10 points less than we did last season and some fans se that as progress? We’ve only won once in 9 tries against teams in the bottom 5. We had a dreamlike season in the CL but don’t forget we crashed out 6-0! We were magical in the CL because we beat Inter Milan in a great game. But, remember Inter just got beaten 5-2 at home by Schalke! I don’t care if we finish 4th, 5th, 10th or 1st. I just want us to be ambitious for once. Harry already conceded that we’ll be 6th again next year because Man U, Man C, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool will finish ahead of us. Is that an ambitious manager? Also, when the fans moan at a result, he insults them. “2 points from 8 when we got here”. I wonder what Dalglish should say at Liverpool. Or Hodgson at WBA. Our great players will leave us at this rate and we’ll be like the West Hams of this world once again. If I’m Daniel Levy, I will fire Harry if I can get a better coach. You all forgot that until the collapse under Ramos, we were 5th twice under a manager that had near zero support an much less talent. Harry is a great guy but he’s just waiting for the next job (he thinks England but I think the FA is much smarter to give Harry that job. Hogson would most likely get it). The media loves him because he’s English an he talks a lot.

    • Grace u r a lady after my own heart! spot on!!!! Hopefully some of our fellow supporters will see the light n start having higher expectations for our club cos that’s the only way we’ll REALLY start to improve. We have gone BACKWARDS this season n anyone who cant see that is a plank!!!

  5. This is the same bloke who said Spurs can win the league and we are now as good as Arsenal?

    Well Arsenal have been in the CL for the last 13 years, surely qualification therefore has to be the minimum expectation?

    Harry has built up this expectation so therefore he should be able to manage it. If he fails…off with his head.

  6. sorry jim i think your wrong.
    your looking at this from the wrong angle, WHL has been sold out for 95% of all weekend home games for the best part of ten years so we should have done something about ground capacity years ago, thus creating more revenue before waiting until we desperately need it.
    We as fans have every right to aim a little higher than our current position especially with the squad we currently have, we’ve never had as many (well paid) internationals as we do today. the team were massivley underperforming before redknapp turned up and should have been fighting for a CL spot not fighting relegation, so to credit arry with every thing is ridiculous. Too many games have been drawn or lost due to our inabillty to finish teams off and that is due to redknapps team and transfer selections so i think its fair enough to critisise him at times. yes there are times when we get carried away and assume we’re at the same level as man utd just because we’re tottenham hotspur. but lets not forget they havent always been as all singing and all dancing as they are today, but i can garuntee that they all sat there thinking they should be during the bad times,hoping the good times were just around the corner. ( again)

  7. what annoys me about redknapp is the constant shit that comes out of his mouth,one minute we`re good enuf to win the league then 2 wks later we`ll be lucky to get top 4.this guy is a one trick pony who has no plan b when we`re getting done by lower teams.with the players we have at the lane we shud`ve got 4th or even 3rd sown up ages ago but he will not drop crouch and defoe,not good enough.all redknapp thinks about is redknapp and his cv for england job.hope levy shows some balls and sacks him and gets owen coyle in.

      • who or what do you want to happen at spurs,i’ve never seen you write a word of support. Like a lot of spurs fans on these post you seem to revel in your gloomy predictions looking like they are coming to fruition,you seem to think your constant moaning shows a greater passion,i say bollocks .I’m with jim on this one


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