A familiar name is being linked with a summer move to White Hart Lane this summer as Liverpool are believed to be looking to offload ‘£10m flop’ Joe Cole. The midfielder has enjoyed a largely fruitless period on Merseyside and it has been suggested that a move back to London is looking increasingly likely.

Cole has made only eight starts so far in 2010-11 and has lost his place in the England squad. At 29 he may well seek a move to get his career back on track. He ticks the ‘previously worked with Harry box’, but having supposedly snubbed Spurs at the start of the season, would Redknapp go back in for him?

Liverpool for their part were linked with Aaron Lennon last month and all Spurs fans would hope that Cole isn’t here at Lennon’s expense next season. That aside, would Joe Cole make a worthy addition to the Spurs squad or does his experience at Anfield indicate that he is past his best?



  1. Not a chance, we don’t need another player who plays the VDV role. We are already struggling to accommodate the current one.

  2. Well, no. But not sure where “10m” comes from. He is got to be worth 5m tops. He is no longer recovering from injuries, far less effective, and has just lost his place in the team.

  3. If Joe Cole joins Tottenham I will hold a ‘Harry Out’ banner at WHL. Not good enough last season and not good enough now. Levy bought van der Vaart. Redknapp wanted Cole.

    • Exactlxw mate. Its just paper bullsh@t but if harry did go for him then he will be out of tottenham quicker than a scouser buying smack. Joe cole has found his level at liverpoo and tottenham is way too big and lennon hates scousers as does bale and the whole country.

  4. Absolutely not. I firmly believe, had we got him instead of Liverpool it would have come at the expense of Bale. Especially given Harry’s the sort of manager that would stick with a player even when they’re not performing when they’re one of his favourites.

  5. If you Lose VDV in the summer when you don’t qualify for any Europe, we’ll give you Joe cole and 7/8 mill for your boy Lennon.

  6. No ta. Never been the player he was since bad injury. We need Scott Parker type in the away games particularly. Liverpool got him on a free and will unload him to a Sunderland or Villa.

    • we already have a brazilian interenational who is probably going to go and make his name elsewhere cos harry will stick with huddlestone cos hes one of his boys..joke.

  7. It was a free transfer, wasn’t it? He ought to be known as the ‘free flop’.

    No. Joe Cole is one of the most overrated players ever to have played in the PL.

    We don’t need any more flair players in midfield, especially one as lightweight as him. He chose money and the scousers over us, let him deal with the fact that he isn’t as a good as he believed.

    Given the chance, Redknapp would sign him though. Redknapp is becoming the real problem, a problem that should be nipped in the bud asap in my opinion.

    • I agree with you totally. I also think Redknapp will buy him, though maybe for £5-6 million which is great business for us. IMO you need a keeper, a centre back, and a striker, but Redknapp seems to like collecting players in positions not needed. Hence the late and weird move for Charlie Adam in January, when you already had an abundance of talent in midfield. I think HR will see Cole as the one that got away and someone he can change the fortunes of. I don’t agree that he could however (same with R. Keane) and it’ll be a bad move for Spurs and Joe Cole himself. Plus you’ll probably get another defender with long term injury problems just to unsettle your defence further and I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to get someone like Scholes if manu let him go!

  8. Cole is past his prime and would be more suited to a medium sized London Club temporarily playing above its natural level, like Tottenhamistan Hoofspurs for example and he would be a decent replacement for Gareth Bale when he leaves for a Big Club.

  9. Joe would look great in a Spurs shirt. Could you imagine a midfield/front line of Pienaar, Cole, Modric and Lennon, with VDV and Defoe. What a thought, lol!

    Buy him up ‘Arry!

  10. Is he any better than Kranjar? This is what we should be looking at sell Bentley £8mill, Corluka £5 million, Dos Santos £4 million, Pav £9million, Gomes £5 million, Hutton £4.5 million, Keane £5 million, Palacios £7 million, Jenas £5 million thats 52 million. Buy Given £3 million, Parker £10 million when West Ham go down (shame) Drogba £7 million, Berbatov £9 million, and a decent right back any suggestions as i am not sure about Walker yet..we would have loads in the bank and altough an older squad with these players but a smaller and better proven squad…

    • A bit “championship manager” there – apart from the fact that I don’t think that Championship manager has the logic of a team (City) refusing to sell any players to a rival (us). West Ham not keen to sell to us either. Why would you sell Gomes? Even if you don’t rate him, surely you keep him as back up. A keeper that has lost his place due to mistakes is more likely to grab their chance with aplomb when it comes along. Dude. We have loads in the back anyway. We do not need to raise funds – that is not why we are not signing so many players. The obstacles to signing players are based on Levy’s (good) business sense: Wages you can afford. Players should be sold for their value or more. You don’t sign a 5th striker without shedding one of the other four – etc…

      • No not really Gomes has made so many mistakes yes one or two coud be excused but not the number he makes. Also is it not wise to have money in the bank rather than overstretch…we have a lot of dead wood although I still think Bentley could do a job…perhaps he has Becks lined up I would still take him

  11. No, no, no, no, no!

    We do not need Joe Cole, especially on the wages he would command.

    Spend the money where it’s needed…..where it has been needed for three years now – ever since the departure of Berbatov – on top quality strikers. And a credible back up for Benny at left back. Don’t waste a penny of transfer fees and wages on an attacking midfielder who isn’t as good as Bale, Modric, Lennon or Van Der Vaart and who is even no better than Kranjcar or Piennaar.

    This is my one major gripe with Harry. He lacks imagination in the transfer market. Almost always goes for tried and tested Premier League players (Defoe, Crouch, Keane, Pienaar, Cole, Neville, Parker) when there are better players out there for less. Would Spurs have bought the likes of Modric and Sandro if it had been Harry’s choice? I don’t think so.

    Of Harry’s signings, only Gallas has been an unqualified success.

    • True. Harry is not adventurous in the transfer market. However, nothing wrong with tried and tested Premiership players. For every Modric, there is a Rebrov. You need to assess the personality of the player from abroad. Can he adapt? Rebrov truly hated being here. I still maintain that many of our best players were signed from the lower division (Dawson, Lennon, Hudd, Bale). Let’s not neglect looking there for a player or two – for example City got Adam Johnson and Joe Hart from the lower leagues – 2 of their best signings despite spending 100s of millions.

      • Absolutely….let’s find the next the Thudd, Lennon, Bale and Dawson.

        But, yet again, I don’t think that Harry’s the man for that. If transfers were left entirely to him, we’d have a much older team. His pursuit of Scott Parker is a case in point. In principle, there’s nothing wrong with it. But if we were to sign 30 year old Parker, I’m sure he would play every game. And it would be at Sandro’s expense.

        I think we’ve all seen enough of Sandro in the past couple of months to know that he has all the necessary qualities to be an outstanding Premier League player and has the potential to be a far superior player than Parker.

        It would be criminal to marginalize Sandro in order to be able to accommodate Parker.

  12. So it is agreed. Majority of Spurs fans would love to see Joe at the lane next season. Harry Redders go on my son, make it happen.

  13. If he’s a swap with Keane, then I’d be tempted. However joking a side, (but you started it by quoting 10 million), its a year since, so he’s a year older, he’s been proved pretty useless for Liverpool, we have too many similar players on far less wages, who are better, younger and more effective than Cole, so why even entertain it, and I cannot see Levy going for him, especially when Harry’s not even certain he’ll be our manager for too much longer!

  14. Cole would be the most negative buy this club has made for years.we were fortunate not to sign him before and we need forwards not ‘cockle football from a player who has no champagne


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