t was pointed out on here in one of the comments that it’s not that easy to get rid of our fringe players if nobody wants them. Players such as Bale and Modric are naturally going to be in demand but there aren’t exactly a flood of rumours concerning the likes of O’Hara, Bentley and Keane.

Those three in particular are likely to return to Spurs in the summer and what will happen then? All of them have joined relegation threatened sides and apart from a brief flurry of goals from Jamie O’Hara, none have exactly played a major role in steering their side to safety.

We all know that Keane has a clause in his contract that makes his West Ham deal permanent if they stay up but that looks less likely with every game. QPR however, have emerged as possible candidates for his permanent signature.

Bentley has been getting mixed reviews from St Andrews, while O’Hara may well find himself having played for two relegated clubs in two years and that in itself could work against a player.

A logical step for all of them, assuming they’re to stay in this country, is to drop into the Championship, but could salary and ego work against them? Despite Daniel Levy’s words about ‘streamlining’ the squad, another round of loan deals could yet be on the horizon for some of these players.



    • I firmly believe Naughton has a spot on the squad next season. I am not saying he will be a regular starter but the back four needs to get younger and I think Naughton will be a part of that unit next season.

      • TJ – you think Naughton will return and be in the regular squad rather than Walker? I’d have thought it’d be the other way round…. (though maybe both will return and Hutton will go)

        • I think both Naughton and Walker will be on the squad. I doubt either will be a regular starter (possibly Walker if he keeps improving) but I do think they both will be part of our defensive depth. The status of Hutton will be interesting.

  1. If we can’t sell them then the price is too high, though the player’s demands could be a problem too. I can’t believe there aren’t plenty of clubs who would like O’Hara and Keane, even Jenas at the right price. They aren’t good enough for top four but they aren’t rubbish. If these players want regular first team spots then they need to lower their expectations. Maybe they just prefer the money they get at Spurs.

    Dos Santos seems to be doing fairly well and saleable. Bentley has an attitude problem obviously.

  2. As Marc said, we have more players that are around that could boost our war chest, but no interest from potential buyers, or the price is too high for any suitors.

    O`Hara, Keane, Dos Santos, Bassong, Bentley and JENAS can go imho. Other players I think that will be on their way are, Palacios, Krankjar, Hutton, Defoe, Pavlychenko and Crouch.
    Looks like a very summer transfer window on the cards for Spurs, just hope they don`t apply the sell before buying policy that has really been somewhat disastrous for us in recent years.

    Clear targets, pre-pre contracts signed and Out`s already in the window before it opens.


    • ps.

      King and Woody may be taken off the wage list, very sad, but can we really rely on either of them?

      Walker is and should be made first choice RB, Naughton is more versatile can play across the line.

  3. Can’t see us selling all our strikers by any stretch! To be honest it may well only be Keane! It could be Pav as well which is a shame cos I think a long run of games would see him score a hatful! Defoe needs to stop finding God and start finding the net! A top striker is a must!

  4. I really don’t understand why we want to get rid of O’Hara. He has a great left foot, he ias a scrapper, he can play LB, LMF, or cnetral mid. He is exactly the type of player we need.

  5. yep, did anyone see O’ haras comments the other day? Perhaps we could of done with some of that in the last month or so….the lad gives a shit.


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