Spurs line up Danish defender

Spurs line up Danish defender


In amongst all the fallout from the City game last night, there is very little else to report, but there is an interesting transfer rumour that is gaining a bit of momentum linking Spurs with the talented Danish central defender Mathias Jorgensen.

Jorgensen is just 21 and has been with his current side, FC Copenhagen for four years. His potential was realised at an early age by Denmark who threw him into his first international game at the age of 18. However, he has won just five international caps in the three years that have followed.

Far from being a back up, it’s thought that Jorgensen could have the pedigree to walk straight into a Spurs starting line up and make a first team place his own, but Tottenham could face competition from Everton and Newcastle in England as well as other sides from around Europe.

Although Jorgensen may not be the one to arrive at the Lane this summer, it looks increasingly likely that Harry Redknapp will look to reinforce the spine of the team for the start of 2011-12.


  1. Sorry but i have had enough of the king thing its time to let go.Woody must go with bentley,dos santos,o’hara,jenas bassong,hutton,gomes,niko,wilson,keane,crouch,pava.Sell all these or release them and lets start with a strong squad next year who can play more than 2 games a month.

  2. totally agree with Davy with the list of packages to be exported from the lane in the summer.. Except for crouch..i would rather monitor his performances in the 1st half of next season and maybe ship him out in january

  3. I have noticed that JD is not on Davy’s proposed list. Is this because we intend holding onto him after hearing that we may not have sufficient funds to buy fresh blood ?

  4. Davy, dos santos,o’hara,jenas bassong,wilson,keane,crouch?

    All decent squad players if you ask me – who we gonna get better than them to play 2 games a season and be happy about it?

    Pav, hutton, Bentley – maybe Gomes yes. But getting rid of 10 players just for the hell of it is just stupid.

  5. Oh my god no

    This player is soooo overrated, and not good enough by a long shot. He could maybe play for a 1 div team, but definately not a top prem club….
    ..On top of that he’s an arogant twat, so stay well clear of this guy


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