Wins at Anfield are few and far between but at least Tottenham’s record against this weekend’s opponents isn’t as bad as it was in 1985, when we hadn’t won there since 1912.

Those of us that made the trip to Merseyside towards the end of the 1984/85 season did so more in hope than anticipation. The last time we had won there, the Titanic was still afloat – so the media kept reminding us.

1984/85 was a memorable season and one that saw Tottenham maintain a real challenge for the title, but Anfield was the place where a draw always seemed like a win. The atmosphere was unbelievable and the away support as great as ever. Unfortunately I saw nothing of one penalty box due to the size of the away crowd and therefore had no view whatsoever of Garth’s winner. Of the many victories in that season though, this one stands out for many reasons.

There have been a few more wins since including the memorable FA Cup game of 1995, but there has arguably never been a better time to pick up three points at Anfield than this weekend. A win however may still not compare to the time in 1985 when we ‘raised the Titanic’.




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