There have been more than just a few positives to come out of this 2010-11 season for Spurs and one of the most obvious of those is the emergence of Sandro as a top class player. Looking a little lost in his early appearances, the Brazilian was transformed in the second half of the season, drawing praise from all around him.

After the Man City game in midweek, Harry Redknapp said: “Sandro is emerging as a top player.

“He’s come into the English game and his performance against City’s strong midfield was excellent.”

Meanwhile, skipper Michael Dawson has this to say on the club website: “Sandro’s performances in the Champions League were great and he certainly makes our job a lot easier.”

Sandro’s form has led any people to suggest that Harry Redknapp will change his transfer policy and not go back in for Charlie Adam or follow up his interest in Scott Parker. With Niko Kranjcar certain to leave and Jenas and Palacios as two possible followers, a crowded midfield could become a little thin.

Kranjcar’s departure is almost a given, but should we look to retain Wilson and JJ as back up? While we all love Sandro and are delighted to see his emergence, should Adam or Parker still be brought into the squad or could we even promote from within for once?



  1. It wil be interesting to know whether Sandro developed on his own or was he aided by our coaches to deveop so rapidly. We have some players at Spurs that just refuse to raise their standards

  2. I think with the number of small, skillfull players we have we should look to play Hudd and Sandro sitting in midfield in a 4-2-3-1 (like against Milan but Hudd instead of Palacios), giving us some height and stregth in the middle, which we often lack, especially against lower opposition. We do alright against the Arsenal’s these days. it’s the teams who are bigger, stronger. They are strong, but can both play the ball well, both have different qualities too. We can then play really attacking FBs like K. Walker, Bale, Ekotto etc and ask they push on more.

    • I agree completely. I think Sandro and Huddy would be a rock in the midfield and it would allow Sandro to go forward more. I think we would be unstoppable with the two of them steadying the ship!

  3. I would honestly say that all we need is a winger for back up
    RM- Lennon
    LM- Bale Pienaar
    DM- Sandro, Huddleston
    AM- Modric, VDV

    All the rest can go, I would have Palacios just over Jenas and maybe keep him for squad rotation but its time JJ goes.

    My choice for the wing position would be Marko Marin, if we cant afford him then Charles N’Zogbia (most dribbles in the league)

    • I think we should give Dos Santos a run of games. He is a class act and could have the impact Bale did. We don’t need to buy another winger give him a shot. We also have Rose as a back up.

    • Lukas Podolski- Is exactly like Rooney just German, left footed and better looking! Played in the World cup and can play up front, second striker and on the left- And plus he scored a lovely goal against England for Germany- He plays for Klon in the German League and trust me we could get him and hes so underrated. Get him, Benzema, Huntleaar and Steklenburg- we will be the team to beat!COYS!

  4. The only players I am really bothered about been at WHL next season are: Walker, Dawson, Caulker, BAE, Rose, King (if fit to play), Bale, Lennon, Modders, Sandro, Pinnear, Defoe. The rest are all re-placeable

    • Where is van der Vaat? We have the meaning of world class who is not easily replaceable and you want to see him leave? He is a MIDFIELDER and has scored 14 goals this season! I would be happy if a striker scored that! He has played non- stop the whole year and he dips in form and people want him to leave?

      • why are so many people ditching VDV? The guy is absolutely world class. He had a ditch in level but he started out so brilliantly that it was expected.

        As for Dos Santos, haven’t we given him enough chances?

        A GK and a world class striker and another striker is all we need. Perhaps a RW backup too

  5. Personally the Midfield would be my 4th position.
    1st We NEED a strike force, so offload (IMO – Defoe, Crouch and Keane, I think Pav deserved more chances), 2nd is the defence (King and Woodgate are not reliable, Bassong is not good enough, Gallas is getting too old, Kaboul not ready there yet. Luckily have some real potential kids in this role, and maybe Woodgate will accept pay as you play)
    3rd – Keeper, Gomes is a decent shot stopper, so is Carlo, but we really need a keeper that commands his defence and his area. As a defender myself I can tell you it is much more relaxing to have a loud demanding keeper as you know its a team effort, and you know where he is without looking.

    lastly the midfield, we have more midfieilders than a team needs. With JJ, Palicious, Pinaar, Krnakjar, Modric, Lennon, Bale, Hudd, Sandro, VdV, Rose, Kaboul, O’Hara, Bentley (sure there are more, plus youth players) we simply dont need them, we may need to upgrade a few, but our first 7 are more than good enough for next year, plus we need to sell a few so I would hate Harry to bring any more in without filling other roles, or without them being an obvious improvement.

  6. Oh, actually, Midfield slips even further, we need a new coaching staff (Lack of youth development, Gomes was top quality when we got him, so was Robbo, our fitness is average at best, and our strikers once used to set the world on fire), we need new medics (I thought days of Anderton were behind us), New scouting network…

    Wow, our Midfield seems in quite good shape when you think about it.

  7. Sandro deleloped his game in Brazil.The lad was brilliant in Brazil and already played for his country.If Spurs coaches had anything to do with Sandro’s play it was to develope him into the premier league style of play.

  8. JJ and Wilson are now obsolete. Sandro does both of their jobs better. Parker for me, until (hopefully) Parret emerges…

  9. I always feel that little bit more confident when I see Sandro’s name on the team sheet these days- contrast that with this January when he was only getting starts in games like Spurs-Charlton in the FA Cup. What an incredible development.


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